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The Baboo Kitty Has Spoken

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Can we all stop by and comfort a little fur who's ill? -

March 2nd 2012 11:59 am
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Jeckel is a fine little fellow who went to the vet and found out he has a serious problem. He needs our purrs and Power of the Paw.

We don't live with any black cats right now, and he's a lovely little black fellow with the most wondering eyes.

As you know, I believe in miracles....and I know that we've helped before...

purring for Jeckel.....



Cat of the Week winds down...but We are All Cat of The- Week...with Many Thanks From Ruffy

March 4th 2012 2:08 pm
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Dear Furs,
How to say thank you? I can tell you this week has been a wonderful one, filled with bittersweet happenings. I will be a long time with thanks to those who have sent me such well wishes.

And I remind all of you...we are all cats of the week...cats of the day...cats of the year...and forever....

I wish to say 'Wecome to the Room' to the new furs who have come and 'welcome in from the cold' to those, newly adopted, with large bright eyes that find the wonder in everything.

How does one say to a newly 'come in' cat, 'welcome?' Does one simply purr and sniff, perhaps a little slow eye blink, a feeling of peace reaching out to wrap around the newcomer? Or does one hiss, and carefully watch them? How is this new Cat? How comes they here?

And after awhile, your guard relaxes. And you say ' may stay'....even if somewhat grudingly. For coming in from the cold is a blessing, and what each of us deserves, and it's our fate to share it with others of our kind, no matter how we covet our place and people....for we aren't by nature selfish creatures.

And I know there is a promise of that for all...and for those who still take shelter as they can, find meals when they can, I send out Power of the Paw. I envoke all the magick that I have, and join it with the magick of all here...and a rumbling purr grows and fills the Universe. For such is the Magick of Cat.

And as we sit, and purr the magick of Cat rises and becomes real, it covers those in need of comfort, those in need of purrs...and it extends over all.

And I know why I believe in Miracles as I turn back and gaze out over my shoulder....and see, etched in the faintest shadow between the stars, those who have gone before me.....their green, gold and blue eyes shining with love and promise and faith...and always, always hope. If we have one gift given, it's always hope.

and in the words from one of Mommy's favorite poems.....

'With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams,
it is still a beautiful world.'

and so it is.

With love. Thank you for My Week



About my Birthday...

March 5th 2012 7:21 am
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Mom and Dad don't know for sure when I was born. The date given was based on the first time Dad 'saw' me. It wasn't long after that I was taken in, taken to the vet, got my shots, and was tested...and that was when it was found out I was FIV+.
The rescue who had been set to take me told my aunt 'No, we can't. He's got the FIV virus." When Mom pointed out that they had very generously taken the donation toward my care, they told mom that they would allow me to be shown on weekends.
So what do I remember about how I came to be outside? Well, I'm not telling. For us, we dont' spend much time looking back. We live in the Now. Perhaps thats why most of us are so's the little things we find delightful....the nice food at mealtime, the long, peaceful snoozes on a comfortable blanket in a patch of sun or pillow, a new toy, someone brushing or stroking us.
My birthday is written somewhere in Time. It doesn't matter much-I'm one of many mango cats who've leapt the light fantastic and landed, squre, in a path of floor to gaze up at my people with little 'mews' that are much too small and soft for my big orange body. How I make mommy smile when if she's late with my mid-day snack when she's home and resting on the sofa, when I leap up to the arm of the sofa, an inch away from her face and lower my head to stare with owl like eyes into hers and say 'mrrrrrow!' so insistantly.
Of course it gets me a meal. I know how to reach my people and get my needs met.
It wasn't always the case, and I'm so grateful for what I have. I am so happy to have a human family who love me, and other furs who's purrs I hear sometimes when I roll over onto my side. Even the small fat furry form of Princess as she darts out at me to show me she counts...I'm grateful.
I'm grateful that my health is well enough for me to play and chase CK and the occasional milk jug ring around the small wood space of flooring.
And I'm grateful to all the wonderful cats here, and their folks, who we've come to know and purr with. How wonderous you all are! Every coat hue and length and so many lovely feline's in so many forms....could a Mango cat ever know more breathtaking beauty than such?

And to those, who share this day....I wish you years of good health and happiness. And to those who share this day with me, my friends, and all, in from the cold, or not....I send you purrs, with half closed eyes filled with sleepy mystery. For such, as you know, is the magick of Cat.

