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Our first trip

September 24th 2009 6:56 am
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We are learning to be RV cats. Salem was going to teach us everything because she traveled alot but mom said she got sick and went to the Rainbow Bridge with Duchess. Kit Kat was supposed to help us since he had 2 yrs experience but he didn`t show up so we were left with the dog named Sterling. I was glad to get out of the crate since Cassie threw up on me Yuck! She`s such a priss. When I got out I explored but Cass wouldn`t come with me. I followed Sterling for a bit then checked out all the windows, it was neat everything was moving and the big window in front had alot of stuff to see. When we stopped I checked everything out. Mom and dad brought our big cat gym for us to play on but I liked the big window. I finally got Cassie to come out and play with me and we had a good time. We`ll be going in the moving house again soon and Kit and Simon are supposed to be coming too. Simon has never gone so I may have to help him get used to it.


We`re getting visitors tonite

September 30th 2009 6:09 am
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Mom said we are having a puppy come visit us and she`s puppy sitting for him. I never met him but Sterling has and he said he`s playful and annoying! I don`t know what I`ll think of him but I`ll try to help mom with watching him. He might be bringing his kitty sister with him and mom said she`s a Torti like me and we look a lot alike and have the same `tortitude` Her name is Speckles and her puppy is Ozzie.


Company arrived

October 5th 2009 7:26 am
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Our guests arrived Wednesday. I greeted them but Cassie hid under the bed(she`s not very brave) The dog Ozzie is energetic but Speckles the kitty isn`t very friendly I try to get her to play but she just hisses at me but I`ll keep trying to get her to play. Cassie came out of hiding so a I have her to play with again we both love chasing paper around and I like taking pens off dad`s desk and carrying them around and hiding them on him, He says I`m a little terror. We have another dog guest coming for the weekend so I can`t wait to meet her of course Cassie will hide again!


Going on a long trip!

October 12th 2009 2:59 pm
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We are going from New York to Wisconsin sometime tomorrow to visit mom`s family. Me and Cassie did a short trip in Sept. but this will be our first long one. Simon and Kit are supposed to come too if they don`t hide like last time. Simon never traveled but Kit Kat has gone to Florida twice. I hope Cassie doesn`t throw up on me again! Mom said we have to ride in our big crate until she`s sure we both won`t get sick.


Our trip to Wisconsin

October 14th 2009 4:18 pm
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We arrived in Wisconsin this afternoon. It was a long trip and we stopped overnight in Ohio. I explored most of the trip in the house that moves then took a nap on the blanket on the floor with Sterling. We are now at Ozzie and Speckles house and I`m having fun checking it out even Cassie is being bold and running around playing. Kit is hiding in the bedroom and has been grumpy the whole time, Simon is doing well for his first trip and is also checking the house and toys out with us.
Dad said if we start to get bored he`ll bring our cat gym in. More later..


Another busy day

October 15th 2009 12:09 pm
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I`ve been exploring the house with Speckles and she has been showing me all the hiding places. We found a chipmunk that got into the basement and it was a big one and we were having fun hunting it until Dad let it back outside that was so annoying because we wanted to catch it! I`ve been watching Dad working on a big silver thing that he put in and says it will make the house warm, I tried helping him work but he kept telling me to go play upstairs, I guess he could do it by himself. I think I`ll go curl up on the couch for a nap since everyone else is..


Having fun

October 17th 2009 4:59 am
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We have been having a good time here in Wisconsin, Lots of places in the house to explore and I spend quite a bit of time watching Dad work but of course he only lets me watch even though I try to help. Kit and Simon are not happy at all because they have to stay inside so they don`t wander off and get lost. They want to go home but me and Cassie are having fun. Sterling is having fun with Ozzie but I think he prefers the farm. Mom`s going to work on flower garden today so we all get to play inside by ourselves.


Home from our trip..

October 21st 2009 1:24 pm
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We got back home last night from our trip to Wisconsin. We had a good time playing with Ozzie and his kitties but I don`t think Speckles liked me probably because we are both Torti`s with Tortitude! Dad didn`t bring our cat gym in last night which made Cassie mad so she slept in the hallway but I decided I was goinmg to annoy mom by purring and licking her face so she couldn`t sleep:) She didn`t get mad at me because I`m so cute and cute! I hope we get to go more places soon because it was fun to sit by the window and watch things go by.


Our food is missing...

October 25th 2009 6:32 pm
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Well, tonite mom took all the food away because she said we have to go to the vet to be fixed and so does Cassie. I know we play rough but there isn`t anything broken so I don`t know why we need fixing. Me and Cass have been trying to get mom to give us food by walking over her thing that she makes words with but she just puts us back on the floor! We get to ride in the car tomorrow but I like the moving house better, it`s more fun.


Home again..

October 26th 2009 6:56 pm
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Well, that trip was not at all fun. First we couldn`t eat then we got our tummies shaved and went for a nap. I was well behaved and didn`t give anyone a hard time but Cassie was not good she was hissing and spitting at everyone! I bet they were glad when she went for a nap. We both woke up and our tummies are sore. I was glad to get home and get food because I was really hungry then I explored the house and cleaned off dads desk for him. Now I think I`ll take another nap, I`m worn out!

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