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Recognition, at last!

December 23rd 2004 6:08 pm
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Wowwee Meowie!!! Here I am! Mom got a new camera today and she took some pics of me! Ain't I sumpin'? Mom tried real hard to get some better pics of me, but she was gone to town most of the day and I was just so very glad to see her that I just couldn't sit still!!! Maybe that is why she calls me Dancin' Girl.
I am Mawsie's little unwanted sister. Mom thinks I am darling, even if Mawse doesn't!
I love to visit with Mom when she does her computer thing...she is hilarious as she gets pretty wild when I dance all over the keyboard thingy! Silly Mom!
I sure like being a member of a family that lives indoors. Pretty cool! And I have toys and a box of my very own and food and fresh water and it is so-ooo warm in, life is good!!
Thank you for taking the time to see me. I love people so much! I just get so excited about everything that I have to do a little tap dance! In fact, I like the cha-cha a lot too!!
Meowry Christmas!



December 24th 2004 5:21 am
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Dang, but I wanted to sleep on Mom's bed last night. I kept going in there and nosing around...purring my little soft purr...and that mean big Mawse did the low (I hate you) growl in her throat every time. So, I ended up on her favorite chair instead. Mean, fat cat!
I get so darn lonely at night. No one is there to assure me that I am as cute as can be. No one to pet me...gads it is lonely at night. I don't know why humans need to sleep like that all night. It isn't a good idea anyway. I used to live outdoors and the Last thing you want to do is sleep all night....there are boogeycats out there!!! And they will get you! I have a small scar on my ear to prove it!
I was so-ooo glad when Mom got up at 5 A.M. She usually sleeps so much longer. I did my little 'happy to see you' dance while she made the coffee. Rolled around on the floor and tried to catch her feet so she would pet me. I sat with her in the girls room while she used her litter box and told her how lonely I was all night. She's a good girl...she has never missed using the cat box...just like me!!!
I felt a little bit dumb this morning. She came up to use the computer and I was laying on the desk, singing and rolling around....all of a sudden I landed on the floor, nearly busted my poor little head! I am not sure if she pushed me or what, but there I was! I took off running for the door...scared the fur off of me! I heard her pray tell, what is so funny about a cat busting her little head and losing a bit of her dignity? Tsk!
Well, it looks as though it is time to go back down the stairs to the kitchen. I wonder what kind of treats she has for me? Something yummy, I hope!
Meow till later!


Have a purr-rrrfectly wonderful Christmas!

December 25th 2004 6:43 am
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It is going to be such a wonderful day! My first Christmas and all my wishes have come true!

I have a family!
I am warm!
I have a bowl of food!
I have friends!
A fresh dish of water!
A soft chair to lay on.
And most of all, I have someone to love me!

Merry meowry Christmas!


Equal time...

December 26th 2004 3:16 pm
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Na na nana! Ha ha! Mawsie thought that she was the only one who would get her diary done today, but, Mom's doing mine too! Ha ha!
I had such a nice Christmas...I got two new toys and this wonderful stuff called turkey! No wonder Mawse says she loves turkey! I love it too! I even got more of it today! I hope they have turkey every single day of the year! I don't know why, but my new Dad is gagging already at the thought of another bite of turkey! Maybe he is not as smart as I thought he was!
Yesterday, we had a house full of very short human people. My Mom said she loves to have the grandchildren that what a grandchild is? A really short human? Mom sure got mushy with them...kissing and hugging all day. Then, there were more tall people, some of them boys and some of them girls. I guess the pretty one with blondish red hair is my half sister. I liked her a lot, but was afraid of having all those people in here at once. Mom put me back out in the shop when she saw I was afraid...well, that wasn't very nice! My half sister came out to visit with me several times...I finally consented to leting her pet me. She touches me so softly and sweetly! Yup, I think I will like her for a sister!
I am feeling so very strange. It seems as though all I can do is talk and dance. I mean really, REALLY dance! Mom said she thinks I am in heat. Wonder what 'heat' is? And she says I will need to go to the doctor...what is a doctor? I don't know, but I don't think I am going to like it at all. There was some mention of going for a ride in the truck. Egads...that truck thing is so big and noisy...I don't want to do that either! There's a lot of odd things about being a house, indoor cat...some of them very nice and some of them don't look like they are going to be much fun at all. But, we will see.
I hope your Christmas was just totally purr-fect!


Strangest thing I ever saw....

December 27th 2004 7:10 am
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I just couldn't believe my eyes on Christmas Day! I have to tell you all about it!
When all the big people showed up, there was a lot of confusion and Mom had not yet put me in the shop. (Didn't want to be demoted to the shop again anyway!)
But....there was thing in a long cage. It was all brown and furry and it had a tail....big brown eyes...and a long sloppy tongue! It was real-llly long. I swear it was as long as our couch, almost! It seemed to speak in a foreign language...possibly German would be my guess. When people picked it up, it almost hung to the floor! Weird little critter...really weird! It was pretty dumb too. Seemed like it didn't have a brain in it's head. Looked a lot like those weiner things Mom cooks up for her and Dad. Or maybe sort of like the tootsie rolls in my litter box. Sure don't know what it was. I heard someone say dog. Now we used to have dogs at my other place, but they looked like REAL dogs, not hotdogs!
Boy, the world just seems to get more complicated every day!
Then, I heard someone say something about a Doc Hund. Hm-mmm...Mom said I have to go tp the Doctor...sure hope I don't have to visit with that stupid acting thing!
I really don't want to be mean, so please forgive me...but I am so confused!
I think I like cats much better...even Mawsie who hates my guts.


