Site Changes 6/22/10


Hi Everypaw,

This is Ted @ HQ. Hope everyone is going great. We just pushed live a whole bunch of changes. As always we can’t hope to please everyone, but we sure hope we please a lot! Also any questions or feedback you have if you post in the comments here, we’ll be sure to read.

Changes that have gone live

* All “community” pages now have a beige background. (Informational pages are still white). Pet Pages have the beige background yet members have complete control to make their pet page backgrounds any color or pattern they want ;)

* There are links to the Dog Blog and Cat Blog on the community homepages

* We have a fix in the for the dreaded diary comment bug aka ‘Error 6’. It was caused by our comment spam defenses (we probably catch 10,000 spam comment posts a day, but in this case it was too strong). We think the problem may have been due to having 2 windows or tabs open to the site at the same time and our client-server check getting out of whack. Either way, we’re very sorry about this, and while we’re still working on a better fix, for now, if you are logged in you will not encounter this error anymore. So just be logged in when you comment and it won’t happen anymore.

* There is an improved community sub navigation set of links. On every community page you’ll see these links to Forums, Groups, Strolls, Photos, Answers, etc. Also if you are logged in you will see a link to ‘My Account’ [Note, this actually went live on Monday]

* List of thumbnails of your friends, family, corral and group members have been tweaked to remove unnecessary line breaks and better spacing of thumbnails overall.

* There are a bunch of other items that are invisible to members so I’ll skip the boring details

Here are the updates on some other projects in the works

* Photo tag stroll is not working well. We will be working on this. Hopefully have a fix in 48 hrs.

* We want to get more prominent links to photo tag search, video search and search for pet on the site soon

* We very much want to update the diary areas. We don’t want to just do some tweaks we want to make thumbnails bigger, we want to improve how daily winner and other highlight diaries are chosen and promoted.

* Users with a lot of videos are not seeing them displayed on their video books. We’ll be working on this.

* We had a problem with one particular ad covering over part of the Community box on some browsers. That ad is no longer running, but we still want to stop that from ever happening again, so we’ll be working on it.

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