Miracle Cat Finds Way Home Through Sewer System


When Midnight went missing on March 1, Jeanette Young of Cheltenham, England, hated to think what might have happened to her.

Midnight’s sister, Star, had been run over by a car just days before, “It was very sad to lose Star, who was run over just before her first birthday, and I was dreading having to tell the girls Midnight had died, too,” Young said.

But luckily, she didn’t have to break the sad news to her daughters.

Ten days after the moggy had gone missing, she got a call from a local vet: Midnight had been found.

On March 11, a woman living just a few doors from Young’s home had heard faint meows coming from a manhole near her front door. She called the local water company, which dispatched two workmen to rescue the cat.

The neighbor took the bedraggled, filthy feline to a veterinarian to have her checked out. When clinic staff scanned the cat, they discovered her microchip and contacted Young.

It turned out that Midnight had found her way back to her neighborhood by using her amazing homing instinct to navigate miles of underground sewer tunnels.

Water company workmen told Young that the nearest access point to the sewers was a storm drain by a small stream two miles away.

“It is absolutely amazing,” Young said. “She is so clever. She was just a few steps away from our front door so she did a brilliant job of navigating herself around.”

Young said it was a lovely moment when she was able to tell her daughters, Helena and Bella, that Midnight was back.

“It was great to see her again. We all thought she had gone. But she’s a resourceful cat and obviously knows where home is,” Helena said. “On the first morning she was back, she woke us all up meowing around the house at 6 a.m. But we didn’t mind. It was just a relief to have her back.”

Her younger sister Bella, added, “I cried for ages when Star died. It was very sad. But we were so happy to see Midnight again. We missed her and were worried she wasn’t coming back.”

Veterinarian Alison Jones says that cats are pretty resilient animals. They are natural hunters, so they are able to find their own food. But they cannot go for more than about five days without eating, so Midnight must have managed to keep herself fed during her 10-day odyssey.

“We are all delighted she is home. She is doing very well, although she was a bit smelly when she first came out,” said Young. “It’s great to have her back and it has certainly put a smile on the girls’ faces.”

The family rewarded Midnight for her heroic journey with a tasty salmon dinner and lots of cuddles.

“It is like a Disney movie, or a comic book story about a super cat,” Young said.

[Source: Daily Mail]

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