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Catster HQ  |  Aug 9th 2006

Update To The Catster Photograph Tagging System

Neato. Our engineer Jesse’s first project was to upgrade the tagging system you use when you upload your photos. ‘Tags’ are the keywords you add when you upload your photos so people can search on what is in the photo.

On top of there’s a nifty tag cloud that shows on any given day what the 50 most popular tags are. The bigger the tag is, the most popular it is.

You can always find the tag cloud by clicking the ‘Search Photo Tags’ link in the left navigation.

Here are today’s top cat tags:

Baby bed Black black cat box calico Cat Chair Christmas close up computer couch Cute Dog eyes Face friends funny Halloween hiding kitten Kitty lazy lounging love maine coon MEOW nap napping orange outside play playing Posing relaxing siamese Sink sitting Sleep sleeping Sleepy Sun Tabby tongue Toy We love dad 06 We love mom 06 White Window yawn