Videos We Love: What If People Acted Like Cats?


One reason we love cats so much? It’s so easy to see human traits in their behavior.  The problem is, they’re not always the good human traits. Cats are kind of self-involved. They’re perpetually certain that if you’re doing something that doesn’t immediately involve paying attention to them, you are suffering from a sadly misplaced set of priorities.

Nikki finds herself threatened by a newcomer in the house. (Screenshot)
Nikki finds herself threatened by a newcomer in the house. (Screenshot)

We may love cats because they seem so human, but it’s a cinch that if humans started acting like cats, it wouldn’t be quite so loveable. The video below, by comedians Nikki Limo and Taryn Southern, demonstrates the reasons perfectly. Limo and Southern certainly aren’t the first people to get comedy out of people who act like cats; back in the 80s, Danny John-Jules gave a classic performance in the BBC’s science fiction cult comedy Red Dwarf as a human-looking being who had evolved from the lead character’s cat. Cat was vain, self-centered, obsessed with fashionable clothes and shiny things, and treated the humans on the ship with visible disdain, except when he was hungry. I’m sure you recognize at least some of the behavior.

Many comedians have tried variations on the idea before and since John-Jules, but if the central idea of Limo and Southern’s video isn’t unique, their execution is flawless. The bit where Limo stands in the doorway just staring at Southern with some nameless hostility and then strolls away indignantly is immaculate cat behavior. The same goes for the kitchen scene, where she sits down at the table going “You’re so, so pretty! What are you eating?” Until she gets Southern’s sandwich, of course; then she just says “I don’t know you!” and rushes away. It just gets worse (or better) when Limo deposits some chewed food on the table as a “gift.”

Trying to write with a cat around can be ... challenging.
Trying to write with a cat around can be … challenging.

All of these are hysterical in cats and even charming, but I think that if I had a roommate acting like this, there’s no doubt that I’d have to kick them out.

Take a look below at Limo and Southern’s video and tell us what you think.

Via: YouTube

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