Swedish HVAC Techs Rescue Tiny Kitten


After two days trapped in a 6-inch concrete tube, the tuxedo kitten may have thought rescue was just a pipe dream. But fortunately for the sweet little thing, a crew of experts proved her wrong.

It all started on Sunday morning, when workers at a supermarket in Gothenburg, Sweden, heard desperate mews coming from under the floor.

They called for help, and a team of five heating-ventilation-air conditioning technicians and animal keepers quickly arrived at the scene. Using fiber-optic cameras, they spotted the frightened feline some distance up the pipe, ready to be swept away with the fallen leaves and other detritus the next time it rained.

For two days, the rescuers labored to coax the kitty out of its little prison, to no avail. Finally, one of the workers was able to pull the wet and hungry kitten out of the pipe. She struggled a bit as the man held her to his chest. Then she seemed to decide she was going to be okay and relaxed as she was placed in a small metal cage while cameras flashed all around.

The kitten, estimated to be 7 or 8 weeks old, is safely in the care of her rescuers while she awaits a permanent home.

Several European websites have footage of the dramatic rescue, but this one, I think, will work the best for KNN readers — it has all the interesting stuff about the kitten’s story and the commentary is in English, so that those of us who don’t speak Swedish can understand what’s going on. Check it out:

In a reader? Watch the video here.

The Swedish Chef was unavailable for comment, but if he were, I assume he’d say something like, “Eeba heepadee fer da beeg-a rescue-da-hee-ba,” and offer the kitten and the rescuers a big helping of his best “chickoorn-a” dish.

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