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The Baboo Kitty Has Spoken

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My love, where are you? Will you bring the Chicken?

March 29th 2011 4:10 pm
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Mommy tried to take dictation, but her stupid work wouldn't let her get on Catster. Whats wrong with them?
So, I was wondering, where is my Secret Admirer?

I was wondering if it was Tink. But then I saw...Tink has Finney. Great party by the way, Finney.

I'm wondering if it's oen of the little girlcats I don't know so well, but would like to!
Whoever you are, bring some chicken, would you? It seems a long time since we had any, like Friday or something. Even when I meow up at Daddy, he just says 'Ruffy, you ate 3 times today already!" But daddy, it wasn't chicken!
So, please, secret admirer, could you bring me some chicken?

I sure could do with some.

So, I wrote this:

To my unknown little delicat fur
All day long I sit and purr
Wondering who you might be?
Are you black or calico or orange like me?
It's a riddle and it makes me wonder
and makes my heart pound like thunder
Oh, and it makes my heart quicken
Just like when I think of chicken.

Ah sweet girlcats!

And I toast the Queen of them All...

The Immortal Hazel Lucy. Sigh.



No chicken, and that Dustmop won't leave my tail alone.

March 30th 2011 6:13 pm
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I was sitting on the cat tower, lookin out at the peace, watching and enjoying the zen quiet of the morning...and then, all of a sudden....
I turned around, and almost fell off. What do I see? Smokie is laying on the floor. But he looks at me like 'what, are you nuts?'
He didn't do it. I turned and I saw her!!! That...that....that DUSTMOP....if cats could laugh she would have been laughing as, tail held high, she ran away.

Then, before, as I was sitting on the box that needs to be mailed, and measuring it with my length....


She did it again! And she was running to the cat tree and then turned around and looked at me!


Sheesh. She never stops except when she's sleeping. Shes the most annoying creature, ever.

And we didn't get chicken tonight, either..I thought maybe. But no. No.

Sigh. Daddy said we're doing 'ok' and we had 2 suppers. But neither one of them was chicken from the restaurant, and that's not fair, daddy.

Oh well...

Where are you my secret admirer? My lovely one? Who are you?

Back to snooze...


Oh my Secret fur, I only want to hear you purr! AND Daddy- plays with me!

April 1st 2011 5:44 pm
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Hey pretty girl cats,
My daddy was playing with me! He put up a video. Go check it out. Do you think I could be on American Idol?

Who are you that leaves these little remarks?

Well, today something funny happened...mommy was in the bedroom, getting dressed for work. She heard something in the pantry closet. She presumed it was me...I get the blame for anything kitchen related, and she knows I know how to open the closet in there. She kept saying through the door in her mean voice 'Ruffy!!! Get out of there Ruffy!" 'Ruffy, I mean it!!! Don't make me come out there Ruffy!!!"

And she was still hearing the 'rustle, rustle rustle...crackle, crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch!'

She comes out and comes into the living room and see's me there on the back of the sofa, one of my favorite spots....and she goes into the kitchen area and sees the pantry door open and Smokie balanced on the shelf, his paw in the bag of Friskes, chomping away with a long of alarm when he see's her! hehehe!!!!

But she didn't yell at him. She just said 'Smokie!! Come on now! You had breakfast, you know better!" and he jumps down and she closes the pantry door and thats it.

It figures.


Mommy and Daddy tell us Cat Fairy tales!

