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The life and times and bequests of a very beloved Momma's- Kitty Girl

October 17th 2012 10:24 am
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Dear Mommy, Daddy, Furs, and their Folks,

I wanted to send this to my Mom and Dad, but also to all of you, folks, who's furrs purr in their hearts. There are some of us up here at the Bridge, who have been awhile, and some who are newly come. Some of you reside in lovely form with your pawrents, and gaze up in wonder at Antares, the Brightest star in the Night sky, and purrr and wrrrrt? in wonder, telling your pawrents that all is well, no matter how recent the loss of a feline sibling...for such are we, magikal cats who have flown far and wide to bequest our love and light to those still in need.

Dear Pawrents,

I love you. I am now at the Bridge 3 weeks. It does not seem so very long, and time here is different, but then, as cats, time has always run differently. I do miss you, but I know you are strong, and in my legacy I have left a certain magick...

I watch as you reach out to others, cats who are in need, and others who are struggling with helping furs. I know your heartbreak as you wish you could save more, and spread the word about Spaying and Neutering, Fostering, and Adopting. I know your love of those in the Clowder, and your worrry for them. But don't worry Mommy and Daddy....

In the words of Ruffy: Trust that Miracles Do Occur...

As I trot over to the meadow, I touch noses to a kitten newly arrived from the same palce. "I miss my momma' this kitten mews to me. And I purr and curl around the mite. "All is well young one. For you won't be gone will find heart and home again, I promise you that."

And the little mite gazes up at me with wide eyes. "How do you know? Are you a Momma Cat? Don't you miss your people?"

"Oh little snugglefur, so much so. I miss them, but you see, I know they are fine...they are on a am I. And I can tell you that I know you will return as I have done so before...this is not the end of the Rainbow little one, but simply the beginning. You gain wisdom and rest, and more magick each time you make that journey. As do they."

The little one was kneading now. "Can I go home to them now?"
I nosed this kitten gently. "Very soon....the portal will open-the gauzy veil drops,and you plunge through it, playing chase with others on similar flight, you find your way by following your heart...and then...
you are home."

Purrs roll out of the kitten and together we watch a small group of butterflies dancing around the daisies in the meadow, and I watch Big Harry and Calvin and Buddie teaching new kits to send out magickal messages-and they are in ways our people will understand. I nudge the kitten by my side and together we watch, and a feeling of happiness comes over me.

"We really go back?" the little asks drowsily? "To our Momma's and Dads?"

And I feel the chord that connects me to my Mom and Dad...and I whisper as only a cat cat....

"I assure you it's so....when the time is right...the Universe will let you know...and you'll be sung home to them.

"Can I do anything now to tell them I love them?"

I gazed up at the butterflies...'Your emmisarries...whisper it to them, and they will tell your Momma you love her-though she knows."

And the Kitten sat up and whispered something to a pretty yellow butterfly who danced up and out towards the forever summer breezes....

and I curled around the new one, and purred for my Clowder...and knew in my heart, that no matter the challenges, all is well.

with love from Rainbow...


May your days be merry and bright....

December 19th 2012 7:41 am
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Dear Furs and Folks, Mommy and Daddy, and our Mommy's friend Deb who's dad joined us at Rainbow yesterday:

Many people wonder why there are so many passings this time of year. As I sit here, purring, having had a wonderful breakfast, and a romp around with some friends, and my son Tiger, who's here with me, I can only say this:

Dear Folks,

I'm so sorry that there have been so many passings. As I sit up on my hind legs and greet Angel Timmy, as I wander down a soft grassy path to laze in the morning sun, I greet Queen T and then say hello to the folks who have come wandering up to spend time with us all...and I see doggies, too, who don't chase us, and well, so many others.

And Calvin, that wonderful Orangie cat leaps up into the crook of an apple tree and gazes out into Forever. And then he says:

Oh Bella-what can we say or send to our folks to let them know we are all ok? That sadness, that is, is but a chance for a new little life to spring anew, for a being who's ready to return, and in that circle of wonder, begin again...another lesson, another promise, another gift from the beyond.

