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Its a ghostie on catster!

October 16th 2011 10:09 am
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OMC! I tinks that catster has a ghostie :o

I keep getting emails from Catster that says someone has sent me a pawmail....but when I go there...theres nothing there! OOOOOOOOOOOOOh! scary! Or maybe somebody's been stealing my pawmails??? Oh no...a burgler!

MOL! I hope the ghostie burgler isn't stealing your pawmails too.

Oh and if you read my sisfur Pixie's diary you must know that what she said about me farting is just not true. Surely it was the dog! ;)

As for wanting mom's attention well that applies for me too. Mom's not sure if its the cooler temps or her working so long but we all have become very needy and attention seeking. I run around meooooow meeeeeow meowing for mom to pick me up and when she does I either climb up on her shoulders for awhile or else she holds me and I wrap my paws around her arm. Pretty cute huh? That move makes her melt every time. Tee hee!

Have a great weekend every fur!


A Halloween Trick!!

October 31st 2011 12:21 pm
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Hi everyone!

We got a very early snowstorm on Saturday...what a nasty Halloween trick!!! Our area got about 8 inches of snow, which normally wouldn't be a big deal. Unfortunately this was VERY heavy wet snow and also bad was that many of our trees still had their leaves. The result? Lots of trees down due to the weight of the snow on the leaves and dragging the branches way down.

Because of this, we lost power around 2pm on Saturday. We've been anxiously waiting for it to come back on. Its been pretty chilly but at least our neighbors lent us a kerosene heater. Mom says she's dying for a nice hot shower. We haven't been on Catster in days! OMC! Mom agreed to write this on her lap top at work today so we'll have it keep it short. Our utility company told us it should be back on by 11 pm tonight....keep your paws crossed!

Hope everyone is having a very Happy Halloween!

Julius & family



November 6th 2011 7:47 pm
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Hi everyone!

I'm so is back. She was at grandma's house for about 5 days and I missed her terribly. Dad was here with me and I got lots of attention from him but I need both my pawrents at home!! I'm just too much cat for only 1 human -mol!

Today when mom was home I plunked myself down in front of her and mewed my most sweet mew to her. Then I added my sweet look and she was putty in my paws. She said "Ok Julius I'll hold you for a little bit." Ha ha! That was my plan. As soon as she scooped me up I crawled on to her shoulders and sprawled out. Since I could tell she was a little tense I decided to soothe her using my catupunture skills. Performed correctly this is a great way to destress those humans. Now they may whine and cry a little bit but that's just part of the process. A little pain is necessary to work out those kinks! Tee hee! So I applied catupunture to mom's shoulder and she kept telling me to ease up on the claws...but nope! I just continued. Someone has to help these silly humans relax!

Eventually I rested my head on her shoulder and then she decided it was time for me to go on the sofa before I fell asleep! nice to have my mom home again!

Hope you all had a great weekend.


Why we are absent from Catster!

December 8th 2011 6:23 pm
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Our gosh darn PC isn't working!!! We got a virus and now it seems that our pc's main file is corrupted.

Mom is working to get this fix but its taking her a long time!! I'm sorry my friends! Hopefully she can fix it soon. I miss you guys!

Sending lots of purrs,
Julius & family


Hey 2012----I'm not liking you much!

February 12th 2012 9:10 am
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Well so far 2012 has turned out to be as stinky as one of my brofur's poops! I'm heartbroken that so many friends have been sick or made their way to the bridge. They (and especially their families) are all in my purrayers.

Mom has broken her new year's resolution to stop working so much. I think she's worked even longer hours on 2012. And I am SO not happy about that. I need more attention! It is not my fault that she works too long & is tired! Who cares about that? Doesn't she know its all about me??? So I have been quite vocal and demanding lately. And she falls for it every time ;) Gotta love that Julius-mojo I got! Tee hee!

This weekend she had to run her mom to the hospital. Nothing serious but they ended up admitting grandma for a day or maybe two. So of course I'm missing out on my weekend attention that I usually get. Hrmph! Get well soon grandma so that mom can come home and pay attention to ME!! (Ok, so I'm a spoiled kitty!)

Hope you all are staying warm...our weather got very cold this weekend. BRRR! Time to find a sunny spot to take a nap!
Hugs to all!


Its my birthday! Well, almost!

March 4th 2012 8:44 pm
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I'm going to be 5 years old on March 6th! Mom can't believe it. She wants to know where the time went....seems like just yesterday I was an itty bitty kitten.
Mom bought me an early b-day present...its a big round circle thing. At first I was a bit scared of it, but then she sprinkled some catnip on it and I went over to investigate. There's a cardboard circle in the middle that is SO much fun to scratch. And around that circle is another plastic circle with a ball in it. Its lots of fun to bat that ball round and round. Mom said its also for the other kitties too, since Coco just celebrated her bday and Pixie's is coming up in April. So, I did share with them....but then I got back at them...hee hee hee. I was playing Julius the tyrant today. Its a really fun game...for me! I chased Coco around, smacked at Harry and then bit Pixie on the neck. Dad caught me biting her and yelled at me. He said I was making her eyes bulge out from biting her so hard. Sheesh! I think he was exaggerating a little bit!
So mom wasn't too happy with my conquests today and said I was bad. Its a good thing she already gave me my bday present!
Well, time for me to go to bed. Its tiring being a tyrant!


