Hooray for Happy Endings: Pawless Cat Finds a Home in Brooklyn


Azula got a tough start in life. She was born with no paws, and then she was abandoned by her previous caretakers, left in a vacant apartment to meet whatever fate would come her way.

How could anyone abandon a cat like this? I understand people coming upon hard times and not being able to keep their animal friends — it happens far too often these days as the economy only seems to be on the mend for people who didn’t need much economic mending to begin with — but there’s no reason why her previous owners couldn’t have done something more humane than leaving her to starve to death.

But the sweet little gray tabby got a lucky break when she was brought to the Bay Ridge Animal Hospital in Brooklyn, N.Y., where her sweet and affectionate disposition quickly won the hearts of the staff. Despite not having any paws, she was active and, like any cat worth her fur, loved jumping in and out of cardboard boxes.

Azula’s life got even better when David Montalvan saw her at an adoption event.

“She was so pretty. We couldn’t understand why no one wanted her,” said Montalvan. He and his wife, Jackie, quickly decided to adopt Azula and bring her home.

Now Azula is sitting pretty, sharing her space with the Montalvans and their two dogs, River and Lucy. The dogs were curious at first, but so far the new addition to the Montalvan family seems to be proceeding well.

Thank goodness for the Montalvans, who could see beyond Azula’s odd physical defect to the loving and sweet heart that beats within that little stripy body. May she have many happy and joyful years with her new family.

Story via The Home Reporter News

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