OH NO....

December 27th 2004 8:47 pm
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Mommie found out today that I am much older than she thought! She called the lady where I used to live and she said that I was born in August of last year.....
I liked it better the other way...I am a lady ya know, and no one should really be discussing my age anyway. I knew how old I was and I much preferred to keep it to myself! Now EVERYBODY knows, cuz it's online for all to see! Oh, tootsie rolls!
Then, she called that doctor fellow today doesn't look too good. I think they are taking me there on Wednesday morning. I wonder where I can hide in this house. If Mawsie were a better friend, I would ask her...but she still just wants to hiss at me! I am scared!
Wonder what "fix" is? I think I am fixed just fine. Mawsie said they will probably give me a shot. She said a shot is when the doctor guy pulls out this great big huge claw and sticks me with it and it hurts! Mawsie is mean to scare me like that. I have never had a shot before or a is time to find a hidey hole!



December 30th 2004 12:24 pm
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Well, I finally got to come back home from getting "fixed". Now, I know what that means and I am not very happy about it! My tummy is so very sore and Mawsie was right...they stick you with this very sharp claw thing...Mom says it is a needle. Man, does that hurt! Then, all of a sudden I was taking an unscheduled nap!
When I woke up, everything on me hurt and I couldn't even stand up right. I slept an awfully long time! Finally, this morning my Mom and Daddy came to get me! I was never so glad to see anyone in my whole life!
I found out also what a Vet is. and now I know what it means....Very Evil Temper! That man is meaner than Mawse is!!! And I think they pronounce doctor wrong too. It should be doc-terror!
I have stitches in my little tummy. The doc-terror told Mom that the stitches will need to come out in ten days and that she could do it or bring me back in. Well, when the doc-terror said Mom could do it, she turned a few colorful shades of green and said, "I don't think so!" So, I suppose I will have to go back to that horrible place again. I just hope they don't ever leave me there again. That place is scary!
I have been getting up on Mommies lap while she is typing this for me....she is giving me so much love. I really appreciate it a lot! She also bought me more kitty treats and some good food that comes in a can! I have never had that stuff before...boy, this indoor cat stuff is getting to be better all the time!
I think she feels really sorry for me. That's okay, 'cuz I do too!
Well, it is time for a bit of a nap. I really didn't think I would ever be tired again after that long sleep, but for some reason, I am getting sleepy again.
Meow for now!


A new year

December 31st 2004 2:13 pm
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The new year begins tomorrow. I am looking forward to spending this new year with my wonderful new family. I am a lucky cat!
My Mommie has been giving me special treats to eat, since I am not feeling very good. My tummy still hurts so-oo very much. It hurts to get up on things, then it hurts to get down. Mommy is afraid to pick me up because she doesn't want to hurt me. And then, yesterday Meanie Mawse picked on me and made me really hurt. I really cried although I don't want to be such a baby. But, I did have to giggle, because Mom put Mawse out in the shop where it is cold! She was in the cathouse BIG TIME!
I hope I never ever have to see a doc-terror again, never ever!
I want to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Good Meowrning!

January 2nd 2005 8:39 am
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I am starting to feel lots better now. My tummy still hurts, but not nearly as bad.
I have a bunch of tiny toys that I love to play with. I can jump higher than Supercat and I'm faster than a speeding leopard! I love to play cuz it makes my Mommy giggle and laugh that funny sound that humans make! She's really funny!!
We have a super slick floor inthe area where the humans eat their food and I can get going about 90 miles per cat hour on it! Man, is that fun! My best trick is playing Pee-a-boo with Mommy now. She will be sitting on the couch being quiet and I will sneak around the arm of it and peek at her. She must be scared, cuz she ducks back and I can't see her face. So, I peek around the top of the arm and she ducks again! It is so fun to scare her like that!
And I got to stay in her room again last night! I heard Mawse digging at the door, trying to get in. I bet she is madder than an old wet cat! Mom must have petted me for an hour or more. Her hand sure looks like a mouse so I played a cat and mouse game. I was having so darn much fun that I rolled over and fell off the bed. Or maybe she pushed me...I dunno. I felt sorta stupid but I got back on and tried to lay on her chest. Then her hand got to playing mouse again so I just had to tackle it again!
Yup, I fell off again.
Well, I sure did sleep good. I had wonderful dreams of playing and mousing and petting and I must say, it is one fine day!!! Every day just gets better and better. This indoor cat thing is the BEST!



January 3rd 2005 7:50 am
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What a purr-fect day it is! I didn't get to sleep in Mom's room and cuddle with her last night...Mawsie did, but that's okay. I got to sleep on their nice old couch that is so pretty! It's kinda hard but it is just purr-fect for me with my sore tummy!
And right now...things couldn't be any more purr=fect than they get! I am sitting on Mom's lap,taking my morning spit bath. And once in awhile I try to help with the typing when her fingers get to flying away....looks a bit like the birds I used to try to catch! All kinds of fun! Mom does that human giggle thing in her throat...while I am doing my purring. She tries to purr is just the most funniest thing in the world! She can be pretty silly for an old human!
I just can't seem to get close enough to her this morning cuz I missed cuddling with her. I push as hard as I can near her I can hear that soft pitty pat sound inside of her. She's so soft. She doesn't have much's on top of her head and all whitish colored. Her eyes are brown and she looks at me so sweetly.
I am pretty sure she loves me a lot. This is what love is all about, cuz I sure do love her, too!

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