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Sponge Bob the 30 lb. Cat Is on the Road to Recovery

After tipping the scales at 33 pounds, Sponge Bob is losing weight fast. He's in shelter in SoHo waiting for a good home with strong chairs.

Liz Acosta  |  Jun 7th 2012

Oh dear, there seems to be an epidemic of obesity among cats these days.

We’ve talked about Meow (may his gentle soul rest in peace and his skull rest on Vicky’s mantle — just kidding!) and we’ve told you about Tiny Tim’s battle of the bulge. Now here comes another fat cat who goes by the name of Sponge Bob and weighs a whopping 30 pounds!

The big kitty arrived at the Animal Haven Shelter in SoHo weighing in at 33 pounds. Sponge Bob came to the shelter after his elderly human companion went into hospice and could no longer care for him.

The shelter immediately placed Sponge Bob on a diet, and he has since lost some weight, but what the big boy really needs is a good, loving home. Workers at Animal Haven think potential furever families may be intimidated by Sponge Bob’s size, and want people to know that while, yes, Sponge Bob is about the size of a 4-year-old kid, he really doesn’t need that much additional space. In the meantime, Animal Haven has Sponge Bob on a strict diet and an exercise regimen to help him lose about one to two pounds a month and meet his goal weight.

Via Gothamist, photos via Animal Haven Shelter