Two-Legged Cat Finds His Forever Home


The people who found Deuce roaming around near their Oklahoma home last August thought he’d been a victim of animal abuse. Both of his back legs were missing below the knee, and he only had three-quarters of a tail.

The good Samaritans brought the poor kitty to Quail Creek Veterinary Clinic in Oklahoma City. Somehow the cat, who was given the name Deuce, had managed to survive on his own for at least a month despite his grievous injuries. Other than being malnourished — I imagine it’s pretty tough to catch mice when you have to chase them with only two of your four legs — the cat was in remarkably good health.

Because of the nature of Deuce’s injuries, veterinarian Beth Ruby, who treated him, said the injuries don’t appear to have been caused by an evil-minded human. Instead, she suspects that he had an unfortunate run-in with farm machinery. Cow farms are all over the place in the area where Deuce was found, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if he got run over by a combine or a mower. And given the size and noise created by those machines, it’s pretty likely the farmer wouldn’t have seen Deuce or heard his cries.

As the cat’s story spread, he won the hearts of people all over the country. But to one Oklahoma City resident, Deuce’s story was more than just a blip on the TV screen.

“It just tugged at my heart strings.I felt so sorry for him,” said Stephani Coker, who lives with three other cats, one of whom is missing a leg.”I just wanted to give him a forever home.I knew I could love him.”

A vet tech at the Quail Creek clinic took Deuce home and nursed him back to health. Two and a half months ago, Stephani got her wish. On October 6, she adopted him. And now he’s thriving in his forever home.

On Dec. 31, Stephani made a comment about Deuce on the KOTV news website: “He is doing absolutely wonderful and is just like any other kitty. He gets around great and doesn’t dwell on his injuries. He loves to play and, in fact, the laser light is his favorite toy.”

Stephani says the cat has given her a different perspective on life. “After everything he’s been through and he’s just happy to have somebody love him. That’s it.” She’s looking into training the amazing two-legger as a therapy cat.

And they lived happily ever after.

Here’s the video from the original story about Deuce:

(In a reader? Watch the video here.)

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