Love and light to you all...


happy birthday Ruffy, love from Mom and Dad

March 5th 2012 8:18 am
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Dear Ruffy,

Happy 'birthday'. I can still remeber the day I first saw you, a skinny orange cat with a huge head. You ran up to me, meowing and purring. You weren't hungry...hard to believe....but you were hungry for a home, and people.
I know you didn't like those weekends at the rescue, and I know how happy you were to come home every evening...because I believe that even then, your home was with us. Daddy said he knew it too. We would go and get you, and you would be so happy to leave, and come back to your glassed in porch. You must have been so happy to go with Daddy to Gulf Shores, when he had the job there....I was looking forward to joinging you. When Daddy's boss dissapeared and Daddy had to come back to NY with you, I was upset at first. You and I and Daddy and Bella had 'lost' our would be home. But now I know better. I know that magick lies at the core of your little heart. You were simply putting us in position to save other furs...and so now, as months ave passed, we have added Smokie, Prinny, Natalie, and CK. Ah, Ruffy-I know it was you who put them square into our path-even if you didn't always like them being in ' your space'.
You've been my strong boy, even with so much gone on. I know when I watch you cavort, that you are my Jester. I know when you beg at daddy's elbow at mealtime, that you long ago learned he was yours to command.
Yet, you're a Sacred Fool, aren't you, my Ruffy? You are magickal-I can tell when I look in your large half closed eyes, as you tilt your head for me to scratch under your chin, as you ease up beside me and so carefully remove a chicken wing from a plate....there is something about you that is so otherworldy...
Daddy said once you're a Familar. And you are.
You are magickal, with your tufted ears, a purr resounding from you as you gaze out the window. How to explain a butterfly the day after Tigger went to the Bridge as it came to alight on the window pane. But you placed your paw to it, and I watched you watch it dissapear up into the sky.
I remember you when you first came, so skinny, with a big head. Your fur was coarse and brittle. I remember one of the volunteer's at the rescue telling me excitedly 'he ate three plates sitting on my lap!' and the lady who 'owned' the rescue telling me sourly we needed to bring food from home for you because you ate so much!
And now, as I watch you leap up to the back of the box in the bedroom, and gaze out the back window, your eyes on a squirrel and then leap down and up onto the bed close to Natalie-but not too close to upset her, that you somehow Know what others need. You don't make magick, Ruffy.
You are Magick.
Today, I thank you for you. For choosing us. For making us yours. I will never know where you came from, but I suspect you were our gift from the Universe-and the best gift we've ever gotten.
Happy, happy birthday, baby.

Mommy and Daddy


Pay it Forward! A simple way to reach out a paw to those- still in search of Furever homes!

March 8th 2012 10:01 am
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Hello Furs,
Still cat of the week! Yeah! Thank you Catster! I'm enjoying it!

My mommy is a softie, as you know....every one of us came here because she can't bear a Fur to be without. Mommy has been trying to figure out a way to save more Furs...and I agree with this. We, ourselves are at capacity for now. Why? Because we simply live in a 2 room space that can't hold more.

That said, Mommy still has her feelers out for cats who need homes....

Anyone in the Washington State area open for a lovely orangie?.....Mommy found this profile on Petfinder.... 627746

Sam sounds alot like me. He obviously belonged to someone, and needs to again. He's a gentle soul, who really needs somoeone to love him, and give him what everycat deserves....a furever and ever home.

Mommy looks and said "Ruffy...there are times I wish we had alot of money and we could help them!'

And I said 'Oh Mommy-there are other people and their Furs who can...lets ask everyone to Pay it Forward.....

and so.....

I'm asking all of you....every one of spread the word once a week about a cat without a home in need of one. Why? Because it's so simple and something you can do! It's not hard-you might only post it to your facebook page, and ask friends to foward it!

Or you might be able to do at a vets office, or small, local petstore.

Our foster Delilah got her home because we did this....and mommy's old friend who is a petsitter let her co petsitter know who let her neihbor know....

And Delilah has a home!

Mommy heard from her 'new mom' this week and Delilah, now Zoe, loves to play and is the 'perfect cat'.

So we ask of you this....lets all do this. It doesn't take much time, and will start to spread the word for those who are in need....

