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Still purring for Pigeon who is still missing

August 28th 2010 7:36 am
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I am so sad for you Pigeon and your mommy. We all miss you very much and are all purring for your safe return. The angels are looking for you my friend. Wherever you are I hope you are safe. Your mommy is frantic and so worried about you. We love you Pigeon and hope you find your way home soon.


Possible Pigeon sighting

August 30th 2010 2:58 pm
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My momcat talked to Pigeon's momcat a few minutes ago. Her neighbor thinks she saw Pigeon this morning in her yard. She described him and his puffy eyes. My momcat traps ferals so she explained to Pigeon's momcat how to trap a cat using the trap. Pigeon's momcat has a neighbor with one, she's going to see if she can borrow it. I told her to call a local rescue organization and borrow one. She lives in a wooded area so she may get wild animals, but it's worth a shot to get Pigeon back. Let's all continue to purr and keep our paws crossed for Pigeon, he is still out there.


Pigeon's home it's pawty time

September 2nd 2010 3:42 pm
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I've been on a cuppycake strike since Pigeon went missing. We are going to have one big pawty with lots of cuppycakes tonight because Pigeon is home where he belongs. Those yummy cakes are baking and I can smell them now my friends. It's pawty time in Vegas. What a great day it is, Pigeon is home and I get lots of those yummy cuppycakes. Wish everyfur could join me.


A wonderful day

September 7th 2010 5:53 pm
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This morning my day started off so nice. It started raining here. It was cool enough so my mommy opened up the front door. We got to watch it rain and smell the air. It is such a nice fresh smell when it rains. It rained for 2 hours, that's alot of rain for the desert. It helped cool the air and it was very nice to watch. Then of course it went away and the sun came back. It has been a lazy and restful day.


Pawsome gifts today from my buddy Tate

September 10th 2010 7:25 pm
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I was just chillaxing this afternoon watching momcat get ready to go to that work place. When she went outside to get the mail and there was a package for me, it even had my name on it. I couldn't believe it. I helped her open it and there inside was two kewl home made catnip pillows. One was blue with kewl cats on it and the other was pink with cuppycakes all over it. After I smelled it I kicked it around for a while. My fur sibs also have been playing with them. My momcat took some kewl pictures which she will download next week. Wait to see how kewl the pillows are. Thank you so much my friend, Tate. What a pawsome gift it is. I love them and you so much.


Kitties in need of Food and help

September 20th 2010 2:42 pm
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My friends there are a family of kitties that really need our help. Their mommy is having a hard time and can not buy her kitties food. Her name is CaliMay and her ID # 229389. Please visit her page and read the third diary down that says need food help. She lives in Delaware. If anybody can help her or know of an organization that can help her please let her know. A couple of her kitties are special needs and one kitty needs to be fixed still. She does not want to turn them into a shelter. Thank you my friends.


Boyz Night Out

September 29th 2010 4:05 pm
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That's right my friends we are going to have another boyz night out on the town. We are going to celebrate Tate's upcoming 6th birthday. He's getting his hummer all waxed and ready to roll. I'm going to bring some yummy cupcakes and niptinis. We are going to rock and have a pawsome time. Who's up to join us? Last time we went it was furtastic, I can't wait to do it again, more pawsome memories.


Fall is finally here

October 7th 2010 12:32 am
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Fall has finally arrived in the desert. It went from hot to cold in a matter of days. I still sit by the window and sliding glass door to soak up the sun. I like this time of year because my momcat opens the front door more, I love to watch the birdies and smell the fresh air. I was so happy today, I got to sit by the door for a couple of hours. Of course I have to share with my fursibs, but that's okay there's plenty of room for us to lay down and watch those birdies. My momcat gave us a couple of new mice to play with so I'm exhausted from all that playing. It's time to curl up and take a nice long cat nap.


The day after boyz nite out

October 16th 2010 9:50 am
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My furbros, Rex, Max, Simba and I just got home in the jalopy my friends. I'm going to sleep the day and the night away. I think I passed out for a while in the hummer, I don't remember much especially Tate getting shaved. I had too many niptinis and catweisers last night. The hummer was full of mancats pawtying the night away in Atlantic City. Max looks green and Simba doesn't look too well either. Rex slept the whole way back in the jalopy and he is crashed already. Thank you Tate and all you mancats for the pawsome time last night. I had a great time. I hope all of you had a furtastic night.


A new girl kitty in my house

October 20th 2010 2:54 am
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My momcat went outside to get the mail and she saw a stray kitty in the empty house next to ours. She walked over and reached over the fence and the kitty tried to jump in her hands. My momcat walked around the fence and the kitty followed her. My momcat picked her up and brought her into our house. I only saw her for a minute, she put her in a cage in her finished garage where her daughter is staying. Her daughter took the kitty to a vet and they said she had no microchip and was about 6 months old and she is in heat. She is a brown tabby with the circular stripes, very exotic looking and she has 6 toes on her front paws. She is very pretty. My momcat is taking her to get fixed on Monday and get an e collar and get checked for FIV/FELV. My momcat really doesn't want another cat, she may put her up for adoption on catster. On Monday when she returns from the vet my momcat said she is going to put her in a cage in our front room. I have to wait until then to meet her.
I hope she is a nice kitty and likes us. I don't know how I feel about another sisfur. I'm not very happy about this.

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