Mudslingers Take Aim at Cat’s Senate Campaign


Just days after Hank the Cat announced his run for a U.S. Senate seat, the attacks have begun. “He has enemies,” said an anonymous e-mail sent to TV station NBC 4. And soon, allegations of past drug abuse and assaults on his integrity, his stand on the issues, and even his citizenship began to crop up.

An ad from a group billing itself as the Canines for a Feline-Free Tomorrow Super PAC asks voters the question: “Hank wants your vote for Senate, but what do you really know about Hank?”

The group has even labeled the feline a carpetbagger: “Should a Maine Coon cat really be running for Senate in Virginia?” they ask.

Hank’s campaign manager, Matthew O’Leary,said that Hank refuses to dignify this kind of vitriol with a comment and will “continue on his positive campaign of job creation, spay/neuter programs, and ridding the Capitol of rats.”

What a shame that the haters who have tainted races for office across our august nation have aimed their poison pen at a humble cat who only desires to serve his constituents in the best way he can.

Politicians should not be taking your hard earned money and spending millions on robo-calls, tv ads, and all of the negative, hateful speech they use against each other. (from Hank’s Facebook page)

Yes, the Hank for Senate campaign is silly, and the anti-Hank ad is even sillier. But in this tragic age when all politicians can seem to do is abuse their power and sling mud at their opponents, sometimes you’ve just go to laugh. After all, it’s better than crying or KEYBOARDSMASHing in rage.

Here’s the “Hank for Senate? No Way” ad, in all its, um, glory:

(In a reader? Watch the video here.)

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