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Meowings of My Life...Or..How This Butterscotch See's It

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My First Enrty..How Pawsome !!!

May 25th 2012 2:27 pm
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I've been a member for over two years and this is my first entry...well, in all fairness we didn't always have access to the net..and now we do and Mewm has this tool called a lap top, but I'm not sure about putting that big thing on top of me!!! so Meowm just said then that she will set it up on the coffee table and let me go nuts here for awhile since it is my first entry and all.

Now, first things first..Hi to every one who is reading this and if you want to become furiends with me that would be great as I don's have very many compared to the other members of my furmily. Meowm and I are going to be fixing up my page so it will be like a construction site...oh cool, what ever that is like!!! All I know is more of my pictures can go up and I can tell you all about my life and musings of the life of a petite girl living in the shadows of other kitties in this furmily.

Since I'm older I can also help out in creating Neiko's page too....what's that Meowm?....oh, Meowm just said that Neiko isn't even on Catster yet and that she and Meowm will be working toghter on her page...whatever..I guess fair is fair...anyway Neiko will be added and announced this weekend or early next week...she's younm
ger than I am is all I'm allowed to say.

So I guess that will be all for now...

MEOW Til Later
Bailey, Meowmy's little Butterscotch


I Met a handsome Boy Today

September 17th 2012 12:28 pm
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We were going through our pages and found out that Bijou is COTW in the Kitties Club group..shares this honor with Tigger!!! If I am not in this group yet, will be very soon!!! Must join up!!!

Today I also met a most handsome boy, Preston Sunny Paws. I hope he becomes my furiend, we are the same age, "giggles"...I also need to update my photos...there still my baby pictures and I definetly am not a baby anymore..even though Meowmy still thinks I am....MOL



Meowy Standing Up For Us Babies..Yeah!!!

October 3rd 2012 10:20 am
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Well the long and short of this is: new propery managers have taken over the care and upkeep of the propertis which is one we live at. Meowmy has been really worried and scared about it and didn't share how she felt about it, but was trying to figure out how she was going to manage telling them she has four cats, not two like a few years ago. So Meowmy talked wif a furiend of hers and they said that when an inspection was being done, she could hide two kibbies at the furiends house..ok, sounds good to her...then this morning one of the guys from head office shows up at the door without the 24 hour advance notice which is legislative law in Manitoba!! He sees us kibbies, except for me, I was hiding, cuz I was scared of him!! So they talk and Meowmy finds out that she can only have ONE animal, according to them!!! Meowmy said SHE WAS NOT GETTING RID OF ANY OF US, IF SHE HAD TO, WE WOULD BE HIDING OUT AT A FURINEDS HOUSE WHENEVER SOMEONE CAME OVER, USING THE 24 LAW!! Meowmy explained we are all she has in life for a furmily and we don't destroy the property like the human kids do with holes in the wall and smashed heaters!! So the man said this is what they are going to do, since we are already there: Meowmy has to sign a paper saying she will not get anymore animals of any kind..the only way she can is when the last surviving pet has gone and she has no more pets...this is fine with Meowmy as she can't afford another pet and we have been bringing in strays to the Neepawa Vet Clinic for adoption anyway!!

So, to say the least, Meowmy is relieved beyond words as she could never pick and choose which one to keep and which one to let go..has anyone else ever gone through this? Like really, how can people be forced or be put into a situation not created by them, where they must choose. Meowmy just said NO WAY was she getting rid of any of us!!!

Meowmzies!! Think Meowmy loves us more...or do we love and adore our Meowmy more? Who knows!!! We are furmily and staying that way!!! We live in forever homes and get to come and play and also to share wif our furineds here on is good!!! Meowmy just has to get rid of that tight feeling in her chest she has been having on account of worries over us kibbies...I know just how to do it..Friday will have to update his diary and thank Catster and furiends for allowing him to be once again a DDP and for the well wishes and gifts, better get off and let Friday have a go....

KIbbies Winks


oohh..snow is that mean it cold?

November 13th 2012 2:32 pm
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I like to wasch owschide wurld furm windoo an u no wat I sau? lots of wite stuf coming don furm da it wuz bloowg rundd too! Meowmy say it ez cul , her I schpel da wurd fur u "snow"...hehehe..i hab ben pactezg to schpel it fur u!! Meowmy poot awwn mur stuff to keep wurm..sum snoo com en to da haus furm hrr ez culd to da tusch *giggles*..i poot mi noz to it!! duz dat meen snoo ez culled owwtsid?