April 5th 2011 7:01 am
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Last night Mommy and Daddy fed us and then they stuck me in the bathroom. Why? Well, daddy got annoyed because when mommy was eating I put my paws up on her lap and got right in her face. She didn't seem to mind, but Daddy did.
Daddy say's I'm 'food crazy'. I act life I haven't ever been fed though we ate 10 minutes before they did-and I cleaned my plate! Which means I'm probably still hungry, dig?
So Daddy picked me up and put me in the bathroom. He let me out awhile later, but by then they had finished eating! Darn!
But Daddy said it was good to have peace! I guess he got upset because I kept going after Smokie-I don't want him to get my share of the food! I mean, it was boneless spare ribs! And just cause of that I didn't get any! Mommy said she put some away for us, so I hope we get our 'treat' tonight.
But I just wanted to tell the other cats and their people here that Mommy and Daddy are now 'helping' at a rescue here in NY called 'Bobbi & The Strays'. Bobbi is the lady who started it. The animals aren't 'strays' anymore, because they are in the places she keeps them safe til other kittie and goggie peole come and adopt them. But sometimes they stay there a long time and even though I don't want any more kittie brothers or sister just now here-I know it's not fun to not have a good mommy or daddy to take care of you.
So if you live close by in New York City, or any of the 5 boros or Freeport Long Island...or any of Long Island, please go and check out Bobbi & The Strays website...I'm only a cat and not sure but I think it's
By the way-the Cat House mommy and daddy are helping alot at has cats on the site, too...our friend Louie who has a profile here is there as are a few please if you are looking for a new kittie to come and live with you, please go and visit them! You can always contact my mommy and daddy if you want to do this-they would be happy to give you information or help you!

Going off to have my morning nap now and dream of my mystery love!
Who could she be?

love to you all!


To those who Go Before Me-in Honor of Apollo

April 8th 2011 4:05 pm
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To those who go before me,
Leaping up and out towards that light,
Being recieved from Ancestors who touch noses to yours,
and say 'welcome back, young one, and what have you learned?'
And you look around, greeted by warm friends who have come to recieve you back to the place that is home, and before you set out on your next earth bound journey you meet with those you love, and frisk and play and roll on your back..and spring up straight in the air...and then rush around in mad spelndor at being able to do so....
To those who go before me, I sit here, at my window by the fire escape, and gaze up at a distant star, and I wonder, is that you? Do you come on silent feet to gaze back at me, or watch over me as I sleep? Do you come to me tonight to race me across the floor, and invite me to dance under the eyes of my people, who are fey and can sense but not see? Do you tell me that you're close by, as you always have been, guarding my health, and my home and my happiness?
To those who have gone before me,
Do you purr with contentment and happiness as you contemplate your next life, your next form, your next journey? Do you shower down on your people stardust coated with your purrs and 'rrrrts' and in human speak 'I love yous' as you toss out little pieces of rainbow to turn to butterflies and flutter around them as they go about their days? Do you send fireflies to light their nights, or shooting stars to guide them til you, in your need, seeing their need, leap once again skybound, and return to form, to don whiskers and fur and to purr, in their heart once more, as Cat?

To Those Who have Gone before...

I salute you as Cat, and I honor all that you are, for all that you are is a part of me, a part of us all, and I stretch out and purr and close my eyes, to recieve the blessings you bestow, and whisper 'thank you' for all you have taught me.

Irish Orange Ruffy

'We learned to be cool from you'


Oh Pretty Secret admirer, are you admiring someone else?

April 18th 2011 4:42 pm
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Where are you? Are you a pretty girl cat that I can eat with? (got any chicken?). Are you a lovely little tortie tabby with large eyes?
Do you have nice soft fur? Are you like Sweets, a fiesty little thing? Or are you a pure silky black cat?
Well, you should know what you're getting with me. I'm a handsome orange tiger tabby. I have little tufts that point on my ears. I have a solid, strong body. I am very handsome and oh, I'm most modest and you should know that others know how special I am too....Because I'm the Kewlest Katster Kittie this week! Yep, me who was a skinny malink at one time, with a really bad coat and so skinny my big head stuck out from my body. Wow.
Things change. I'm so handsome now, and a real solid handsome Spencer Tracey like cat with a Jim Careycat streak. I'm not even afraid of the Catfather! Are you afraid of the Catfather? Please don't be the Catfathers daughter! On the other hand, that might not be so bad! Another thing to know is I have a crush on Hazel Lucy. I kinda like Finneys sister, too, but she sorta scares me cause she's fluffy and reminds me of the Bub.
I don't like things that rush me from under the bed.
I am noble looking, and I write a pretty good rhyme and poetry. I would lay tiny catnip mice at your paws, beloved. Maybe you'd lay some chicken at mine. (got any chicken?).
Well, I am going to go and dream of you as I lay on the back of the couch. Got to get there before Smokie. kittie kisses beloved wherever you are...
With purrs,


Boxie Brown of Great Renown!