The sadness-it passes. We leave a legacy of kindess, we leave memories, but we live. If we could only reach out a paw and tap their shoulders...but we leave a legacy, my friend.

There is sometmes no sense to the chaos, Bella that happens-the pain folks experience. But there is always, always kindness that balances, for we come and go to learn lessons and have fun in doing it...some may be painful, and some may pain our folks, and other folks.

But the true meaning of 'Angel' Bella?

An Angel is so alive-we reach out to meow in our people's ears, we fly with grace to land before a grieving family, to escort a small child to family just the other side of this 'veil' that is no veil, that one can brush back with a mere flick of a whisker, or wistful sigh. And I watch the little children grab hands, and swing up into arms and be greeted by those who been waiting, who may grieve for those still beyond, but who will tell them 'welcome, and what have you learned? And you'll soon return to gaze again up with wonder and love...for you, and I, and all of us...are love.'

Calvin leaps down, his lovely coat shinging.

We walk, a group of us, to a place where people and all creatures are decorating Evergreens, and a feast of wonderful food is being laid out, and children w ho are yet children race around with dogs bounding and cats weaving between their feet...and there is a feeling of warmth, and joy.

And I connect to my Mom. Who whispers to me in her heart 'I love you, Beasel Weast. Thank you for the Gift of You. Thank you for being My Guide, my Strength and my Love. Thank you. You were the Start of it All, Bella. You started Rescue.

And I whisper to my Mom "I love you-and we'll be together forever-I fly just slightly above, and if a cat could smile and laugh, I would. For all, my dear purrson, is as it should be.'

And Calvin and Boxie and Tigger, and Simba and Skye, Ethan, any so many others have come to join us, and as we launch ourselves up, up, up into the clouds, a rainbow appears and begins to send down tendrils of bright dancing light, and stretches way out over the Earth...and past....

And we purr and sing in cat as only we can....

May your days be Merry and Bright.......

love and light from Rainbow and beyond....

Bella and Guides


A view from the Bridge

January 15th 2013 11:23 am
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Hi Everyone,

I am so happy that there is a Newcat living safe with Mommy and Daddy. I know that as I sit here and purr, that Newcat is snoozing on a pillow, safe and even if a little afraid, going to florish with love.
Awhile back, something happened that hurt Mommy-who is really unhurtable. She's worked in rescue a very long time, worked for a no kill shelter for 15 years before that, as she began to get into rescue, because she felt that there is no such thing as 'unadoptable'.
Mommy and Daddy were talking about me the other night. Daddy and Mommy were discussing when I'd come back. Mommy grew thoughtful. 'She may. But you know, I have a feeling we had our full cycle together. Bella and me...and then you, too. She had a life that was what she wanted, I think. She did what she set out to do'.
Mommy and Daddy were quiet. And then Mommy smiled. "I thought it would hurt more when we came home. I miss her. But there is a feeling of fullness....she had a wonderous life, and a loving and gentle passing. She was ready-her body was no longer her vechile, and so she left it, leaping up and over.
I miss Bella. But it's so clear that her journey lay elsewhere-and that was ok."

I purred softly to Mommy and Daddy. And I watched as a new fur, rescued from death before his time, with wonderous life and adventures head of him, curles up into a relaxed and relieved sleep in a quiet room, with only Natalie's snores...and the thunder of the elevated line a few feet away-to disturb him.