Lets help another in from the cold....

love and light-
Orange O' Ruffy



March 12th 2012 8:38 am
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Daddy's been sorta sad lately. this week Daddy's boss told him that he didn't think Daddy was doing a good job, that the numbers had gone down at the restaurant daddy is Chef of.

Daddy was hurt and upset. He works so many hours, and let me tell you, we love my daddy's cooking-when he cooks here we all gather around the table to leth im know just now good his food is.

Daddy told his boss that he is doing his best, but if his hands are tied he can't do what he must to bring up the numbers. His boss does not accept suggestions, and when Daddy has tried to put his new menu in place, his boss hired someone He wanted to work the other shift as a 'helper' to daddy and put the guy on with a big expensive menu at night. Daddy and daddy's crew tried to explain that people in the area want good, homecooked food that Daddy does, but Daddy's boss doesn't listen.

Daddy's boss told him his job is safe, but he didn't pay daddy on Friday. He told Daddy he could get his pay on Sunday when he had a meeting there. Daddy and Mommy went there on Sautreday when Daddy wasn't scheduled to work...but the cook the boss had hired for the day daddy wasn't there didn't show so Daddy went in to cover. And mommy went and sat there til the boss came with the money. But he didn't pay other staff who were waiting.

I am sad for Daddy....and believe me, Daddy cooks really well-and is a good guy in the kitchen. Daddy told me it's hard being a chef becuase of this. But I love daddy's cooking-he makes the best fried chicken and fish...even mommy likes it....and this makes me mad! My daddy is too a good Cook! And a great Chef! He makes sure all us kitties eat good!

Mommy is worried....she told daddy he needs to get out of 'that field'. I think Daddy's great at what he does! I'll never understand some humans! Why do they hire people to do a job and then not let them do it!?


Chicken in the Fridge, eye eye mateys, it's my eye again,- and a new Fur to say hi too at Catster!

March 14th 2012 1:33 pm
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Well, Furs I have something to look forward to!
Yesterday mommy and daddy bought a chicken to cook! It's in the fridge, and this morning I got scolded for sticking my nose in there and not wanting to move!
Daddy said 'Ruffy, you'll get some chicken when it's cooked!" But he hasn't cookded it yet! I mean, someone shoulda stayed home and cooked it for me today!
And then, this eye is red again and Mommy looked at me and pointed her finger and said 'Ruffy! Look at your eye!!!' and I said 'Mommy, how can I do that when it's in my head?" But it sounded like 'rrreetttt?' to her...though I know she understands me. And she got the medicine and put some in my eye, even through I ran up on the windowsill...thats not fair...eveyrone knows when a guy in on the windowsill you're not supposed to do anything!
Sheesh! What's a guy to do?

And hey furs, there is a new kitty, Sealie, who's story was sad but has a happy ending, because he has a home. Hes rescued and 'come in from the cold'. He could sure use some friends. Here is his link:

Guys, I'll be filling you in on the chicken when I fill up on it!



Our friends, and a special group healing purr for Boo Boo

March 19th 2012 3:52 am
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Dear Furs,

What a week it has been! My sister Bella in the other room and I went in and looked at her yesterday. She is all swaddled up in covers and a heating pad and she is in a CAGE! But she does get up to eat and use the box! She's on pain meds, and they make her sleepy, and right now, thats good. It allows her body time to heal.

There have been troubles here-Daddy hasn't been paid since last week-his boss hasn't paid anyone and this is not good. But we know the Universe is a good place, and Mommy says it will be alright. And it is.

So why, when I reach out to the Universe, does it gaze back at me with deep cat eyes like my own, and purr with a contented hum that fills my soul?

Even as I consider all the good friends we have here. We know that this deep bond with all other felines-and their persons is what gets us through...and what gives us the strength to heal and grow strong.

Today, my thoughts and my cat soul are focused on Boo Boo. She, the little white kitty with ghost markings, the Catfahter's beloved, the darling of us, because she has an indomidible Spirit, a cat that dances with the Unseen, a living representation of Bast, dear little Cat Goddess.

Dear Boo...and her mom and human family who love her. Boo Boo is a part of our Universe, and as she faces perhaps the challenge we all will, the choice we all will, we can pray and purr and beseach...for the Universe is listening.

I believe in Miracles. As Angel Alex as gazed back at me through the fire escape window, gently fanning her wings in slow languid rhythm, and purring with a soft soothing vibration that fills my heart, I know she is ever real, and letting me know, she and the others are purring for Boo Boo too.

