TR Talks Catster with Forbes

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Catster HQ Had the Opportunity to be a source of Information for

Mary Jane Irwin’s article on pet technology includes a bit of insight on the pet industry from Catster’s very own Ted Rheingold. From the article:

You can always turn to social networks to set up play dates for your pet with other pets. Dogster and Catster, sites that started out as a way to share photos of beloved animal companions, are now repositories of information on everything from grooming to finding veterinarians in foreign countries.

Now nearing a combined 1 million members, the sites have even become places to plan real-world meet-ups. On Dogster, about 100 West [Highland] Terriers united recently in South Carolina–with some pets and owners traveling from as far as six states away.

Indeed, pets are no longer creatures you just keep in the backyard and rarely see.”It used to be [that] the dog was kind of around and someone would often forget to feed it,” says Dogster Chief Executive Ted Rheingold. “Now they have a family-member relationship. When you make plans, you are thinking about what you’re going to do about Sparky.”

And that’s where technology can step in and lend a helping hand.

You can read the whole article here.


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