Do we, spirits of so many colors, not take on our earthly forms, or purr in comfort and love for our people? Of course we do. We trot across keyboards, we, when needed, marshall rescources to draw to us a million points of light and materialize for a few moments into the dimension we hurtled out of, to crash into it again, dive through that moist air and stretch out to scoop another feline to safety....
We turn and purr at our person's shoulder, willing them with who and what we are to Know.
We form a bond that is beyond the physical, and we, as Felines, with our Knowing, move back and forth between worlds, messnegers, Guides. We Are.
We heal. We protect, we cast out our psyche across the distance to others with perked ears and purrs, and whisper 'trust miracles do occur'. We do this, for as Felines, we Are.
And if you doubt, lift that kitten to your heart, or the Elderwise cat that has regarded you when sleeping, with a lovely 'Rrrt?' or the cat, lolling on the cat tree, staring into the Beyond.
We are here.
And when the time is right....the urge to strong, the need to great...
We don once again fur that is brushed and burnished by sun and mooon...
We leap high...
And arrive, as we left, with mischief and love, and always, always light.

for we are the Mystery of Cat

Love, always,


Happy Birthday-and it is!

August 8th 2013 5:26 pm
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Dear all,
Thankyou for remembering me on my birthday!

I know mom's been away from Catster for a bit. Things should start getting back to normal now that she's finished Grad school and is just waiting for her grades to come in. Hopefully,s he'll be able to graduate in Sept.

I know mom misses me, but she's doing ok. She glances at my picture, and smiles and says 'Hi Bella, thank you for loving me. Thank you for being my best friend'. And she know's I'm never too far from her-we belong to each other.

Thank all of you for your wonderful wishes and presents! We all are wonderful cats, and I am so lucky to have wonderful kitty and human friends.

With much love,


The Magick of Cats....

October 23rd 2013 4:52 am
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Ah, with every passing, we can see, from here, just this side of the veil, the aching heart of our people, the worry and fear in others...will they be leaving soon too?

As I turn back from my reaching out to stretch and loll in sunhine, for it's warm at the Bridge-I turn and I come to the edge...

and I watch the barrier shimmer, and I, and others, we come close and we see another come through.

Some of us are Guides-we have never had constraints-you don't once you make the crossing-you can proceed back and forth. Sometimes our people see us. Our cat and animal families always do-for we aren't bound by all the concerns and beliefs imparted onto Humans.

And as I watch another cat races forward, and she touches noses to her sibling and there is purring, and they rise up on their hinds and even swat as they sniff.

and I'm soon joined by Gumpy, who races foward and begins his greetings...and Samoa, and Hazel Lucy and Buddy, who have come to watch and greet..

And I can see people coming to love us, for our human families that have crossed are here too....

Hazel Lucy and I exchange looks and she is pragmatic. Hazel Lucy has alway been so....she moved forward and sends out before her rays of warm pink and lavender and azure blue..she doesn't need to speak, it's enough...and Buddie is as he always is, warm and kind and gentle.

I am watching the two cats join with others, and soon we have formed a circle and are doing what cats do always, playing, and rolling and racing around and leaping high in the air...and then, the new one finds she does...that there are no constraints...and the leap turns into a moment of airborne wonder....

and I, purring, finally, touch noses to hers, and swish my tail with she, gazing back at the barrier knows at once the answer to the unvoiced questions....

Love is Forever...

And so lay here close, and feel the rough warmth of mother tongue, that which you have not had in years, and be healed.....

Do we miss our people? We miss the touch, the feel of their hands on our coat, that warmth and kindness. But we know with the immortal soul of cat, it will come again. We are not one dimensional, no, we can again, at the time when it's most urgent, leap and keep going, and land, yes, back...

how I can not say-but I have seen others...we hold the magick within.

And if I could say to her person one thing I would say this-be comforted, for love is forever-to quote a much loved movie of my person mother-'luminous beings are we-not this crude matter'. We were made of such before we took form-but I would argue-that form is magical too-and now, so missed-I know. But please know she-decided on this somewhere before. You will be together again, this I know. For all the gentle kindness of All would not separate such as you. I can say this with surety.

You have glimpsed this place in your dreams-it's more real than you know. And as I greet an old friend with joy and contentment, as I play with cats I have come to know through the magick of truly magickal folk without fur-no matter their definition of Rainbow, or 'Heaven' or anything else-for all is Good...and as I reach out with a soft paw to touch soft fur...I send, to her human Mother, waves of comfort and love....

For You are, and always will be, much loved.


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