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Spit Fire's Roars & Meows

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It is offical...

August 18th 2009 7:55 pm
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It is offical, Sweetie and I have a new home. I am staying right here at my foster home...furever!
I am okay with that. I am not to thrilled about the dogs. The little one is pushy, smelly and loud. The old one doesn't seem too bad. She seems to like to play with Sweetie so I just stay out the way.
Kira ignores me and I haven't even seen Klemy. Sweetie and I are only allowed to play upstairs for now. We have to wait till we get all our shots and Sophie Bean is all better.
Soon enough the house will be mine and I shall climb on all the silk trees, pounce on anything that is shiny or round. I will climb on all the cat condos, nap on Mommy & Daddy's bed. Lay in sunbeams while safe from the dangers of the outside world. Yep, I think this will work out.
I would like to add that being the the second male in the house, Daddy and I shall take over as Alphas!


August 20th 2009 5:57 am
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As the second male in command in this house I must roar that this is not a bad gig. Sweetie and I have gone from staying in the guest bedroom to having the whole upstairs while Mommy is home. Do you know what is keeping us upstairs? A flimsy baby gate with a piece of plexi glass behind it. Okay that and a big scary drool poop machine dog on the other side of the baby gate. I know it’s name is Sophie, but I have renamed it Cujo Junior. Sweetie & I haven’t really tried to get over the baby gate. I tried once but it fell down and scared me, so I am pretty happy where I am…for now.
Sassy & Ninja are now across the street so it is just me & Sweetie with all the toys to our selves. No matter how many toys or Tootsie Roll wrappers I have, wrestling with Sweetie is my favorite thing to do.


Getting better every day...

August 21st 2009 5:01 am
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I have come a long way baby. I was once scared & aggressive, now I am enjoying belly rubs and ear scratches. I am not completely comfortable with being held for more then 10 seconds, but if you want to pet me while I am on the floor then I will purr away for you.
I am getting a little more used to the poop machine. She tends to be a little pushy, so I do my famous hiss and spit at her. Mommy keeps her on a leash and will continue to do that until she learns her manners. I am learning my name and love wrestling with my sister Sweetie. Life is much better indoors.


Perfectly happy...

August 23rd 2009 7:13 pm
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Go ahead, hold me, pet me, love me. I am all for it. Hard to believe I am the same kitten that attacked my Daddy, hid under the bed full of fear. Now I come running with my tail held high, my purr turned up and demanding to be loved. Yep, I am going be an affection baby. Me and Sweetie are always fighting to see which one of us can get the most love. Thank goodness our human has 2 hands, one for each of us.


The horror of it all...

September 13th 2009 9:18 am
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Today Mommy fooled me by calling me for a treat. Next thing you know, I am in a crate going to the vets to have my manhood removed. I am not happy, neither is Sweetie who is also having an operation. Okay Mommy, you fooled me once, you will not fool me twice!


A note from a fish...

November 18th 2009 5:52 am
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I awoke to a note from Jeffie the fish propped up against my cat toy. It read…

To Spitz,
I thought we were friends. I once enjoyed our daily meetings at the fish bowl for gossip and giggles. I was happy we have beaten all those stereotypes about cats only liking fish in their food bowls. I enjoyed having a best friend. Little did I know that all this time you were plotting and planning my murder. All those times you put your paw in my bowl I thought you were trying to pet me, but no! I now know you were trying to scoop me out and kill me. All those times you stuck your tongue in my bowl I thought you were trying to kiss me, but no! You were trying to eat me. Once those murder attempts failed you got sloppy in your cold blooded killing attempts and did not think things through when you pushed my water bowl off the counter and into the garbage can. Didn’t you know that Daddy would come running once he heard the noise of my bowl chasing to the floor? Didn’t you know that Daddy had just empty the garbage so when I fell into the fresh garbage bag it held some of my water which saved me from a cruel death of suffocation? You are not the nice kitty cat I thought you were. I no longer call you friend. Now I know why the dog chases you all the time. I am very disappointed in you! No more fishy kisses for you!
Disappointed in the fish bowl,


Just for fun...

December 1st 2009 5:58 am
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Want to know how to completely freak out your human?
Take one fish bowl with one fish.
Meow at the fishy to hide amongst his tank décor.
Sit next to the fish bowl with a smirk on your face when human walks by.
For added drama burp and lick your paw.
Watch human freak out and shove her hand in bowl frantically searching for tiny fish.
Yep, Good Times!


Dear Santa Claws...

December 13th 2009 6:46 am
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Dear Santa Claws,
I have been a very good kitten. I know things didn’t start out too nice with the hissing, spitting and the brutal attack on Daddy’s finger but I have changed. I am now the biggest cuddle bug you have ever met. I make sure to snuggle Mommy often and I happy paw at her face in between kisses. I cuddle on Daddy’s lap and keep him warm while he watches football, wrestle with Sophie, give Kira kisses and clean Sweetie’s face whenever we are snuggling. I have almost won over Klemy Q-Tip. Yesterday she actually wanted to play with me instead of kill me. That is huge! Come visit me on Christmas Eve and I will show you just how sweet I really am.
I was wondering if you could bring me a new bed for Christmas. Me, Sweetie and Kira like to snuggle and would enjoy some cushy for our tushies. Maybe one of those beds with the rims so we don’t fall off. Could you also bring a new throw rug for our entry way to replace the one Kira chewed up? She is really sorry she ruined the rug but she could not resist when she found some thread dangling from the end of the rug. Kira is destructive, but she is the nicest and most beautiful cat I have ever known so please bring the rug so Mommy is not mad at her anymore. Can you also bring a big economy size box of Q-Tips for Klemy? She really enjoys them and it seems to be the only thing she really loves to play with.
I was also wondering if you could leave food for all the animals without homes on Christmas Eve night. I know what it is like to be outside, hungry, scared and with no human to call my own.
Thank you very much Santa Claws. Have a safe trip. Give the reindeers all a nose nuzzles from me.
Yours truly,
Spit Fire


Krazy Klemy...

January 3rd 2010 8:53 am
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My sister Klemy Q-Tip is losing her feline mind. Her hatred for the puppy is pushing her over the edge. Her assassination attempts on the puppy failed, now she is trying to form an army to rid all dogs from homes where cats live. Maybe I should contact somebody about her behavior, maybe she needs to be on medication. I happen to like the puppy we call Suzie Lucy Bells. Sure she can be a bit much, she barks loudly, she tends to slobber when she kisses and she leaves a film in the water dishes but I still think she is sweet. I bet she will be a good friend to have. I am not too happy about her eating some of mine and Sweetie’s toys, but we have enough to share.


I am in trouble...

January 8th 2010 4:37 am
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I am in very big trouble. I did something very naughty. Mommy saw me tinkle on the dog bed last night. Klemy Q-Tip made me do it. Now the mystery is solved on who has been tinkling on the dog beds. Klemy promised me the puppy, Suzie, would get the blame, and she did for a few days, but then Mommy witnessed me on the dog bed then Sophie Bean made a big deal about it and got me in trouble.
That Sophie Bean is a tattle tale. Suzie snuck over the garden fence last night and Sophie Bean started barking and got her in trouble too.
That Sophie Bean is getting everybody in trouble.

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