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Mr. Felix

What type of litter box works best for you?

Im in the process of buying a new litter box/boxes, id really appreciate some feedback and input on what you all believe to be the best one, Thank…

ASKED BY Mr. Felix 20 hours, 58 minutes ago
TAGGED litterbox, litter, box IN Pet Products


Black substance on hair root? Not fleas, been treated for mites, what else?

I (Ariel)have been on flea medication and just went to vet last week for a special treatment that also covered mites (walking dandruff kind). I am…

ASKED BY Ariel 22 hours, 58 minutes ago
IN Health & Wellness

Baby Harley

I will be moving to Arizona and now live in new jersey........leaving my husband and Harley has been with us since she?

was 4 weeks old. she only knows the two of us and I have never had children so she is my baby. I am torn between putting her on a plane for 5-6…

ASKED BY Baby Harley 1 day ago
IN Travel & Recreation

Sydney Romeo

My Cat developed a blood clot in his right back leg which he is dragging?

Vet said there is nothing we can do and I am so afraid since the vet said he could have another clot after he gets through this one and chances were…

ASKED BY Sydney Romeo 2 days, 13 hours ago
TAGGED emergency, health, illness, bloodclots IN Illness & Disease

Death the Cat

How can I figure out my cat's breed?

My cat is white with a black tail and oddly shaped black spots on it. She also has yellow eyes.

ASKED BY Death the Cat 3 days, 1 hour ago
IN Breeds


Help! Why is our 11 month old cat so hostile to my parents at their house?

Our cat Moet is usually very friendly. If we have new people come to our house he always goes up to them to sniff/suss them out and he lets them pat…

ASKED BY Moet 6 days, 16 hours ago
TAGGED hostile, scratch, hissing IN Behavior & Training


Help!! 5 month old brother cats keep hissing and attack 3 month old cat?

About a week ago my 3 month old kitten Zen got attacked by one of my older 5 month old kittens. It happened after Zen pooped in a box house i made him…

ASKED BY Zen 6 days, 21 hours ago
TAGGED aggresion, injuries, behaviour, kittens IN Behavior & Training

Guest Member Since

Not sure if my female cat will accept another cat. I got Mia 5 months ago. She seems very lonely?

The rescue group I got Mia from do not know anything about her past. She came in from a foster home. I work 8 hrs a day and rush home to her. She…

ASKED BY Member 1219103 1 week ago
TAGGED ismymialonelyordoessheprefertobeasinglecat IN Socialization

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