‘Voldemort Cat’ Awaits Release from Southampton Shelter


The “Prisoner of Catz-kaban” spends most of his days sitting in his castle cage, surveying the world outside and hoping one day to be freed from his isolation.

Some staff at the Blue Cross animal charity in London say he may be having difficulty finding a forever home because he bears an unfortunate resemblance to Voldemort, the evil wizard in J.K. Rowling’s famous Harry Potter book series.

Charlie, a 14-year-old white domestic shorthair, had to have his ears and nose removed due to skin cancer, and now the staff say visitors have been put off by the fact that he looks like Voldemort as portrayed by Ralph Fiennes in the movie series based on Rowling’s books.

The similarities between Charlie and Harry Potter’s evil archenemy don’t end with his looks: Apparently he also behaves like the wizard.

Charlie was living as a stray before a woman adopted him, fed him and took him to the vet for surgery to take care of his diseased ears and nose. But he didn’t get along with her two other cats and dog, so she took him to the Blue Cross shelter in Southampton, wherehe had a falling-out with other resident cats. Now he lives in solitude, awaiting a home where he can be the king of his domain and the only pet.

Animal welfare assistant Marie Loveridge said, “At first glance, people may be put off by Charlie because he does look like Voldemort, the baddie from the Harry Potter films. But although some people might think he’s a bit quirky-looking after having his ears and nose removed, he is a lovely, playful cat who adores attention.”

Veterinarians say that Charlie’s pale fur and skin left him at a very high risk for developing the skin cancer that took his ears and nose.

“Charlie is an extreme example of what can happen to cats if they suffer too much exposure to the sun,” said veterinarian Alison Thomas. “This drastic surgery can be avoided if owners are vigilant and take steps to protect their animals from the harmful rays of the sun.

“We recommend keeping pets like Charlie in the shade or indoors on the hottest days of the year and also to apply child-friendly sunblock to their skin.”

Loveridge said, “Charlie has had a tough life after suffering from skin cancer and it would be great if he could live the rest of his life in comfort.

“He would make the perfect pet for the right family,” she added. “Charlie really is an adorable chap. He looks you in the eye when you talk to him, loves fuss, lots of tickles and cuddles and wants to be near you.

“He has a dear little voice and likes to meow squeakily to get your attention.”

Charlie has no problems with not having ears or a complete nose. He hears and smells things normally, and occasionally has a bout of the sneezes. And even at his goodly age, he still has a kittenish spirit.

“He may be 14 years old but he still loves to roll around playing with toys. He has got so much to give a new family and would make a wonderful companion,” Loveridge said.

Blue Cross shelter staff hope there’s a Harry Potter fan who wants to adopt Charlie and give the rehabilitated Voldemort look-alike a happy home for the rest of his life.

[Source: The Daily Mail]

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