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The Baboo Kitty Has Spoken

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Why I believe in Miracles...

February 15th 2012 10:03 am
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Hi Furs,
Life is a funny thing, and this is why I believe in Miracles...
In January, Dot came to Catster. Dot's story, which can be seen in full on Facebook, is rather strange and wonderful. Dot was born with a rare condition in cats, Spina Bifada. She has little use of her hind legs, and other stuff that is different. But no one told Dot.
Dot was born in a gararge in Va. She was found by a kind person, who reached out on her behalf. One thing led to another and someone, a smart and wonderous someone, made a series of videos of Dot. Mom saw the first one-Dot Dynamite, which can be seen on Utube. Mom laughed and cried and watched it over and over and over again.
And apparently, so did many people and furs. Before you knew it, Dot was known all over!!!! In other countries, even!
And so the Miracle happened! People began to write to Dot and her 'Team'. People joined Team Dot! People and furs wrote and sent love and purrs and $ to help Dot to find a furever home.

And the Miracle: 2 Special Needs Cats were adopted from Tabby's Place in NJ. The Leaders of Team Dot applied for admission for Dot to Tabby's Place....and Dot was accepted!

Now, Tabby's Place is a very different and wonderful Cat Shelter and Sanctuary. It takes in only cats that might not be conventionally adoptable-cats that have issues that may make them harder to find homes for. Please go and check out their site....their wonderful Team believe in miracles daily...and help them to happen!

Dot has been garnering fans and friends there....she is the Star of the Sanctuary.

And so...a little kitten that some might have considered 'unadoptable' has become a Star, and now has a whole network of people to love and cherish her, and that includes us, my dear Furs.

Dot is the best of us. For myself, with FIV+, I think of the rescue who didn't want me there, because I was 'contageous' and I think....
Dot, way to go little girl!

Thank you, good humans, who never gave up, who believed, who would not take NO for an answer. Thank you for believing with your hearts, and for reaching out, stretching out. Thank you, Ceiling Cat and Bast, and wonderous Creator for the wonderful energy. Thank you for a Miracle!

Dot is one of us. She's US. All of US. She's the brown tabby with no tail and the biggest eyes. She's the little one born in a manger with no home. She's 'different' and as such, 'Special'.

We're all Special, Furs. All of us.

And we're all Miracles!

And if Dot can find this wonderful loving place that will devote time, $, love and care and find her a permanent home, or else she'll live there with her public able to visit and love on her...well, if Dot can do it....

Then all those Furs out there in need can too...

There is always Hope, Furs.


Thank you Dot! Thank you Tabby's Place! Thank you Team Dot!

And thank you Universe!


Here is a link to Dot's page on Tabby's Place. She and many other wonderful 'special needs' cats are available for sponsoring and even adoption...... 19

Love and light,
Shine bright little Miracle,


How do we tell him?

February 16th 2012 6:47 am
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Hi Furs!
Well, we have a bittersweet situation here. As many of you know, there is a 'Foster' living here, in Natalies room. She's a nice cat, from the little contact I've had with her. She wasn't hostile at all when I went in to visit the other evening. She's quite pleasant.
Now, this past week, a nice lady who's cat lived to be 21 and went to Rainbow Bridge called Mommy. They have been talking. Mommy is going to today to see her home. The lady and Mommy have said that if this goes well...and Mommy gets 'good vibes' from the lady...that Delilah will be 'going home' with the lady and her friend tomorrow.
Delilah will be an only kitty for awhile, but they are open to another animmal for her. They are nice people, and Delilah will accompany them in the summer to their home in Vermont.
The lady is retired. She misses having a cat.

Now this is good news, right?

Well....maybe for Delilah.

But CK has become Delilahs' little friend. They are playmates and play every morning and evening. He even seems to like her better than Princess.

He doesnt' know this. I know it's making mommy sad. Because Natalie sure won't play with him the way Delilah does.

We will be extra kind to him...last night we ran around and played and Princess and he played yesterday afternoon.

How do we tell him? What do we tell him?

