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I'm a Diary pick!

March 27th 2011 7:05 am
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Oh thank you so much Big Harry and all!

As a cat who has made a move from a house where I slept with my people-I let them share my bed, to a small apartment where I sleep on my own little cushioned quilt on the sofa, I want to let everyone know how resilliant we are!
I thank everyone for picking me as a Diary pick! I am a little grey and white slightly longhair kitty who misses the warm weather and gentle breezes. However, at least it is sunny here today!
Thanks to everyone for their kind thoughts to mommy on heating pads and ideas to make a kitty like me comfortable! I am very happy to know you all!
Today, I know mommy is going to give me my medicine in a little while. But I also heard her tell daddy that they are going to get something to heat for in the microwave to keep me warm.
To all my fello 'olde furts' yes, we are only as old as we feel, and some days we feel it more than others. I want to say I love you and appreciate the wonder you have bought to our lives, and your kind support.
Purring for all of you-with kind head rubs,


An update on me

June 8th 2011 11:58 am
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Dear All,
I have been feeling better the past few days. I'm back on my subq fluids and some medicine to boost my appitite when needed. Little Vet is back and saw me last week. To our surprise, my thyroid is ok! They are still waiting for my kidney results. I may have to have another sonogram, though...because I hissed when little vet examined my stomach! and then I growled!

Mommy and daddy will have it done soon, but are giving me time to rest and recoup-mommy and daddy feel I've been through enough for a little bit and have noticed I appear to stress more easily at the vet now, something that was not before. Little vet also told mommy my heart murmur may come from dehydration, so i am back on the fluids along with azodlyl. I'm eating well, and getting brushed. I have lost some weight, which is also why I'll have to have the sonogram. Ah well, what is a cat to do?

Still, today I'm feeling quite well!

I'm enjoying the sun, and sleeping.

lots of love,


Whats a Pancreas anyway?

June 21st 2011 8:32 am
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Apparently I have one, becuase it's making me ouchie. I have to go back to the vet and I wish I didn't!
Smokie was at the vet last night because he's itchy. Vet got my sonogram results and so kindly explained to my pawrents that I have pancretitis and will get another blood test, and then antibiotics.
Mommy and daddy are going to make the appointment this week. Sigh.


Back to the vet tonight...ugh...but I am feeling better, and- Mommy and Daddy help a cat that looks like me (kinda)

July 1st 2011 6:17 am
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Hi everyone!
Well, I saw the vet last week. Vet said that I did not look too bad. She said I have pancretitis and put me on a medicine for 5 days, but mommy just gave it to me for 4, because it made me not be hungry or care about food at all. Mommy is going to tell Big Vet. But I haven't thrown up at all, and that is a good thing! And I'm not as cranky and a bit more active!
Big Vet said that as I'm getting older, I may need a different food. She gave mommy one with duck in it, it was a presciption diet, but yucky, it was awful! I didn't like it at all! So mommy tried natural balance which I ate a bit of, but was so so with it...and then spots stew the chicken flavor and I liked that.
She's going to see wht the vet says tonight...I wish I didn't have to go, but I know I do. I always make sure to poop in the carrier so then I think maybe it will smell too bad and they'll just take me home, but so far it hasn't worked.

Mommy and Daddy helped a rescue person this week who lost a 'holding home' for 3 cats she had. One of them is pure white with big gold eyes. She was at the vet for a month with a bad neck wound. The lady said she thought someone tried to do something very bad to this kitty. Mommy's tech friend said 'maybe' or it could have been a reaction to a collar and just neglect by whoever had her.

The kitty is very friendly. Mommy said she looks like me, only not long hair and no grey. But she has 'my face'. But she can't, because I got my face right here!

She is up for adoption with a very, very friendly black and white girl cat, and a very pretty calico cat. The black and white cat is about 2, the calico is about 2, and the white one is maybe not even a year old.

So if anyone in NY is looking for a pure white cat....or a calico or black and white catmommy and daddy have one at their rescue. They are all spayed and tested and got shots.

I will let everyone know how I do at the vet tonight!


Miss Rachel comes to visit and stay with us for a day!

July 6th 2011 6:40 am
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Last Friday night Mommy and Daddy bought home Miss Rachel.

Now, Miss Rachel I have only seen her in the vet. She is the lady with the gentle hands and voice who holds me and talks to me when the vet does skeery stuff. She also took care of me when I was in the hospital. She is a 'tech' or a 'kitty nurse'. I guess she's a doggy nurse too. Miss Rachel is real nice. She has funny paintings on her arms and metal stuff t hrough her eyebrow. She knows how to make kitties happy with pets and brushings so we don't stress. She has a kind voice.

So Miss Rachel came to meet us on Friday night. She petted us and me, not too much to stress me. She was very calm. Even the boys went up to meet her. She was so surprised how nice and calme they were when not at the vet.

