We Have a Winner: Most Embarrassing Cat Moment


Let’s Hear A Big Round Of Applause

The judges have just informed me that the winner of 50 zealies for the “Most Embarrassing Cat Moment” the “Pee King” Blade, who hails from Robin Hood Country in the UK. Kids, do not try this at home! Here’s Blade’s winning story:

We used to have this neighbour – let’s refer to him as Nosey Neighbour. He and his wife were the kind who always had something or other to complain about. One day, Nosey Neighbour had been chatting to mum when they ran into each other in the street and the subject of neighbourhood cats Β spraying up his car was brought up. He went on and on about how every morning their car smelled of cat pee and he was sure it was going to start corroding his paintwork and how they had to keep washing the car,etc. Mum told him in no uncertain terms that there was NO WAY it would be me because I was neutered and therefore I didn’t spray on stuff and it must be tomcats in the area doing this dirty deed not her ‘little angel’ Blade.

A couple of days later and it was getting dark in the evening and I hadn’t been seen around for a while so mum went to look for me. As she walked around our cul-de-sac she saw me just casually strolling towards her then come to a sudden halt right outside Nosey Neighbour’s house.

“Blade!”she called but as she approached, she set off Nosey Neighbour’s outdoor security light – LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION! Cue ME in the full glare of his security light, all lit up like a Christmas tree, quivering tail held high and shooting out a huge shimmering fountain of urine all over his car bumper! Mum turned to see the neighbour and his wife both at their window watching the show.

Mum just did an about turn and went straight back home, completely disowning me!! She never lived it down and was glad when the neighbours moved away!

Blade, you get bonus points for making the neighbors move away! Good show!

Thanks to everyone who submitted a story!

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