Daddy is sad too. He told Delilah 'THIS IS YOUR matter where you go, you can always come back to us."

Mommy cried, but told Daddy that 'this is for the best.'

And it is. Because Delilah deserves to have a home where she can be afforded all the attention, and have the money there for vet care if needed, which right now is a little worrying to Mommy, with Bella-who by the way see's Dr. P on Monday evening about future surgery plans.

But when Delilah goes to her new home tomorrow evening....

What do we tell CK?


Today Delilah goes home!

February 17th 2012 4:03 am
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Daddy is happy and sad. Mommy is happy and sad. CK doesn't know.
Mommy went yesterday and the ladies are Lynne and Cheryl! They have a lovely apartment in 'the village' and a house in Vermont!

Lynne showed mommy pictures of her cats that had all gone to Rainbow. They looked well cared for.

Mommy's only 'concern' was that they don't feel real 'quality' food. She explained what is good and why, but at the end of the day, people do what they feel comfortable and good about. Lynne was able to listen and hear why grain free is better. She's actually going to consider Paul Newmans food.

Their last cat lived to be 21. Another they battled cancer with, and Mommy knows that is not inexpensive. Lynne had gone and bought cat toys.

They are coming over later, so we will get to meet them. Mommy had to explain that the foster was not around us....and that FIV+ is not easy to catch in any case. She said that we live seperately, and that Delilah plays only with CK, who's FIV-.

Mommy's glad in a way because Delilah is a climber, and wants to explore everything. She thinks that she wants more attention and Lynne is retired and has alot of attention for Delilah.


Catsters in Cali need our help!

February 18th 2012 3:16 pm
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Please check out this's Art Blakleys diary. Our friend Tiny Dancer's mom needs help urgently!!!! Please furs!


You'll always be a part of the family

February 20th 2012 4:05 am
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This weekend has been full of leave takings, hasn't it?

Roo's Mom's unexpected journey to the Rainbow Bridge,

Our little Foster Sister's being adopted into a new home,

and a friend in Cali losing her home and having to place some of her cats.

Mommy is sad about Roo's Mom. She's scared too. For this was unexpected and sudden. It was an 'oh my gosh, NO!' moment.

For our humans don't expect to lose human friends so suddenly, or so unexpectedly. It jolts them.

I wish I could comfort Mommy, I can only be myself, rub her ankles and meow for food, and purr on the back of the couch. And perhaps the consistancy of this is enough. For we can't know when anyone will leap over the divide, and cross the bridge. We don't know why. We just know that it's not 'goodbye' but 'see you later'. We know Roo's Mom is sitting with family, friends and all her animal family and enjoying herself, even as she looks over those on earth, and sends them strength and love to carry on. As cats, we grieve, but you know, life goes on. We are here...and so are they, just over our shoulder, on our shoulder, angels watching over us.

And I am happy for Foster sister, Delilah, who has been renamed Zoe, and is being doted on by two mommies who love her and have time, and love and lots of adventures to share with her. The lady who's rescue Mommy was working with said to Mommy 'You ok?" Mommy said 'yeah, but I miss her." and the lady said "You see, it's like you spent time with them, loved them, cherished them, nourished them...and then, they proceeded along to what you had prepared them for...'
But of course, Mommy still misses the little one. She would-her heart is filled with cats!
And in Daddy's words 'Delilah, no matter where you go, this is your family, too. You will always be part of the family.'

And we are spreading the word, and urge you all to do the same, which we know you are, about our friend Julie in Ca, who's back is to the wall and must place some of her beloved cat family. Mommy spoke with her yesterday and is concerned...Julie is facing a hell that all those who reside with cats as soul mates fear...

We are hoping that someone will come up with an idea here to help Julie-we can't but think of Dot, who's home made video set to music went viral, and helped, with the grace of the powers that be, a small brown tabby with spina bifada to be placed in a loving sanctary!

Is someone so skilled? We will stand behind whatever-becuase and so Julie and her cats have become our extended family, as have so many of you here. For they will, no matter where they are, always be part of the family.

