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I'm a finalist!

November 18th 2010 7:36 pm
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Last year it was my sister Sweet-Pea that made the finals! This is my year! I'm so excited! Thanks to all who voted for me & who continue to vote!



December 16th 2010 5:08 pm
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I've been getting paw-mails saying I won my category in the Catster Contest! I'm so excited & honored! Just to think that me & my siblings were once all just strays! Now, even though we are outside kitties, we have a home where we are loved and cared for. Our human mom makes sure we have a warm place to stay on cold nights & we get good food to eat so our tummy are full always. We get brushed daily to make sure we don't get many hairballs. And now I find out I won my category in the Catster Contest! I feel so honored!


I Feel so Honored!

December 26th 2010 8:57 am
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OMC! Imagine my surprise when my human mom told me I was Cat of the Day! Thanks to those of you pals that sent me gifts. Mom said I was gonna get a bowl of venison for supper to help me celebrate. In fact all us kitties will be getting venison mixed in with our kibble Yummy! The 'Yard Warden' probably won't be too happy to hear that! She's that little fat black canine that lives here. She thinks all the venison belongs to her alone! Oh, but at least she's not as bad as that footlong canine that came to live here-she is so annoying, always trying to boss us cats around! We just ignore her!

Anypurrs, I'm getting venison for supper--YAY!


Dog's Riding Bikes--Now I've seen it all!

December 27th 2010 7:47 pm
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That's right Purrs--our 2 tubby canines were photographed riding bikes! MOL! I seen it with own eyes! first our human put the The Warden (Ebony) on the bike & took her picture. Then she put ole' Footlong (Ceeley) on the bike & photographed her! MOL! Oh how I meowed my head off! She'd never be able to get me to sit still for such nonsense! I'm a cat & I've got my pride!


Warm & Toasty

January 12th 2011 9:56 pm
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The last 2 nights have been cold here in San Antonio! Last night it dropped down into the 20's and for us outside kitties, that is cold! We do have a little house outside with lots of blankets but our human mom was concerned that we would still be cold. Our little house is located on the front porch next to an outside outlet. This gave mom an idea. She has this old electric throw blanket that she never uses. She placed the throw on top of the blankets that are in our house & then took another old thick blanket & placed it on top of throw so if we claw into the blanket we won't get electricuted. During the day when she's at work she disconnects the throw. Me & my sisters, Raven, Sweet-Pea & Sunshine, feel like we's in kitty-heaven!


In your eye Footlong!

January 22nd 2011 11:03 am
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Hee, hee, hee...ole Footlong (Ceeley), the mile long canine that lives here is just seething with jealousy! My diary was a diary pick recently & she just can't handle it! MOL! Thanks to all you purrs that sent me paw-mails, comments & gifts. I really appreciate it.


Watch our crazy Christmas video!

November 22nd 2011 1:21 pm
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It ain't right, it just ain't right!!! Our crazy human Mom is off her rocker! Look at what she's done! She's gone & made a video of all us cats!

Meowy Christmas Video

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