So then on Sunday, mommy and daddy gave us our breakfast...first and second breakfast. They they went out. And later after our naps when we were getting hungry Miss Rachel came. I heard her call mommy and daddy on the phone and tell them she was there. She fed us and then stayed with us for awhile. She brushed me, and the strange little Bub. She took pictures of us. She drank coffee mommy and daddy made. She sat with us and petted me and spoke to us nicely.

Mommy and Daddy were so happy that we seemed happy and calm when they came back that night. I heard mommy saying that if they go away, they are going to ask if Miss Rachel will come to us to take care of us. I know that mommy wishes she'd stay over, because we were much different than when they are usually away.

I like Miss Rachel alot. She's got cat sense.


My 'Gotcha' day, many years later

July 8th 2011 10:08 am
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Dear Mommy, (and Daddy, because although you came to me later, I still love you alot),

Many years ago I 'came in from the cold'. I will aways remember that I, a grey and white semi long hair cat seemed to have grey and darker grey ragged coat. I had lived on the block for awhile, with litters of my kits, and then they would grow up and i'd have another.
With the last litter I had I picked the unfortunate place to keep them behind a rosebush in the next door neighbors yard. The woman (hiss!!!) took out a hose and sprayed them, little things that they were, with cold hose water. I'm glad it was summer. I came and stood before them and yowled at her. She threatened to poison me and went to hit me with a rock.
Then, mommy you ran out of the house, and down the steps. You stood on the other side of the fence and you SCARED that woman (yesssss!!!!) You told her you'd make sure she went to jail for animal cruelty. When her husband came out you told him the same thing. They ran back into their house, and you and your sister spent an hour gathering up my kits and getting them into the basement.
Your sister didn't think I'd come. After all, I was 'feral'. I guess that she didn't know, my mom without too much fur, that by then, I knew you were my friend. You went and got a plate of food, and then, held it out to me. I followed you, and the sound of my kits crying, down the basement stairs and into the small apartment that belonged to your sister.
You got my kits and I in to the vet you worked for, the no kill shelter you worked for. When we got there, your vet friend told you the kits were old enough to go for adoption. You watched me with them, and buried your face in my neck and cried. You cried because you knew I loved my kits, and wouldn't want them to go. But you knew it was best. You took me home that night and watched me walk around looking for them and crying for them.
A few weeks later, you bought me in to get spayed.
I can forgive you that you found another home for me at first. You felt it would be best, and when a co worker fell in love with my good looks and promised to take great care of me you agreed. But I didn't want to be there, I wanted to be home with you. So after 3 fruitless weeks of me not wanting to come out to him or his wife, you came and got me again. And when I got home I jumped up on your bed, and groomed and you put down my favorite food and I went and ate a bit then jumped back on My Bed.
When Daddy came to join us, I told you I loved him because I slept on him, and would groom his face sometimes. I guess I felt the fur on his face needed it.
When you took in the others, I was not happy-I guess I never will be, but you know, Mommy, the cat in me that lives with you doesn't like it...I want to be the only one. But in my Soul, I know you could have done nothing else.
When we moved, I didn't like it, going from sleeping on the bed with you to the love seat. But in the mornings you come and brush me and love me and pick me up and say 'My Bellisimo' and hold me close to you. You worry over me, and I know it. I know that as I gaze at you, you worry about me being thinner, less active, and you worry at every vet visit as I have gone into my Senior years. But yet, I have ascended the stairs of being 'Elderwise' with grace, and as the Matriarch I am of the felines of this house. I head this Tribe of Small Tigers, and have never ceeded that crown to any other cat.
You worried over me when I had that weird thingy that made me sick that Big Vet-Dr. Paloni-cured. And when I see Dr. P, I know how lucky I am, even when she's giving me my B 12 shot that Auntie Lisa and the IBD kitties told mommy about. And I thank all my good Catster friends for being there for us, and for sitting on the virtual porch as an 'olde furt' and share about pancretitis and arthritis and oh, all the 'itis's'. Thank you all for your wisdom and love....Big Harry, Kaci Sunshine, who seems to have alot of my own 'stuff' and understands, Queen T, Hazel Lucy, Boxie Brown, Finney and Lacey and Alex, The 'A' Team (yes, I love Apollo, even though he's at the Bridge) Miss Ivey who's newly 'in from the cold' and her family..the Trouttown tabbies, who make mommy smile, Simone, Marrakesh and her mommy, Ingen, becuase she's so cute, Sweets because she's 'up there' too, and to, well, more of you than I have know here and could go on and on about. Thank you for reaching back to me, to mommy and daddy, for caring.
I love my mom. I love my daddy. I know they worry. I understand. I bear with the things that come with age, but I enjoy my sun spots, my window to gaze out of (even if it does seem to face another brick wall, I can always look up at the birds or at the squirrel that comes to the fire escape), and lay on my blanket and enjoy the breeze, or the cool air as it touches my nose. I purr as mommy brushes and pets me, and leans over and kisses me after she gives me my pill. The whispered 'I love you, Bella' that sometimes comes with a wet spot on my head. Don't worry Mommy....becuase I love you too. Please don't worry too much. We, as felines, well, we live in the moment. We relish the quiet afternoons on the sofa, the 'pop' of a can, the tidbit of chicken or roast beef, the smoothing of a brush across our coat, the warmth of the sun.
I cherish you, my friend, my guardian, my person. I am so glad we found each other, and so glad I share your life. I'm so glad Daddy is here to give me pets and sing to me and even give me water under my skin. I love you and I am so happy....never doubt that.
So...I look back at the memory of a skinny, cautioius eyed kitty that stood on the back of a fence, and gave in to trusting, one more time....and am so very glad I did.

