Together Tags for Cats: Are You Kidding?


Well, no. We’re not. But a Catster member recently wrote to me asking if we were nuts to suggest that a Together Tag is a good item for a cat, seeing that cats don’t really dig wearing collars. [Well… we ARE nuts, but that’s another story.] As for why we DO think cats are just as worthy candidates for Together Tags as dogs are, I offer the following picture of my cat Tailer, who I think looks simply dashing in his…

Seriously, folks, as a cat owner myself, I understand the concern. Tailer has never been a collar-wearing cat. When I lived with him in Sweden, he roamed the forests freely, but was very familiar with his surroundings. Thankfully, he always found his way back home, even after the occasional two to three day jaunt in the woods. To better the chances of his being returned in the event that he did go missing, I had him tattooed in the ear, a practice that is much more common in Europe than it is here in the States.

After moving back to California, the first thing I did was have Tailer microchipped. I believe in microchipping, though have been frustrated by the fact that the different chip and scanner manufacturers have been unwilling to work together to create a universal system until very recently. So I’m glad that I have him chipped, but did feel that it wasn’t enough, so when we began discussing the pros and cons of pet recovery systems here at Catster, I was vocal about the fact that the best thing for a cat owner to do is to microchip their cats AND belong to a tag-based pet recovery system. The tag is the first thing the finder sees, which may prompt a phone call and a reunion at a much quicker pace than the lone microchip will do.

Does Tailer wear his Together Tag every day? Do I wear a tie every day? The answer to both of those questions (my neck is itching as I type this) is NO WAY, JOS. Since moving to CA, Tailer has become is an indoor cat, and he spends his days skipping across the hardwood floors of my apartment, basking in the sun by the window, or sleeping at the foot of my bed. He is pretty much under my control, so I don’t make him wear a collar around the house. And he doesn’t make me wear a tie.

Needless to say, I can’t stand the thought of him not being returned to me should we become separated, and I don’t want to solely rely on the microchip, so I put on his collar and Together Tag whenever we leave the apartment. Whether we are going to the vet, taking a road trip to L.A., or simply going for a walk in the garden, he’s wearing his Together Tag. When he’s not wearing it, it hangs on the doorknob of the closet where my emergency/earthquake backpack is stored, so that in the event that I need to evacuate him, the tag can go on him quickly and then we’re ready to go. To me, that feels great.

We are aware of the fact that the Together Tag will probably be of greater interest to dog owners. Dogs wear collars very well, much better than cats do. But we definitely feel that the service behind the Together Tag is something that is worth sharing with cat owners as well, even if the cat’s tag is set aside and used in emergency and/or travel situations only. We stand behind the product 100%, have conducted plenty of research, and believe that the sense of security that Together Tag provides is worth sharing with all pet owners, not just dog owners.

Plus, it’s a darn good-looking tag, too. Tailer is very particular about where he is seen and HOW he is seen. ;-)

What do you think about cats and collars? Would your cat wear a Together Tag? Do you have an emergency collar and ID tag for your cat? Leave me a comment and let me know.

Check out to find out how Together Tag works and why microchipping is not enough.

Have a purrfect weekend!

Meows and head-butts,

Anders Porter

Editorial & Content Manager,

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