Hey, PETA: Stop Being Such a Pack of Hypocrites!


Once upon a time, PETA was a useful organization. When it formed in in 1980, it performed lots of meaningful actions to bring awareness to issues of animal cruelty and help people understand the benefits of a vegan diet and shopping for products that weren’t tested on animals. In 1981, it even brought to light a case of horrible mistreatment of monkeys at the Institute of Behavioral Research in Silver Spring, MD.

But over the last 20 years or so, PETA has descended to such depths of insanity and, yes, animal cruelty, that it has lost any animal rights cred it might once have had.

I noticed the first car on the PETA crazy train sometime in the mid-1990s, when it came to my home in midcoast Maine. Some of its “lobster liberation” activists protested the “cruel” annual Maine Lobster Festival, and even went so far as to “liberate” some of them back into Rockland Harbor.

Since then, PETA has engaged in a nonstop series of increasingly ridiculous publicity stunts that are not only a waste of its donors’ money, the pranks reduce whatever credibility the organization might once have had.

Take, for example, PETA’s “Naked” campaign, in which naked celebrities are featured in ads with text reading “I’d rather go naked than wear fur.”

You go, PETA: Exploiting women is an awesome way to get publicity. And its explanation: “Unlike our opposition, which is mostly composed of wealthy industries and corporations, PETA must rely on getting free ‘advertising’ through media coverage.”

Oh, boo hoo. Poor PETA has no advertising budget at all. If it did, it would post huge billboards and buy full-page color ads … oh, wait.

The thing that really hisses me off about PETA is that almost all of the animals it “rescues” from cruelty situations end up being killed, whether they’re healthy or not. I’m going to spare you the gruesome photos depicting the fate of those cats and dogs. If you want to see them, do an Internet search.

PETA’s own report to the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services about the animals in its Norfolk “shelter” makes it clear that it doesn’t give a crap about saving animals: Of 1,877 animals that came to PETA’s shelter, 1,675 of them were killed, and 1,045 of those were cats. Only 23 were adopted — that’s a 1 percent adoption rate! Even the highest kill of the high-kill shelters in the poorest cities do better than that!

In 2008, the Center for Consumer Freedom, an advocacy and lobbying group which has had other run-ins with PETA, petitioned the Department of Agriculture to reclassify PETA’s shelter as a slaughterhouse.

Please, PETA, don’t strain yourselves “rescuing” all those animals! It must be hard to budget for sheltering when you’re spending so much money on porn sites, fat-shaming billboards, and full-page magazine ads featuring naked celebrities.

Naturally, PETA is opposed to the no-kill movement. PETA says that by killing adoptable animals, they’re “doing society’s dirty work.” Who would expect anything else?

Oh, and PETA informs us that “It’s likely that your cat or dog will thrive on a vegetarian diet.”

WHAT?!?! PETA President Ingrid Newkirk and her cabal of crazy must have missed Biology 101: Cats are obligate carnivores. That means they must eat meat to survive and be healthy.

Sure, PETA does “undercover investigations” to root out animal cruelty, but I can never fully trust what I see because I know how ridiculously biased the organization is. When you’re looking for information that supports your beliefs, you’re certainly not going to see anything that runs contrary to those beliefs — and if you do, you look elsewhere.

If PETA wants to be a credible animal advocacy group, it needs to stop being hypocrites, stop conducting sensationalist publicity stunts and crazy-train “liberation” campaigns, and start studying the facts about no-kill, TNR, and other real animal-welfare movements that it so despises.

In short: Go home, PETA, you’re drunk.

What’s your opinion on PETA? Let us know in the comments!

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