April 27th 2011 7:32 am
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Once in awhile while out on the town
You meet a Cat of world wide renown,
And headbonks suffice as with greetings and cheer
You take a seat at the bar for just one more beer
And maybe some catnip as you watch girl kitties go by
Share some good craic with that orange goatee guy
So Boxie I salute you with many a purr
You are so much more than just whiskers and fur,
A gentle correspondant who survived the cold
You might have some milage but you'll never be old
Boxie you know that no matter what gives
It ain't how you say goodbye, its sure how you live!

In Paris we carosed, we sang on a fence,
We ate trout almondine, we gulped wine without sense
We teasted the girl cats and flirted like mad
Ah that Boxie Brown is ever the lad!
We caught a tramp steamer, sure it's pirates we were
Boxie a Don Juan in orange and white fur!

Across to the Islands, we took booty and gold
Storing our cargo away in the hold
And leaping like wildcats from ship onto land
Leaving our pawmarks across the sand
To build us a castle, we were feline kings
In the warmth of tropoical evenings we'd sit and we'd sing!

Ah Boxie Brown, my good friend and true
A firey swashbuckler, I salute you
A handsome stout fellow with a great heart
A cat with great wit, a cat that is smart
Yet there are more than my words could tell
Our Boxie Brown is Modest as Well

He took over Catster, a comfort to all
A true funny feline with total recall
He purred with the best of 'em,
For all those in need,
ah Boxie Brown you're a great cat indeed!

So come sit down here, now, Boxie my friend
Have another drink for sure there's no end
To a wonder of Catness that lights up this place
To you, with your handsome goateed gold face
I want you to know, as you journey on,
You're the Greatest of Cats, and you'll never be gone
In my heart, in my life, in all that I do
Because Boxie my lad, I learned it all from you.

We love you Boxie-from the Kew Gardens Cats. And especially from a wild street guy who has learned so much from you.

Your friend,
Orange Ruffy


Natalies last chemo (hopefully) today, a tribute to Vern,- and a word about Huey

May 3rd 2011 7:57 am
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Hello Catster friends,

Just a word to let you know that Natalie was off bright and early this morning for what will hopefully be her last chemo. Smokie celebrated by racing back and forth around the apartment once daddy took Natalie in her little carrier off to the vet. I was glad when I saw the carrier go off without me. Whew!
Natalie made a little noise. She didn't like going off before finishing her breakfast. But daddy tied a can of food in a bag to her carrier for her for later.

I was sad to read about Vern-mommy had leaky eyes. Many years ago a small boned black oriental kitten of 5 months owned Mommy. She let mommy take her home from the shelter for awhile-mommy knew she had FIP and wanted to give her a chance to have a 'kittenhood'. When mommy see's a cat so young go to the Bridge from FIP, it makes her so sad. Mommy would like to see FIP stopped-and would love to do something towards that. Mommy and Daddy and all of us send lots of purrs and prayers to Vern's family. Mommy blows a kiss to Verns mom and says 'You have great Karma'

I say this to you Vern: You are one funny little dude with orange fur. We know that your job here was to bring a gift to your mom and dad. And you did your job and you're home...and you'll be back, dude. Sure as my bowl will be filled again with chicken.

So....everyone in NY who's seeking another feline....

Mommy met a great cat on Sunday who really needs a great home. She's a tiny mackrel brown tabby of 4 years who weighs about 5lbs and has a very loud voice. If mommy and daddy won the lottery, they would buy a big house and have all of us. But since there is no room here mommy would like to help Huey find a great home with someone who loves her.

Huey is currently living at Bobbi & The Strays shelter at Atlas Park in Glendale, NY. She has tiny paws, a tiny face, and a really big MEOW! Mommy would be happy to help anyone who wants to visit Huey to do so! Just let her know.