I raise up on my hind legs, and reach out to touch that I can't see-and I let the breeze from the screened window with it's slight chill this morning cool me, and I gaze up at the evening star, as it says goodnight and good morning at the same time, and I breathe into the air...'this is for you, Boo. This is for you. This day, this brand new morning-this day is dedicated to you. For we love you, our good friend. We put you into the paws of that loving entity that tripped the light fantastic and sent you to us...our Spirit Kitty with all the Magick of a new born dawn.

Today, Boo, you are and always have been part of our Magickal Family. We, and all here, send up a sparkle of gentle purrs to soothe you and love you.

And as such, our lovely Boo friend, know, above all you are loved, always and forever....and as I send out healing energy, I let the Universe take it and direct it with precision to you...and know, as I do, that you are bathed in love from this community, radiating with concern and care- light and the most sacred divine love from All.

Our purrs resonate with you and your family today...

lots of love dear Boo-



the Cat abandoned in a building to be demolished in Brooklyn- gets rescued! A happy tail!

March 21st 2012 7:54 am
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2 weeks ago Daddy had a man who eats at the restaurant he works with come and and they started to talk. The guy knows Daddy has us-6 of us to be exact, and told Daddy he needed help. He had bought a building and when they were checking the empty apartments it seems someone had moved and left behind their cat.
The man was perplexed, because he did not know what to do. He had 2 rescued dogs and didn't know much about cats, except to take it to the city shelter would mean it would probably be 'put to sleep' so he didnt' want to do that. He asked Daddy what to do.
Daddy and Mommy talked about it, and Mommy reached out via the 'net' ( Sounds scary, but it was useful...) and sent out an email with the kitties picture to many rescues.
A lady mommy knows came forward and said one of her cats had passed to the Bridge at the age of 15. She would be willing to help.
They kept making appointments to go and see the cat, and get him/her out of the building, but every time they did the Developer had an appointment far away. Finally it was supposed to be Sunday...but at the last moment the Developer called Carol and Daddy (mommy was in school and didn't get the call) and told them it would have to be Saturday as he was somewhere else Sat. and the building was scheduled to come down Monday.
Well, Daddy was working so Carol and a guy she knows who helps to transport went to get the cat. She called Daddy a couple hours later and said the cat did not seem friendly-the guy with her had to 'net' the cat! (see...scary!). She was bringing the cat to her vet to get checked out. She then called Daddy and told him she was going to get the cat tested, have vet give shots and see if it was spayed/neutered and if not, get that done, but she did not think she would take the cat-could a rescue be contacted?
Mommy had so many wonderful kind rescues and people step up to help, and she contacted one that seemed good-they had been one of the first to contact Mommy. They are a wonderful place called Mary's Kitty Korner in Conneticut and Mommy spoke with them and they agreed to take the kitty on Thursday.
So this Thursday, the little girl kitty (she's just 2) will get transported up to Mary's Kitty Korner. She was not spayed, and the vet felt she might have been in heat and while she is very frightened (her people left her all alone for at least a month! Of course she is frightened and betrayed and needs to learn to trust again!) she is safe.

Mommy wishes Carol would reconsider, but I have learned from watching humans that not all move at the same pace with taking a cat home to their heart. Carol did such a kind thing! And so has everyone who have come forward to make this kitty safe, surrounding her with love! Her name for now? Rescue!

We welcome Rescue in from the cold. We send her purrs and reasurrance that while life is uncertain at the moment, she is Safe. A comfortable and secure place awaits her, and she is, above all, cared for.

We ask anyone in the area Rescue is going to who might be considering a new kitty family member to consider Rescue.....after all, our Hazel Lucy, Cat Extrodinaire of Catster, as well as many of us, had similar beginnings.

Sometimes, indeed, the Universe, despite the sorrow and pain, does send us Miracles and works in wonderful Symphony.

Love and Light,
and indeed, Miracles,


Belated thanks to all of you!

March 27th 2012 1:19 pm
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A short little snippit to wish all of you who sent such wonderful gifties and messages on my COTW honors and birthday.
Mommy hasnt' sent the personal messages I've asked her to yet-she's just been preoccupied with Bella, work and whatever 'grad school' is.

But I want you to all know how grateful, and humbled I am by your thinking of me.

I'm a truly blessed cat.

love and light,

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