Many thank mews!

March 11th 2012 7:39 pm
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My birthday was on the 6th and I had a fabulous day! I got extra kitty milk and mom gave me my favorite food for dinner. YAY! And she spent lots of time with us kitties last week. (well, when she wasn't at stinky work!) We all were demanding lots of attention & play time. The weather has been getting warmer and mom says us kitties have spring fever. Perhaps we do!

A big thank mew and headbonks to all of you who stopped by to make my birthday special!! I truly loved all the birthday wishes and zealies! The best part of my birthday was being able to share it all with you!!

Hugs & purrs,



March 30th 2012 5:53 pm
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Oh boy! Big excitement at our house tonight. Mom came home from work to find half of a mouse on the kitchen floor!!! Oh yeah, we had a mouse in the house and one of us caught it!! Mom is mortified that a mouse got in the house. She feels the need to assure everyone that we have NEVER had a mouse in the house before (trust me, I know nothing's ever been THIS exciting around here!!)

Mom is being typical mom about the whole thing. She of course googled "dangers of cats eating mice" and now is worrying like crazy. She's nervous that perhaps that mouse had ingested poison before coming into our house or that it carries tapeworms or other parasites. Mom is watching us all like a hawk cause she has no idea which of us ate half that mousie. It even could have been one of the doggies. Mom's also obsessed with finding out how this mouse got into the house in the first place. Why can't mom's just chill and let us enjoy the FUN things in life? How come she's not as excited about this as we all are? Sheesh! What a spoil-sport.

Well I gotta go cause mom wants to check down in the basement to see if she can figure out where that mousie came from and see if she can find the other half of it. I sure am not telling!!!

Meow to ya later!!


The Great Escape

April 3rd 2012 5:20 pm
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I had the most pawsome adventure today! Mom got home from work and fed us dinner and then she decided to take the dogs for a walk before it got dark. My dog brofur Josey was really excited and farted in the house so mom decided to take them out the back door into the yard before their walk so he could take care of his business. Normally mom heads out the front door when she walks the doggies.

Well mom must not have pulled the back door closed right because when she returned from her walk she brought the dogs back into the yard and lo and behold she sees Harry on the deck. The doggies quickly herded him into the garage and mom ran up and closed the door. By the time she did that, Harry was already in the house. She shut the back door tightly and then started calling all the kitties. Coco came right out and then Pixie popped up. But where was I???? Mom knows how fascinated I am with the outdoors so she got all panicked and started running thru the house turning on lights (by this time the sun was already setting) and yelling JULIUS JULIUS JULIUS!!! But I wasn't there! She ran down the basement...nope, still no me. Then she got the bag of treats out and started shaking them while yelling at the top of her lungs JULIUS!!!

But I did not show up. So she went back out into the garage and called me and shook the treats. Still no me. Then she said "Oh God, please not Julius!!" And she opened the back door of the garage and SURPRISE! THERE I WAS! I was waiting at the door for her. So I sauntered on into the garage and mom was all "omg, Julius! Thank God!!" And I meowed at her and she gave me 2 treats. Then she scooped me up in her arms and kissed and kissed and hugged me. I have to say, she sure knows how to welcome me home!

Mom took me in the house and gave me more treats. I know she's wondering what I was up to but I'm not telling!!

Oh and mom found another dead mousie this morning. This time at the bottom of the basement steps. Mom's not happy at all. And now she says she has a splitting tension headache. Sheesh, what a silly mom!! These humans need to learn to enjoy the fun stuff in life!

Phew, I'm beat. Time for a catnap!


Mom is a cheater!!

August 12th 2012 7:15 pm
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What a rotten weekend. Mom went to visit Grandma and left us home alone. Dad was working so it was a boring weekend for us. And I had to miss the Olympic events over at KCK. So bummed about that!!

The worst part is that mom came home smelling like Grandma's cats. She seems to be really taken with the one kitty, Porter.
Here's 2 pics mom took while she was there:

Porter 1

Porter 2

Jeez, just cause he's floofier than I don't think I have anything to worry about, do you??? I mean, mom belongs to ME right?? I suppose he is kinda cute, but I'm mom's orange ball of fluff...she couldn't like another kitty better than me??

Grandma's 2nd kitty is Blue. He has 2 extra toes on each paw. Mom says when he grabs a toy it looks like a venus fly-trap with all those claws. Mom likes him too, but I think she's more partial to Porter.


Grandma has a third kitty, Willow, but mom didn't get a picture of her. She's an old girl, in her teens, but is just as feisty as when she was a kitten.

Well I declare this Porter cat to be my archenemy!! If I ever meet him in a dark alley why I'd shred him!! Imagine, MY mommy fawning all over him. HRMPH!!!

Hope you all had a good weekend. I'm off to beg for treats ;)

PS...I furgot to mention my group emails aren't getting sent to mom's email again. Sheesh! Is anyone else having this problem?

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