So, it's a sunny nice day here. I'm going to doze on the back of the loveseat and watch the birds outside this window eating the bread mommy put out.

love to all of you guys


Pirate cats of the world unite!

June 21st 2011 8:47 am
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So on Sunday Daddy put me back in the traveling box and took me back to the vet. She's not our regular vet but the one who is 'new' on Sunday. She told mommy and daddy the little scratch I got on my cornea is about 80 per cent healed but not where it should be. I am not opening my eye all the way.
I told them I'm practising to be a pirate, and to leave me alone, but no, she changed the ani biotic and took blood in case this doesn't work to find out what antibiotic would be best for me.
So I got to go back in 10 days.
I get no peace here.

I apologize for not being on as much. Mommy has been running around because her step dad is in the hospital. He was really sick but seems to be doing better. My dad gets his Pet scan on the 24 of June. I don't know which pet they are going to I'm going to hide in case they decide I'm a 'pet' and they try to scan me.

Well, coast is clear for now, time to nap on the back of the couch til the peoples get home and it's time to eat again.

Ah, the life of a Pirate Cat


From the Ruffster, some words of wisdom and truth

June 23rd 2011 1:04 pm
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My dear Catster's humans...
I am going to do sometihng I never do-it's just not in my nature. I'm going to do it because it's sometihng you all need to know.

Cats belong inside. I know. I know. Some of you are going to jump up and justify why you let your cat out...but you need not.
I'm not talking here of cats that go out on leashes and harnesses, or cats who go out in enclosed spaces supervised by their humans.
Im talking about cats who are 'let out' to roam and hunt and, well, whatever.
Why am I taking a stand on this?
Simply put for this reason. It cause heartache, pain, guilt and stress. For the human, that is. And for a feline-it could mean becoming lost, injured or killed.
Dear humankind, when you stretched out your hand and made us your Guides, you took responsiblity for us, as you would for those two legged small humans-you know-hukits. Well, you wouldn't let a hukit out to hunt or play alone would you? Not when it's small and could be at risk of harm? And they are not nearly as tame and helpless as we.
Well, we're strong, smart spirits. But this funny old world is a complicated one for 'roamer' cats. I speak from experience, you see. I was one.
It's evident from my sweet and charming nature I belonged to someone.
I dislike the BUB, but it is an odd, funny looking little thing that a couple of mommy's human friends have 'ooohed, what sort of Cat is That?!' pointing at the BUB with round eyes and mouths.
The Bub was cocky, well groomed and spayed when found. She was also hungry, frightened and alone. She tried to squeeze into someone's door.
I had a rough time living outside. Yet, I never held it against anyone.
Daddy believes that someone lost me early on in my young life. Something happened that caused me to have ruptured eardrums and a fear of loud things.
But I have always liked people.
Why do I bring this up? Because as felines, we can all so easily become lost, get stolen, be attacked by another animal or a person who doesn't like cats (shocking to believe there are people like that, but there you go!) But this is something to really think about.
This isn't a scolding or a warning. It's a statement coming from a very mellow cat who grows sad when he sees posts about cats being lost, being hit by cars, and, well, stuff like that. It should not end that way.
Being outside is hard. It's not may think, from your part of the world that it's 'unfair' for a cat to be 'indoor only'. I assure you that's not true. And if you have the urge to really allow your cat friend to experience being outside, get a harness and a leash and go out together. We really like that, you know.
I know, I know, you hear your kitty cry to go out, they slip out, etc. But then go after them if they get out. My cousin blackie was an escape artist for years.
Sadly, it's probably also how he got FIV+. It's probably also when I got FIV+. I'm being a pirate cat just now with one good eye because the medicine is taking a long time to work with my FIV+. So it's no joke, you see. Obviously, someone with the virus bit me when I was 'out there'.
So, as I sit here on the back of the counch and feel a bit sad for a kitty who's passed....I send a little meow of comfort and hope to their person. And I meow to all of the kitties out there still 'out in the cold' on this warm day....and I wish them full bellies and good homes...and someone to love them.

Power of the Paw to all...with love and light, now and always,

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