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Hey evrybuddy, Skeezix heer. As part of Strollin’ Week on The Cat’s Meow, I’m mewing with strollin’ cats so yoo can see whut strollin’ is like!

Today, I’m interviewing one of the ferst frends I made on Catster, Rocky Ann. I don’t think thare’s a Catster alive hoo duzn’t know Rocky Ann. She not only founded and administers the populer Super Strollers Groop on Catster, but she also takes Stroller dekerayting to a hole new level. She lives in Suthern California, so she can strole praktikly all yeer around. Welcome, RA!

Skeezix: How long have yoo bin strolling?
Rocky Ann:
I have been strolling for almost 3 years. I took my first stroll on June 29, 2006 at the age of 15 years old. I started the Super Strollers Group on August 11, 2006.

Skeezix: What prompted yer peepul to get yoo a stroller?
Rocky Ann:
I read all about my friend, Catster Colleen, having a stroller in WI and it sounded like so much fun. Mommy wasn’t sure if I’d take to it at my age, but my Daddy thought I’d love it. Daddy was right as usual! If it wasn’t for Catster, I might never have started strolling.

Skeezix: What brand and model of stroller do yoo have?
Rocky Ann:
Right now I stroll in the blue PetGear AT3. I started off with a PetGear Happy Trails in PINK and moved up to this model. It is very roomy, has a smooth ride and Mommy can walk really fast with it.

Skeezix: Wood yoo rekummend it to a frend?
Rocky Ann:
I have recommended this stroller to many friends. I highly recommend any of the Pet Gear Strollers.

Skeezix: How often do yoo strole?
Rocky Ann:
I stroll almost every day when the weather is nice (summer, spring, fall) . During the winter months, esp this year, not very much. As I’m getting older Mommy doesn’t want me to get chilled.

Skeezix: How far/long do yoo strole?
Rocky Ann: I usually power stroll for an hour. I’m not sure of the distance. I think my longest stroll has been near 2 hours.

Skeezix: What do yoo like most abowt strolling?
Rocky Ann:
I love being outdoors. There is so much to see. I never fall asleep, I have to pay attention to everything going on. We have many different routes to stroll, so I see many different things. I love to stroll in the dark too. My favorite part is being able to join Mommy on her daily walks.

Skeezix: Is thare anything yoo dislike abowt strolling?
Rocky Ann: I don’t really like it when humans come up to my stroller and interrupt my stroll. I like to watch them from a distance. And I like to keep moving. Also I don’t care for the coyotees. But I usually turn around and go in the opposite direction when I see one. They have the right of way around here.

Skeezix: Have yoo ever seen any other pets in strollers on yer stroles?
Rocky Ann: I’ve only seen one doggie in a stroller and he was in a baby stroller.

Skeezix: Do yoo only strole in yer nayberhood, or do yoo travel to parks or other places to strole?
Rocky Ann: My neighborhood is connected by many sidewalks and bikepaths. I have alot of strolling options right in our area. There are different subdivisions, parks, dirt paths and shopping within strolling distance. Really, Irvine is made for strolling. But I have never gotten in a car to get to a strolling place.

Skeezix: Any funny strolling stories yoo’d like to share?
Rocky Ann: It is just so funny that everytime I am out strolling there are people who come up to my stroller, and think they will be looking at a human baby, and are so surprised it is me in there!! I bring a smile to many peoples faces :) I have the nickname “Lucky Cat” by some of my neighbors. I decorate my stroller so I’m very noticable.

Skeezix: Any stories related to being a member of the Super Strollers Group that yoo’d like to share?
Rocky Ann:
It has been fun meeting strollers in many different states and countries and reading about their adventures. Everyone has something different to see in their area. In the past we use to do virtual strolls so that we could all stroll together.

Skeezix: Thanks, Rocky Ann, for taking time away frum strollin’ to share yer ixperiences with The Cat’s Meow.
Rocky Ann:
Thanks for the interview, Skeezy! Strolling cats (and cats considering strolling) are always welcome to join in the fun at Super Strollers.

Rocky Ann’s Pet Gear AT3 Stroller sells for $169.99 (shipping included in price) at Just Pet Strollers will match any other vendor’s lowest price (with some restrictions).

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