Strolling Saved Apollo Cream’s Life


Hey evrybuddy, Skeezix heer. This week at The Cat’s Meow, we’re sellubrating the offishul kickoff of the strolling season by interviewing some prominent cats hoo strole, and providing infermation about strolling in case you’d like to join in the fun.

Today, I’m chewin’ the nip with Apollo Cream frum California. Apollo is a member of the Super Strollers Groop on Catster. AC was nice enuf to tell me all about his strolling advenchers, and why he got a stroller in the ferst place. He was on deth’s doorstep win his mom promist to git him a stroller if he got better… and he did!

Skeezix: How long have you been strolling, AC?
Apollo Cream: I have been strolling for ten months.

Skeezix: Whut prompted yer mom to buy a stroller?
Apollo Cream:
Unfortunately last summer my mom thought I was going to have to be PTS. I have always been a strictly indoor cat. My moms one regret was that I never got to go outside in my whole life. So she made me a promise that if I got well that I would get a stroller to see if I liked it. Mom had her doubts, because I am a bit of a scaredy-cat.

Skeezix: Yer stroller is a byootiful pink color! Whut model is it?
Apollo Cream: I have a Happy Trails Plus Stroller. It is a very good model. Very roomy and spacious inside for me. The tires are plastic, but for my needs it suits me very well. I would recommend it to a friend who is going to be going for walks with their parent at a leisurely pace and fairly smooth surfaces. It doesn’t seem to be made for jogging or off-roading. My mom loves that it is pink. I dont really love pink, it is fine for some boy cats, but I wouldve really loved a black stroller with flames! It also doesnt have a leash/harness attachment. That isnt a problem for me either, but maybe for some dogs or cats it would be.

Skeezix: How often do you go strolling?
Apollo Cream: When it is warm outside, I stroll once a day.

Skeezix: Ware do you stroll?
Apollo Cream: I am a shy cat, so I stay close to home. I only stroll around areas close to home.

Skeezix: Do you go solo, or do you stroll with other cats?
Apollo Cream: Im an only cat. So I stroll alone.

Skeezix: Whut do you like most about strolling?
Apollo Cream: The best thing about strolling is being outside! I never knew there was such a big world outside. It is good to get outdoors if you are a cat!

Skeezix: Is thare anything you don’t like about strolling?
Apollo Cream: I dont dislike anything about strolling. My mom gradually got me used to strolling, so it was a positive experience. I sleep in my stroller all day. I love it.

Skeezix: Have you ever seen any other cats or dogs in strollers on yer strolls?
Apollo Cream: I havent seen other pets during my strolls. Probably because I stay close to home. My mom has seen a couple of other strollers, when out shopping. She is always on the lookout.

Skeezix: Do you always stay in yer nayberhood, or do you travel to parks or other places to stroll?
Apollo Cream: I dont like the car, so Ive never strolled anywhere besides the area around my home.

Skeezix: Any funny strolling stories you’d like to share?
Apollo Cream: No funny stories. Im just a cat, who loves his stroller. Some people laughed at my mom initially, and they told her she was never going to get me in it or that it was silly. Later, those same people were telling my mom that the stroller was a great idea for me, and that I looked healthier!

Skeezix: Do you enjoy being a member of the Super Strollers Groop on Catster?
Apollo Cream: You bet! Im so glad there is a Super Strollers Group! Thank you to Rocky Ann for starting it. That is how my mom initially found out cats really do like strollers!

Apollo Cream’s Happy Trails PLUS Stroller sells for $99.99 (shipping included in price) at

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