And so, furs, as I sit here, and purr, and wait for Mommy to finish my dictation for I wish for my second breakfast, I say to all of you....what we can change to help other furs, we must...and what we need to leave, well, we send energy and love and light and the magick of Cat, together with our People. And we reach out to those who have gone just over the horizon in whatever way...and we say...

'You are always'll always be part of the family."

love and light and good breakfasts to you all...



Letting cats out equals possible tragedy-so humans, don't!

February 22nd 2012 8:58 am
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Dear Humans,
You need to understand that it's extremely difficult to hear of Furs being harmed or killed outside for me.

Like many, I came from 'the streets'. It's sure that I wasn't always from them...I was very friendly, and obvioulsy at one time loved someone and had them love me. I was a friendly cat who would rush up to humans for help. And thankfully, eventually, got it.

That said, people, I was lucky. I wasn't hit by a call, poisoned or attacked ny another animal. I may or may not have had something bad happen to eardrums were punctured and I am terrified of loud noises...but I lived.
I didn't get rabies, or any other terrible thing...besides, which I guess-and it's caused my life to be complicated at times...FIV+ (which is gotten by a cat who's FIV+ biting you).

When Mom and I read diaries or stories here of kitties going to the bridge because of bad things like this.

These things won't happen if you keep your kitty inside.

Or, if you and your fur agree, take them out on a leash, in a stroller, or perhaps have the land and ability to provide an enclosure to keep your kitty safe, but allow them 'out' under supervision and with you around.

I know that some of you come from parts of the world where letting kitties roam is the norm. And I still say that you need to consider how safe your cat is? Becuase when you took us in, non furs, you changed our lives forever.

The thing is, the 'outside world' is a rough place for us. When you opened your home and heart to us, you also opened a door that led to us relinquishing a survival skill at adaptation in a world grown harsh and violent for those of us still 'out in the cold' and for those of us given 'freedom'.....well...this is a chance for disaster dear people.

Please humans....remember...we are in your care...we deserve to be happy and healthy indoor cats....and not have to navigate fast cars, fierce dogs, hungry coyotes and eagles, cruel people, etc.

There are always ways to be happy and healthy indoors.

Purrs to all and my special purrs to those who have passed to the Bridge from sad ends...and purrs to their people for their heartbreak.

love all,


Miracles, good energy, and when the Universe is in synch.

February 23rd 2012 7:24 am
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Hi Furs,

I've been thinking as Ingen would say 'deep thinks'. I was playing this morning, and trying to engage CK, which isn't difficult. Mommy has been trying to spend a little more time with CK every day, so he doesn't miss Delilah as much. She''s also been considering another foster. We know it's tight here, but it seems there's so much need out there.
You know, we're very lucky, all of us in good homes with caring and loving, responsible humans. We are a community of felines that are bought into magick by virtue of the fact that we have loving homes.
Some aren't so lucky. Still others wind up in situations where they need our help. Mommy recieved the following today from a rescue friend in her email. I'm wondering if anyone near by will be able to help? :

HUEY: Healthy and Such a GOOD BOY!
Please help with this kitty named Huey. Huey who is 5 years young was brought in by a landlord alleging their tenant had abandoned the cat. He signed a euthanasia agreement claiming the owner had moved out and left no forwarding information. When we tried contacting the owners family, the brother declared, "I don't care what you do to the cat". We called the number the landlord had given us for Huey's owner and left a message. When Huey's owner found out what had happened upon returning after a weekend away she came immediately to TOHAS to redeem her beloved Huey. Unfortunately, the landlord saw this as an opportunity to then let Huey's owner know that there was a strict "no animal" clause in their rental agreement. The woman is not in a position to move right now. She comes to the shelter DAILY to visit Huey. When Huey saw his owner his entire demeanor changed and he became the sweet and loving boy his owner described to us. He leans into his mom for pets and gently takes treats from her hand. He becomes the Huey that only his owner has been lucky enough to see, a sweet and gentle guy who is overwhelmed by all the changes that he has been forced to go through in the last 2 weeks. About an hour after his owner was here for her visit-I went to visit with Huey and he left me pet him. He must've seen his mom trusting me and allowed me to handle him knowing his mom wouldn't let anyone hurt him.

