So Your Cat Won’t Drink from Her Shiny New Bowl — Don’t Cry, We Have a Song for You


This week’s edition of Ask a Cat Lady comes live from the WoodsEdge Llama & Alpaca Farm in New Jersey. I had a gig earlier that afternoon, so I gave the kittens a break and harassed the livestock instead. We also learned some surprising llama trivia about male aggression.

Anyhow, I know many people whose cats love to drink from the faucet. My own kitties all drink from the tub, and they will often sit in there and meow until someone turns on the faucet to a medium dribble. And thus came this week’s song:

The lyrics:

I Want Mah Drink to Flow
by Sarah Donner

I’ve got a bowl that sits on the floor
Full of water that’s decent, but I want more
If you head to the counter and stand by the sink
Turn on the faucet, I’ll take a drink

I want my drink to flow-oh-oh-oh

Back when my grandma was wild and free
She drank from a river that flowed to the sea
The family would gather at the water hole
Why would I want to drink from a bowl?

I want my drink to flow-oh-oh-oh

I’m a creature of habit, but I’ve got you trained
I like your attention when you sit by the drain
Put multiple dishes around the house
With ice cubes inside them, that might help
To get me off of the faucet and down on the ground
If you do all these things I could be water bowl bound

I want my drink to flow-oh-oh-oh
This place about to blow-oh-oh-oh

Running water is alluring to most animals, so it’s little surprise that our kitties might turn their noses up at a dish. You should make sure your cat’s bowl is always clean, with fresh water in it every day. You know how sometimes they drop kibble in it, and it looks like old Cheerios that sat in the milk too long? You wouldn’t drink that water either. My vet also suggests placing several water bowls at least eight feet from their food.

With these tips, your cat will be getting her drink on like it’s Friday night!

Special thanks to the WoodsEdge llamas, Petfinder, and the Catster forums.

P.S. Don’t forget to leave your cat questions in the comments!

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