Orange Tabby Places Emergency Call to Police


Imagine being awakened in the early hours of the morning by a couple of police officers demanding to know why you’d called them.

Retired lecturer Howard Moss (of Brynmill, Swansea, South Wales) was the unsuspecting victim of a prank call staged by his orange tabby, Ginger.

Purrhaps Ginger wanted to shake things up a bit. Or maybe he wanted to get back at Moss for an unintended slight. Whatever his motivation, he was astute enough to feign a sound sleep when the police investigated.

“The police insisted that it was not a spook call because it had originated from inside the house,” said Moss.

“Then one of them noticed Ginger the cat sitting on the phone and he twigged right away. He said ‘The cat’s done it’, it was the only possibility.”

Moss said that the 12-year-old cat had recently claimed the small downstairs telephone table as his new nap spot. Like many cats, Ginger claims one spot for a few weeks, then moves on to another.

“Ginger had somehow managed to ease off the receiver and by a bit of a miracle one of his paws had pushed the 9 button on the large keypad three times.

“Obviously, he couldn’t leave a message but when the police got no answer they treated the call seriously.”

Moss says that when the police discovered the culprit, they were amused, saying they’d never had a call like that before.

‘You would think that he would be uncomfortable on the telephone and the chances of him doing something like this is really remote.

“But since it happened, the more I think about it, the funnier it seems.”

Ginger has since had his telephone privileges revoked.


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