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I'm Cat of the Day! September 18th, 2009

September 18th 2009 9:37 am
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Wow! Thank you Catster for making me Cat of the Day! My meowmy just told me after she read her e-mail. We can't believe it since we're so new to Catster. We really love it here. We've made so many new furiends and love reading about all their heartwarming stories. Some of them even make my meowmy cry. She is such a sap! Thank you to all the wonderful kitties who sent me paw mail, gifts and furiend requests. We love and thank each and every one of you! You are so special to us! My meowmy said she will thank everyone personally for me. Thank you again! Yippee!!


Veterans Day 2009

November 11th 2009 8:51 pm
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Today we would like to thank all the veterans in our Armed Forces who serve our country and keep freedom alive. We honor you today and every day.



I'm A Finalist!

November 19th 2009 12:53 pm
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Yippee! My mommy just told me that I'm a finalist in this year's World's Coolest Dog & Cat Show in the Funny Face catagory! I can't believe it! My mommy was very surprised when she saw my silly little face there as one of the finalists. This is my first year on Catster and my mommy thought it would be fun to enter the contest. She certainly didn't think we would be a finalist so we are doing the happy dance here! Thank you to everyone who voted for my photo! Concatulations to all the finalists! We had fun voting for everyone and looking at all the fabulous entries. Good luck to everyone!



I'm 2 yrs. old today!

November 23rd 2009 8:42 am
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Yippee! It's my birthday today! I'm a big boy at 2 yrs. old! My mommy got up this morning and told me the good news. She's also been showering me with hugs and kisses! She told me she has a fun day planned with some surprises. I wonder what they could be! I'm so excited! Thanks to all my furiends who have sent me birthday wishes and gifts. You all mean so much to me! Thanks everyfur!
Hugs and purrs!


Thank you to everyfur!

November 23rd 2009 6:44 pm
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Wow! What a day it has been! First my mommy told me I turned 2yrs. old today! I'm 2! Then I had such a wonderful day! Mommy gave me extra tuna and treats all day! Yippee! I must be a good boy! The neighborhood cat we call "Double Dipper" came by and I got to play with him(well sort of!). Mommy also gave me some new toys to play with. I now have a really cool crinkle tunnel to run and hide in! Too cool! I also have a funny 'cat in the bag' toy! Mommy turned it on and it shakes and rolls everywhere! At first I was a little scared but then I thought I would check it out! I'm not going to let a funny bag scare me so now I pounce and play with it! Thanks mommy!

I also received so many wonderful messages and gifts from all my furiends. I am such a lucky kitty to have so many Catster and Dogster pals! What more could a cat want! I want to thank everyfur who sent me birthday wishes,treats and gifts!

Thank you to:

Birthday and Gotcha Club for my party hat!
The Friends of Blind Cat Rescue for my birthday wishes!
Love of Pups n Cats for a Happy Meowday photo!
The entire Bush fur family for such wonderful birthday wishes!
Lola for a beautiful red rose and a birthday cake! Such a sweet face!
Izzi for my party hat! A very pretty girl!
Wally Wallster and family Bella Logosi & Kewpie Doll for a really yummy chocolate cupcake! Sweet furs!
Sunny for my party hat! So glad you're my furiend!
The fur family of Grace,Casey,Leo and Frankie for my very tasty shrimp! I love them all!
The entire family of Lilly-Rose, Chandler Ray,Tweety,Cally,Toby and angels Wyatt,Sammy and Aragorn for a very beautiful 'Happy 2nd Birthday' photo! Wow! Such a surprise from a beautiful family!
The wonderful family of Edgar, Emily Felicity, Gabby and Lucy for a yummy cupcake! A sweet treat from such a sweet family!
And finally Catser for all the treats and birthday wishes! Thank you Catster!

You all made my birthday so special and I thank you very much!
Hugs and purrs to all!



Happy Thanksgiving!

November 26th 2009 12:37 pm
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Today we would like to wish all of our furiends and their families a wonderful Thanksgiving! There is much to be thankful for and I am especially thankful I have a furever home where I am loved unconditionally every day! Thank you mommy and daddy for loving me, feeding me and giving me a warm place to sleep each and every day! I know there are hundreds of doggies and kitties waiting to find their furever homes and my wish for them is that they will one day know what the true meaning of a loving home is. Thank you to all the shelters and their volunteers across the country who take such wonderful care of us until that day comes.
Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless to all!



1yr Anniversary of my Gotcha Day!

