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Precious Cargo -- once a bomb threat, now a beloved family member. Image courtesy of <em>Southern Times-Messenger</em>” class=”size-full wp-image-4356″ title=”cargo the kitten” src=”http://blogs.catster.com/kitty-news-network/files/2012/02/cargo-the-kitten.jpg” alt=”Cargo, a black-and-white kitten abandoned on a train” width=”326″ height=”244″ /> </p>
<p>A couple of weeks ago, a passenger on a train bound for the South Australia city of Noarlunga saw an unattended box. He probably didn’t think much of it until he noticed <a href=it was making noise.

When the train stopped, the passenger reported the strange parcel to an Adelaide Metro security officer. As you can imagine given today’s security-conscious climate, this provoked quite an alarm. The routine security sweep conducted at the end of every train journey ratcheted up a notch (or several), and the team enacted full procedures as they swept into the rail car.

Who knows what they expected. Could it be a bomb about to hurtle shrapnel in every direction? A device designed to spew toxic gases or bioweapons with the slightest movement? A shipment of illegal drugs? They were ready for anything — anything but what they found, that is.

When they opened the box, probably with the greatest caution, a tiny black-and-white kitten poked her head out.


The security team called Adelaide-based animal rescue group Flicks Cat Rescue and Adoption, who took the abandoned kitten into their care.

The four-month-old kitten, who earned the moniker Cargo, was healthy when she came into the organization’s care, and she immediately captured the heart of her foster family with her affectionate disposition.

A week or so later, the kitten went to her new home.

I wonder if little Cargo has even the slightest idea that she started her new life as a bomb scare. I for one am glad the only “casualties” in her rescue were a few security officers who melted from cute when the suspicious box was opened.