December 18th 2012 9:31 am
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I's never been to a pawty fur!! I has a bath and smell nice and shiny and my fur is gleaming and I even had a glaze job done, too..MOL!!

Meowmy made me a new red and white hat and scarf to go wif my red winter boots and mitts...I's almost ready to leave...hmmm...prezzies needs to go in the sack my Pawpaw friday is gonna carry cuz he is big and strong!! I am gonna bring music and help wif the treats and drinks...Meowmy help me wif this..*Meowmy places the collar of bells around Bailey's neck*

Aww..Meowmy dis sure looks nice on me and listen...*shakes her head to make the balls tinkle*....heheh they sound sooo purrty too!!

I hopes loads show up and we make new furiends,too!! its Chrittmas time and we need to have peace and joy in our lives today more than ever before!!!

If I could hug the entire world and let them know the peace I want the world to have I would engulf them into my paws and hold them close to me and whisper to all:

Merry Chrittmas and joyful peace to grandpaw Buddy, who is an Angel at the Bridge came and taught me the feeling of peace all angels have at the Bridge and I want to share this wif everyfur..but don't know if they will feel what I feel wif my angels help....

So all I can do is purr and say it out loud: "Merry Pawlidays and Peace to all of our wonnerfur furiends!!! we luv all of you"


January 2nd 2013 9:05 am
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I haven't written furry much in my diary..I seem to be the "quiet one" in this furmily..MOL!! But rally I am not dat quiet..I likes to play and has lotsa fun wif my baby sisfur Neiko!..Yup..we flip each other over and over *giggles* it's lotsa fun!! and we rn and chase each offur up and down da stairs..and we plays hide and seek down in da basement..we live in a big house and its a good fing..cuz me and Neiko needs all dis room to play in..MOL!!
Santa Claws musta figured I has been a good gurl, cuz my stocking was full dis year!! sure wuz!! i gots toys and blankie and a collar like Neiko did, but mine is is a purrty color..don't you tink?
I am an Admin at Orange Kitties Rock along wif my Papa Friday and Grandp Buddy and it's loads of fun..I wants to play wif lots of kibbies and we are still working on the clubhouse and our furiend, Angel Yoda who is pawsome and also an Admin there, has put out the call for kibbies to make suggestions or what have you..dis group is a wonnerfur group!! If you are a member and haven't been der fur a while or a long time..pawese come on back and check it out!! it you are an orangie and are just learning bout us, come on over and get ahold of one of us Admins and we'll send you an invite..Orange kitties Rock is a pawsome place to be..and it is only gonna get even better as the year come on over and have some orangies we love all kibbies on Catster and show dem the love and respect..we encourage a kibbie and let dem know we care..we make furiends wif offur kibbies at Catsterland...we just lub to show our true orange color and live by it..MOL!!!
I belongs wif offur group too and dis year I am gonna have tons of fun wif dem..YUP!! dis year Bailey is gonna shine!!! I not too shy..*giggles* but I sure likes to make furiends and have tons of keep a look out fur me..cuz I am gonna come and have fun wif you!!!