Once Huey trusts you, he is an extremely affectionate guy who would like to be pet all day. He is a beautiful boy who is frightened but that makes him more endearing when you earn his trust. The ideal situation for Huey is a quiet household where he can get to know his human slowly and will take their time and allow Huey to relax and bond to them.

Please consider SAVING Huey by getting him a HOME and out of the shelter. He was thrown into circumstances he has no control over and just needs a place to become the Huey his owner knows and the Huey I got to know today. Huey is a gem and desperately needs help.

If you are able to help Huey please contact Peg Gugliotta at Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter at 516.785.5220 ext. 4642 or Shari Polen at 516.785.5220 ext 4628.

Peg Gugliotta
Rescue Coordinator
Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter
Her Private Cell--631.813.6887

Now, I know that some of you aren't in the NY area, and I know that many of you aren't in a position. But I was wondering, here, as I am having 'deep thinks' about Dot again.

Dot is a miracle. I've written of her before. She was born with Spina Bifida. She was bornin a garage in Virginia, and when her rescuer found her, she immediately put out the word on the 'rescue railroad.' She contacted several animal groups, including one rescuer who at the time was overwhelmed and had drawn back from rescue. But the email was sent to the homeschool network she belonged to and so the Universe said 'ahahaah....come along now!" and so, caputred by Dot's story, with a heart as big as Oklahoma...or hey....Virginia...she did many people. A talented lady did several Dot video's, including Dot Dynamite. She posted in on Utube, with Dot's story. Before long, Dot's video became very popular, as did the little kitten with the big innocent eyes and red onesie with a bow on the back. People from all over the world posted to Dot on Facebook as a loving and permanent home was sought.
And another miracle happened. A wonderful Sanctuary in New Jersey that week adopted out 2 paralyzed special needs cats. When Dot's case came to their attention, they had room!
Dot now is currently residing at Tabby's Place. She can be visited, and our Mom hopes to go and visit her eventually. Dot is up for adoption, yes. She also has a home for life at Tabby's Place. Tabby's Place is remarkable....if you are a Special Needs kitty and go to live are there til you find your 'furever' home, and if Tabby's can't find one, you live there in a wonderfully kind, clean and loving environment.
Dot has very special needs. Yet, we believe, that there is a person out there who will come forward, at the right time, with all the right qualifications (and there are many-Dot needs help with lots of stuff) who will scoop her up and kiss her nose and say 'You are coming home with me!"
But perhaps the miracle is in the small brown and white tabby that runs merrily around without use of her legs, playing and cuddling as any healthy kitten would.
And today I salute those who do rescue. I stand up on my hind legs and lift my paw in the air and solumnly salute you with Power of the Paw.... Our lovely lady in California who is still seeking a solution for her special needs kitties, as she struggles to find a place that they all could live....Tigger in Florida's dad who found space in his home and heart and his feline family who share what they have with those who had to come in from the cold....because it was just what they had to do....Mango's Mom, who scooped up a small kitty from a scary fate....Rumpy's dad who never says no....Blizzards family who have thown open the doors to those in need...and all those here who step forward and say 'yes, I'll do it' even when their own rescources are at their limit. Why? Because there is never that question of Why? They know a satisfaction and serenity that come with knowining 'yes, we're stressed...but they're safe'.
I believe that there are times the Universe is in synch, and that there is good energy, with good many of us...everywhere. And no where is it felt more strongly than here, in our little Fur virutal community that spills over into what is 'real life'. For there is nothing more real than Love.

Love and light,


Uh oh, Mom's 'cleaning' again. I better stay clear!

February 26th 2012 7:21 am
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Hi everyone!
Mom was telling daddy yesterday that she's going to 'clean some' today. That means that vacaum, and I gotta stay clear. she's going to change the couch cover and the towels. You see, we have towels on the end table and coffee table. She's also going to change the blankie for Bella on the sofa and our back of the sofa blankie. They get covered in our fur.

I am not much for when she's cleaning...but sigh, what you gonna do when your mom is in 'that' mode?

