We Check in With Former Twisty Cat Little Bear and His New Legs


I’ve been working for Catster in some capacity since April 2012, first as a freelance writer and then as a staff member, when I went full time in October of that year. In two years I’ve had the pleasure of watching animals overcome great odds and rapidly progress and thrive, all thanks to the kindness inherent to being human. Whenever I feel terrible about things (and I admit that sometimes I do), I’m reminded of the great capacity for compassion that people possess and act on, and I feel a little better.

Back in October 2012, I came across Little Bear, a black kitten born with “twisty” front legs — or what is formally known as radial hypoplasia. I was impressed with Little Bear’s determination — his will to survive despite his bent legs — and the love, patience, and compassion of his steadfast human friend.

Different owners deal with twisty cats in different ways, because every case is unique. Saltwater Taffy’s humans decided to leave her twisty legs unaltered, and she’s doing well. However, Little Bear’s human friend decided to proceed with surgery to correct his legs, and therefore make his life more comfortable. Little Bear underwent surgery in April and March 2013, and more than a year later, he’s thriving.

His legs are straight now with the help of steel rods that make them “permanently stiff,” but his human friend believes it was the right decision. And looking at the videos on Little Bear’s Facebook page, it seems obvious that this little kitty is totally enjoying life. Thanks to Little Bear, his human friend, Allie O’Sullivan, plans on opening a shelter for special needs animals once she graduates from college. Little Bear is truly an inspiration.

All photos via Little Bear’s Facebook page — go check him out if you aren’t already following him!

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