Photo Uploading Got Much Better


Helllllllo everyone. Another improvement is now crossed off the list.

We overhauled our photo uploading technology!

Upload Large Cat Photo Files On Catster

We can now handle uploading photos that are ridiculously big up to 5Mb (5,000k). So you should no longer ever have to reduce the photo on your end before uploading it. At the most you’ll just ahve to reduce it’s height and width to get it below 5Mb.

Also, we now use some nifty code that uploaded your photo and immediately displays it without having to wait for the page to reload. Big photos still require more time to upload over the internet, but this code makes the process much less confusing.

Finally, we’ve begun saving high resolution verisons of each image you upload. Custom printing of your photos on t-shirts, stamps and more directly from our site is in the works! More details on this to come.

Paw Power!

Woof! If you find you would prefer to upload even large photos, let us know. The 4m

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