Love always,



July 12th 2011 3:54 am
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Thank you Catster and all my Fur friends and those not so furry!

I am honored!

I must share this honor with all of you-especially those of you who 'came in from the cold' and my good friends on Catster who are so kind to us!

When one us is honored, we all are, for we shine in the spotlight that says 'Yes, we came in from the cold-and we are lovely and special and we ADOPTED OUR PAWRENTS!

Thank you to all my furs....and to the folks at Catster who choose me. Purrrs to you and thank you so much.


Thank you for the honor yesterday of being really- made me feel nice!

July 13th 2011 3:36 am
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I wanted to thank everyone for the honor-it was so kind of everyone!
I want to say that everyone here has been so kind, and I am very grateful for all the kindness shown!
Today I am feeling ok. Mommy has the window open for a bit (screened of course) to get some fresh air in before she has to get ready for work. I'm enjoying a morning stretch out on the love seat. I just had some breakfast. I'm a nibbler, so not eating a whole lot....but I did eat about 3/4 of a small cat of mideast feast.
I really am thankful for all my good friends.


Indelicate topic: Constipaton, and what's a semil longhaired- lady to do?

July 20th 2011 9:09 am
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Mommy noticed yesterday I was not myself...a bit testy and I seemed uncomfortable. The evening before Daddy found poop on the floor. He asked who's poop it was, but of course, I wasn't about to lay a claim to it.

Well, yesterday morning mommy saw me lift my leg and I looked like I would groom, but didn't! And then she saw why! I was crusted with poop! It looked old and dry and it looked to her like I had been constipated!

Well, mommy went in and changed into her 'Bella bathing' shirt, and put on some plastic gloves, then ran the water in the bath and took me in.

Now I don't like baths, exactly, but I will tolerate them if they make me feel better, and though I didn't like it, it did feel better after.

Mommy then took me out and dried me off, (she only did my backside and tail and paws.) She then put me down on a towel on the couch and brushed me.

Mommy said when I go for my B12 shot on Friday, she's going to ask them to do a 'quick cut around her back end!'

How undignified!

I got my fluids last night, and I am eating Natural Balance and seem to like it, except for this little 'problem'. I guess,s igh, I'll be getting a little fiber now, too. Darn.


Another vet visit and I am maintaining my eight pound- weight.

July 23rd 2011 6:49 am
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This is good. I got my shot, I got weighed.
It was 100 degrees out. There was air conditioning in the car.
And in the vets office.
I didn't like it, I never do, despite it being ok and cool.

I had thrown up 2x this week. But uh-oh! Daddy realized that I am probably eating the Blue Buffalo dry food during the day. My mom didn't think I was at the dry food any more. Vet said to put down my science diet...not a 'quality' food but if I am eating dry food, then I should eat dry food my tummy is used to. It could be that setting my tummy off. I had very bad diarhea this week 3 times...apparently, I had that, not constipation. Thats Ruffy's department.

So as per the vet, I am doing ok. They tried to make me eat ID-yucky!!!! But you know what? The Fat Boys (those brothers of mine) will eat it!!! They will eat anything!!!

But Daddy said we'll keep me on Natural Balance for now.

I vomited copiously in the car on the way home, and then had that diahrhea was very stinky in there and daddy opened the car windows and then parked the car and got me upstairs and right into the bath with me! I didn't like it, but you know, I always feel better after a bath! I love being clean!

Daddy is so good! At the vets office was a disabled man who was there to pick up his kittie! It was so hot out and Daddy gave him and his kitty a ride home! Lucky for the man, I hadn't 'performed' yet, I waited til I was 2 blocks from our apartment house to do that.

So I had some wewuvla or whatever the name of that food is shredded chicken and veggies...daddy forgot to get me more food mommy and daddy have to get us food today.

We love you all out there!

Kisses blown to everyone.....


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