Sniff out our new Flag Rosettes! Available NOW!

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Special Rosettes Are Available To Help Celebrate July 4th

Dog Bless America!

Our July 4th Special Rosette is now available! And it’s super cool.

Just in time for the most patriotic month of them all, Plus members will be able to give out a waving flag Rosette to all their bestest four-legged companions.

Not a Dogster or Catster Plus member yet? Well, now’s the time to get in on all the flag waving fun! We bet you couldn’t count on all four paws the number of pups and kitties that would love to find one of these on their pet pages!

Doggie lovers interested in Dogster Plus dig here! !
Kitty lovers interested in Catster Plus scratch here! !

For all you Canadian kitties and pups, we also a version of the Canadian Flag! (No reason your American pals should have all the fun!)

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