November 30th 2009 5:24 pm
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Yippee! Today is the 1yr anniversary of my Gotcha Day! It's been quite a week! Last week was my 2nd birthday and now my Gotcha Day anniversary! I am so thankful I now have my furever home! Thank you mommy for adopting me from Animal Care and Control. I know there were so many kitties to choose from that day and I am so happy you picked me! I love you!

Any thank you to all my wonderful furiends who sent me gifts and messages of love! You all mean so much to me!

Thank you to:
The Birthday & Gotcha Club for sending a mouse for my page!
Love of Pups and Purrs for a wonderful message!
The entire family of Holly, Cosmo and Molly for another beautiful message! I love my game buddies!
The family of Mia, Milo, Zena Princess, and Queen Tallulah for a very yummy cupcake! Happy 7th Birthday to Mia! You are all so sweet!

Hugs and purrs to all!


I've Been Tagged!

December 1st 2009 2:40 pm
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I've been tagged by my sweet pal Izzi to play the "Get to Know Your Pals" diary tag! I will answer 10 questions that tell a little bit about me and list 6 furiends to play! Have fun everyfur!

1. What is the color of your collar?
Red with green, white and yellow confetti design

2. What kind of food do you like?
Whatever mommy is eating.

3. What are your favorite treats?
Trader Joe's tuna for cats

4. Do you have a Valentine or significant other?
My mommy...she was born on Valentine's Day!

5. Do you get table scraps?
Sometimes mommy slips me a little.

6. What is your favorite toy?
Laser light toy

7. What is your birthday?
November 23, 2007

8. How many times a day do you eat?
Whenever I want to!

9. Do you have a favorite color?
Brown...I'm a brown tabby!

10. Do you hope all your pals put this in their diary?
I hope so but I would understand.

I am tagging my furiends...
Wally Wallster
Tweety McGee
Oreo Wesley Bush
Cleopatra Grace


Funny Face Winner!

December 17th 2009 9:07 am
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Wow! I can't believe it! Mommy just told me that I'm the winner of the Funny Face catagory in the World's Coolest Cat Show! I'm meowless! Mommy thought it would be fun to enter some pictures but really didn't think we had much of a chance with all the spectacular photos that were submitted by so many pawrents. When I became one of the five finalists in the Funny Face catagory we were completely surprised. Now I am chosen as the winner! Yippee! Thank you so much to Catster and all the judges who thought I was worthy of such an honor. And we would like to send our concats to all the other winners. There were some really beautiful photos and it must have been very hard to make the final decisions. A very special concats goes to the Best of Show winner 'Good Girl' Lola who was also the winner of the Captivated Cat catagory. What a fitting tribute to a very beautiful girl and we will all miss her. We would also like to send our thanks to all the furs who have sent e-mails or gifts. Thank you very much for all your kind comments and praises. We love you all!

Simon aka 'Funny Face'


Thank You To All My Furiends!

December 20th 2009 9:20 pm
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Thank you so much to everyfur who has sent me rosettes, special gifts, comments, furiend requests, and pawmails to help me celebrate being named the 2009 winner of the Funny Face catagory in the World's Coolest contest!! I've never been a celebrity before and I'm still getting used to all the attention. You have all helped to make this such a wonderful honor. I want to congratulate all the other winners in their catagories and especially Good Girl Lola for winning Best in Show! What a pawsome girl who we all miss! Thank you Catster for the gift of zealies and a PLUS membership. We are new to Catster and mommy was going to give us a PLUS membership for Christmas. Santa came a little early! The zealies helped us to send our personal concats to all the winners! Yippee!
I'd like to personally thank everyfur for their gifts and kind words. You all mean so much to me and I hope I don't leave anyone out! Please forgive me if I do as there were a lot and I'm not known for my organization.

Thank you:
Earth from the Texas Wild Bunch(there are a bunch!)
Crown from Spunky(found a furever home!)
Snowman from Hazel Lucy(mommy says she'll get me a HL blanket someday)
Jingle Bells from Ollie Popoki
Jingle Bells from 'Good Girl' Lola who was Best in Show and Captivated Cat winner!(need I say more?)
Christmas stocking from Thomas Jefferson
Blue Ribbon from Colorado who was the Crazy Tail winner!
Blue Ribbon from sweet face doggie Lola(such a good furiend)
Blue Ribbon from my very favorite toy poodle Sunny!
Trophy from the family of Princess, Queenie & Puff(Rainbow Bridge)
Thank you for all the wonderful comments and pmails! To Pigeon, Soc Paws and KitKat for all your kind words! Each and everyfur means so much to me!

We wish everyfur a very Merry Christmas and may your stockings be filled with toys and treats! Have a very Happy and Healthy 2010!

Simon aka 'Funny Face'

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