We Remember: Pets and 9/11


People talk about what they were doing on 9/11 when the Twin Towers fell. They remember what they were feeling and what they were thinking. They may not have known why it was happening, but they knew what was happening.

It makes me think how 9/11 must have affected pets. We all know that animals know before things happen. Do you think they may have sensed danger coming? Did they feel the tenseness and anxiety in us as we watched on TV?

What about the pets who were in apartments in New York City, waiting for owners who had to flee or, worse, weren’t coming home? What were they thinking? Did they know what was going on outside the windows of their safe homes?

I am sure they knew.

There is a particular part of a book I read that I’m sure many of you have read, too — Homer’s Odyssey — about Homer the blind cat and his mom, Gwen. They lived in NYC during 9/11, and I know I was really drawn to how concerned she was because she was unable to get home to feed and care for her cats after the attack. There was no way she could get to them. The lengths she went to to get someone to get to them truly touched me. I would have, too. Not being able to tend to my cats in a time when I’d want to be with them so much would be more than I could handle.

Do any of you have stories about your pets on 9/11?
If you’d like to share in the comments, please do.

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