What Happens When You Google “Fluffiest Kitten in the Whole Wide World” and More Fun Things


I was bored, so I went Googling. I’m sure you all do this, too. When I’m killing time (or am supposed to be doing something important), you can usually find my computer screen full of cute kitten pictures, funny cat videos, and online shopping carts in various states of fullness as I buy random things I don’t really need.

Today was no different ÔÇö except I decided to see what comes up in a Google image search for some of the most fabulous phrases I could think of. What happens is as follows.

“Fluffiest kitten in the whole wide world” gets you this cotton ball. Just a round little ball of white fuzz. And the face!

[Source: furrytalk.com]

“Biggest litter of kittens” turns up this cuddle pile of 23 (yes, 23!) tiny babies. Is this real? Could it be real? Google wouldn’t lie, would it?

{Source: cheezburger.com]

Then I asked Google: Google, Google, on my computer … who is the “prettiest cat in all the world”? And it revealed Uggs, who was ironically, it seems, crowned as the ugliest cat in the world at some point. I’m not sure what that says about Google Search’s brain power, but either way I actually think Uggs is cute! Every cat is beautiful.

[Source: this blog]

“Biggest cat paw pads”
brought up a fabulous product that I just can’t seem to actually find online. This is the “Big Cat Hand Glove” and it appears to be some kind of back-massager helper. The link in the post I found goes to a site that sells iPhone stuff, so I’m thinking it might not exist anymore. Bummer!

[Source: nexus404.com]

Then I looked up “meow purr meow purr” (boredom making me sillier, I guess) and the first thing that came up was this really brave cat tattoo idea. MEOW across one set of knuckles and PURR across the other. Would you ever do it?

[Source: knuckletattoos.com]

Do you do random Google searches like me? It’s fun! What’s the best thing you’ve ever accidentally come across?

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