Mommy is annoyed. the store she buys our fancy feast raised their price from 55 cents a can to 57. She's now looking for a 'better buy' but they went to get it there yesterday, cause at the big store they go to it was 60 cents a can. They got to the store and it was as though it was the end of all cat food...there was hardly anything on the shelves. They didn't even have Felidae dry which is what we get for dry around here.

Mom is in 'that mood' today...I better make myself scarce.

Does anyone else's mom complain when daddy has the day off and she gets hers and there's still 'alot to be done?'


(hoping for chicken or SOMETHING later.



Cat of the Week-a pleasant surprise-shared!

February 28th 2012 7:37 am
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Well, it's Tuesday. Mom didn't get much chance to actually check in today it came as a big surprise!

I want to thank everyone! I'm very honored!

I want to say this is an honor shared.

In Irish Tradition, the Celts lived in Clans. 'Clan Ruffy' is made up of so many of you....handsome and very wonderful Big Harry, my tiny special niece, Mango, My friend gone off to the Bridge, Tiger...Boxie hero....Buddie....another to look up to...little Alfie...and his new little baby brother (and sister)....and well, Finney, River, Gleek, Samoa, Gumpy, the immortal Calvin, Roo, who has taught me so much about just being, and his whole family, my Cali friends and their mom Julie struggling trying to find a place to live, my little sweetheart Dot, my courtly little ladycat, Miss Lizzie Bennett, my cousins gone to the bridge, Pat the Buttercat and Blackie the Blackcat from 'the house', Prince from BD, Boo Boo and Tiny Mighty Moe, all the Star Clan, my sweet little funny Ingen, my Jersey Girl Kaci Sunshine, my fishy friends the Tabbies of Troutown and their mysteriously beautiful sister, Daisy, Natasha and her brother Alex, Sweets and her brother the 'Striped Menace' who is a handsome fellow indeed,
my angel persian girl, Circles, my other angel friends, Alex...the spirit cat with a big heart....Miss Mittens, my gentle guardian angel, and Tigger, Moma Ivey...and
well, the cat who started it all.....and who is too little around...Hazel Lucy....and so all of you out there for which there just isn't space to name. Pleas know you mean more than you know..and you are those who clan Ruffy is made have access to the backroads of forever and the neverending veil of night where the star goddess dances...we, as cats, race across that bridge over eternity and back, changing coats and colors in and endless display of Eternal Wisdom and Wonder. For we are guides with silky fur...and we're here to make miracles occur...

I salute all of you and wish you sunny days and warm balmy nights. I send you, and your people many purrs. I touch noses to those of you newly come in from the cold, and touch my paw to those of you still out there, bestowing the Power of the Paw...a blessing to give you strength, love, and hope...and rescue....

For we are all Miracles in Fur.

love and light,


Thank you as DDP and our San Luis Obisbo furs and their- person need help desperately!

February 29th 2012 8:01 am
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Dear Furs,
I read Art Blakley's diary, and our Cali friends are in dire straits!
Julie and the cats she has left, welll, she's been unable to find a place to accept her and her cats.
Julie has taken in cats that would have had a very difficult time outside, and some are survivors of abuse. Julie herself is on disability. She would so benefit from someone nearby to lean on.
The community here is awesome...and before my time I heard wonderful stories of catster mom's passing and the community coming together to rescue the cats and dog that were left without resources.
Can we, as a community, reach up and pull down that magick again? Can we invoke Hazel Lucy, Buddie, and all the 'great ones' to intercede for Julie and furs?
There but for the Grace of God.....
I am devestated to think of this dear person having to bring her cats into no kill shelters and rescues and leave them. Once in from the cold....should be forever.
This is beyond painful, and so unfair. And for many of us, it could so...all too a situation we could face.

Lets me the paws that reach out...the purrs that vibrate over the miles...and for our humans, the hearts and minds who help....

Together, we can all do matter how small.

Please have a read of Art Blakely's diary....

I want to thank you all for your kindness as Cat of the Week, and a Diary pick.

love and light with purrs,

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