Having Fun!!..YUP`!!..Let's Go Gurls

January 25th 2013 9:39 am
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It sure has been cold outside lately and all I wanna do is have some fun!! I’m one of da gurls who just luvs Cyndi Lypur’s song, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”. Yup!! Dis is fur shur me, *giggles* wants a gurl like me gonna do? Why, I tell you a fun secret, *whispers*, shhhhs…you gots to make your fun!! my best place to lay down and tink bout stuff like dis is on top o’ da stand up freezer. Plus its furry warm napping and laying down up dere and no one bugs me, eifur!!..So I’m laying up der and tinking and wagging my tails and it comes to me alla at once!! YUP!! Bailey gots a great idea…it’s like da “balb” went off..and I sat up quick like and said, YUP I’m gonna go and try it out!!..
I jumped down and went into da livingroom where Meomy was wif Bijou and Friday..I said “hello” to dem and den I sat on my bum and cleaned my toes and feeties…now Meowmy had just finished washing da flur all up and it shur was nice and shiny!! Smelt goots to..MOL!! Friday was purrlaying wif his toys and I wanted in on da action, too..and we batted a ball around and it took off on us..and den I member somfin!! I can run after da ball..and dis is just what I did..cept it was more fun..cuz da flurr was slippery and I went sliding down da hall and landed on my side by da bedroom..well da ball went flying into dat room and ended up under da bed!!....I was ok!!..I got up quick like and went under dere to get dat ball and I batted it back and it bounced off da hallway wall and hit me on da nose!!..Hmmm..I sneezed and shook my head and hit dat ball hard and it went back into da livingroom…
I wish I coulda taken a picshur of Meowmy’s face!!..everyfing happened soo fast..furst her jaw dropped and den she was laughing really hard. Meowmy said I had skates on..MOL!!!...well, I didn’t fink of dat!! Allla I wanted was to have fun!! And it shur turned into a ton of fun on a cold wintery alla dis snow and ice stays outside..I has my own skating rink right in da house!! Come on and skate and purrlay wif me at my house alla my friends..Meowmy will make us hot cocoa….*giggles*..we have tons of it and we can snack on dem tuna cookies, too….aww..we gonna have sooo musch fun!!


Come on Over Ta My House and Purrlay Wif Me...

January 30th 2013 10:00 am
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It sure has been nice out the last couple of days and I got to have lots of friends over for skating pawties!!..We even played outside in the snow and we made a snow is a furry fun place!! Now the weather is suppose to change for a couple of days..cold again..but this is Canada!! So I am inviting my friends to come on over and we can go skating in my hall..I did this a few days ago and it is furry fun indeed!!
I need to go for now…I am gonna help my Meowmy sort material..”Hey Meowmy can I have dat piece fur my next quilty?”


My First Honor at Catsterland...THANK YOU!!!

February 5th 2013 9:02 pm
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Wowzies!! I was da Diary of The Day on Saturday, Feb. 2/13..unfortunately we missed it...awww...but I sure got lots of prezzies to help decorate my page!! Thank you!!! I said afore - dis is my furst honor here!! It sure was nice, too!! I want to say thank you to all who sent gifties!

Tiger, Tiny and Beauty gave me a bewtifur Red Rose

Casey gave me a tastey shrimp..yummy

Morris, Patches and furmily gave me a big Red Heart

Jasper gave me a Blue Ribbon

Bondi, Felix,Fanny and Crew gave me a Pink Ribbon

Smiley Cassanova gave me a Pink Ribbon

Jason Hopper gave me a Pink Ribbon

Milo, Mallee, Smokey Joe, Timmy, Ziggy, Rhett and Crew gave me a Trophy

A bewtifur picshure was made fur me and my Meowmy..she luvs these keepsakes soo much!!

Thank you all for my prezzies once again and fur all who reads my diary and comments and fur my wonnerfur furiends coming on over to my house to play wif me..we sure are having loads of fun!! So come on over!!!


OH WOW!!!..I Was A Daily Diary Pick Today!!

February 8th 2013 6:11 pm
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I sure was surprised!!!..and, oh so happy!! YUP!! dis is fur shur!!..two honors in a short period of time..I am truly blessed indeed!! Tank you soooo musch Diary Girl fur reading up on my diary and caring enuf to choose my diary for ofurs to take a look at and read!!

I wud like to tank da fallohin furiends fur der pawsome. bewtifur gifties:

Jamison and his Meowmy made me a bewifur keepsake picshur..see? Purrty!

Platelicker gave me a wonnerfur bewtifur Fleur De Lis

Tiger, Tiny and Beauty gave big a big kiss..see da lips on my cheek?

Milo, Mallee, Smokey Joe,Timmy, Rhett, Ziggy and Crew gave me Candy Hearts!!..valentine candies..

yeah and I's gonna share wif my furiends when you come over and purrlay wif me...hmmm..I can come to your house to purrrlay wif you to?

I had a wonnerfur day!! tank you to Angel Buddy for da telegram and also to Smiley Cassanova..him sent me one too..YUP!!!

I got to go over and purrlay wif Bootbox..its nice and warm in snow eiffur!!..we climbed trees and chased birds and rabbits and I laughed furry hard at dem squirrels..des is sooo funny!! MOL!! you effur see dem squirrels chase each offur? boy dem go furry fast!!YUP!!..Zippidy doo..woo woo woo No!! don't tink I can catch dem..can you?..MOL

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