Our Monday Miracle Is Tuxie, Who Lost His Ears but Looks Great in Hats


As Angie Bailey hilariously pointed out in this post, cats often suffer from selective hearing. Like when you say, “No! Get off the counter, kitty!” they are suddenly deaf, peering up at you as if to say, “Excuse me, did you say something? I see your mouth moving, but there ain’t no words coming out.” However, if you open a bag of potato chips on the other side of the planet, you can be sure your cat friend will come galloping across the globe to paw at your face until you hand over the salty goods. Cats! Am I right?

So for Tuxie, having no ears is really no loss, because he wasn’t listening anyway.

Which would be funny except that the way this tuxedo cat lost his ears is no joke. In fact, the little black and white feline was dumped at a shelter because his family had a baby. Okay, you know? A cat is a lot of work. A kid is a lot of work. Sometimes there are extenuating circumstances. But what sucks about Tuxie’s situation is that the cat came in with hematomas on his ears as the results of a long-neglected severe case of ear mites. So, I mean, fine — sometimes stuff happens in life — but if a family can’t care for a cat’s ear mites, then what are they gonna do when the baby gets sick?

Lucky for Tuxie, a self proclaimed “crazy cat lady” took him in. After trying a host of holistic remedies, it became clear that Tuxie’s ears required something a little more drastic. Like surgery. To remove them.

Which is fine because Tuxie is obviously very handsome. And without his ears, Tuxie can now sport a variety of hats unlike any other cat can. Allow me to demonstrate.

1. A baseball cap

2. A top hat

3. A cowboy hat

4. A sassy beanie

5. A crown

All photos via Tuxie’s Facebook page — go have a look and if you like what you see, tell him Catster says Hello!

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