Morris the Cat is The Cat’s Meow (Pt. 1)


Hey evrybuddy, Skeezix heer.

Who’s the most famous cat on Catster? Heer’s a hint: It’s not Goma or Guido the Italian Kitty, who I’ve seen inside my TV. It’s not even Daisy the Curly Cat, who has her own line of Hallmark Cards.

The most famous cat on Catster, paws down, has to be Morris the Cat.

So yoo can understand how I neerly wet my pants* win Morris the Cat contakted me and begged me to interview him for The Cat’s Meow!

I can repurrt that Morris is reely a down-to-erth kinda cat, vary easy to talk to, and VARY purrfeshunul. He put me at eeze rite away, and gave me tips on how to be a finicky eeter. I thot I was alreddy finicky, but Morris helped to take it to a hole new level.

Not only did me and the Food Lady interview Morris, but The Cat’s Meow’s reeders sumbitted qweschuns, and tomorrow, in Part 2, yoo’ll get to see whooze qweschuns made the cut, and how Morris anserd them. On Wednesday, we will unvale The Cat’s Meow’s MOST AMAZING GIVEAWAY TO DATE! It’s something vary vary spesul frum Morris hizself.

So with no further adoo, heer’s me and the Food Lady’s interview with 9 Lives Spokescat, Morris:

KAREN: In the 9Lives Feline Nutrition Fact sheet, I was surprised to read that nearly 26% of people never take their cats to the vet. What would you say to these people to prompt them to take their cats in for regular checkups?

MORRIS THE CAT: Lets face it all cats, (even I) need the occasional check-up to make sure everything is in working order. And hey who doesnt like being told you look great? Special shout-out to my vet-to-the-stars

KAREN: On the same fact sheet, I read that the majority (66%) of cat owners are influenced by things other than the nutritional content of cat food when choosing which food to purchase, such as the brand name, the taste or flavor, and the cost. Should I be taste-testing the cat food before I bring it home for my cats?

MORRIS THE CAT: Your cats nutrition is most important, but if by other influences, you mean me, then what can I say Im good at my job.

KAREN: Nine out of ten feline pet parents would be willing to switch foods if they knew it would provide better nutrition, resulting in a longer, healthier life for their cats. Do you have any recommendations for cat foods that fit the bill?

Morris the Cat: Two words: 9 Lives. If its good enough for Morris

SKEEZIX: C’mon, it’s my tern!!!! Morris, I’ve gotta ask: Ware did you get those shades?

MORRIS THE CAT: Ahh, the perks of celebrityIll be honest I have A-list designers sending me stuff all of the time but I might be able to part with a pair of these for one lucky reader

SKEEZIX: Do you have any advice fur a spokescat who wunts to git into show bizniss?

MORRIS THE CAT: Honestly? When it comes to spokescats, Im the only game in town. How about a career in something elseIm thinkingweather cat?

SKEEZIX: Morris, what is an average day like for you?

MORRIS THE CAT: My days are anything but average life in the spotlight is always interesting – but they always involve few things: paparazzi, reading fan mail, several naps (i.e. my beauty sleep) and of course, 9Lives at every meal.

SKEEZIX: What’s wrong with feeding cats table skraps? They must be nootrishus cuz my peeple eat them evry day. I’ve never had any myself, but boy, I shur wood like to try bacon one day.

MORRIS THE CAT: Gotta be honest here not big on table scraps9Lives has the nutrition I need, but just as importantly, the taste I love!

Catsters: You can become a FOM (Friend of Morris) by friending Morris on Catster!

Click here for 9Lives Feline Nutrition Facts.

TOMORROW IN PART 2: Cat’s Meow readers ask Morris the Cat their questions.

* If I wore pants, wich I don’t

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