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Hey evrybuddy, Skeezix heer. As part of Strollin’ Week on The Cat’s Meow, I’m mewing with strollin’ cats so you can see whut strollin’ is like!

Today, I’m interviewing Super Stroller Linus, who lives in Whiskerconsin. Linus’ bruther Mickey also enjoys strolling. Linus goes to lots of cat shows, so strolling purrvides him with a grate way to unwind. Welcome, Linus!

Skeezix: How long have you bin strolling, Linus?
Linus: About 2 years.

Skeezix: What prompted yer peepul to get you a stroller?
We are strictly indoor kitties, and Mom thought we might like to get out once in a while. Especially after seeing how much some other kitties like strolling on Catster.

Skeezix: What model of stroller do you have?
We have a blue Pet Gear AT3 All Terrain Pet Stroller.

Skeezix: Do you like this model? Wood you rekummend it to a frend?
We love it and would highly recommend it to friends. Very roomy, rides well (has shock absorbers), and very well made and sturdy.

Skeezix: How often do you stroll?
Not enough. Mom works, but she tries to take us out once a week if the weather cooperates. We also don’t get to stroll in the winter as we live in northcentral WI where the winters can be pretty severe. We don’t get to do much strolling between Nov. – April.

Skeezix: How far do you stroll?
Depends… if it’s a hot day we keep the strolls short. If it’s a nice day, Mom might take me for a nice long stroll at the park on the trails along the river – that’s fun!

Skeezix: Do you stroll alone or with other cat(s)?
Our stroller is big enough for 2 cats, but we prefer to stroll solo.

Skeezix: Do all the cats in yer famly like strolling?
No, Mr. Fez prefers to stay home – he gets too scared away from home, probably because he doesn’t see very well. Mickey and I LOVE to stroll though. That’s Mickey on the right.

Skeezix: What do you like most abowt strolling?
Everything! It gets us out of the apartment, fresh air, lots of interesting things to see and smell, and extra attention from Mom. Oh, Mom also says strolling gives her some exercise too.

Skeezix: Is thare anything you dislike abowt strolling?
Nope – what’s not to like?

Skeezix: Have you ever seen any other pets in strollers on yer strolls?
No, not yet…

Skeezix: Do you only stroll in yer nayberhood, or do you travel to parks or other places to stroll?
We’ll stroll in our neighborhood, but Mom also drives us to parks. We enjoy strolling in the parks more. We’ve also strolled at PetSmart, PetCo, CFA cat shows, and (unfortunately) the vets.

Skeezix: Any funny strolling stories you’d like to share?
Usually people just assume Mom has a baby in the stroller… unless they actually look closely. We get a lot of double takes. One time a little girl pointed to our stroller as we were strolling by and said “kitty” and the parents started to correct her telling her “No, it’s a baby… Oh, it IS a kitty!” Yep, smart little girl! I don’t mind – I’m still Mom’s baby.

Skeezix: Can you tell my readers a little bit about the Super Strollers Group on Catster?
It’s a fun group. You can get info on strollers, stroller accessories, and strolling and share your strolling adventures.

Skeezix: Well thanks so much, Linus, for taking the time to purr with me about strolling today! Hope you have a grate strollin’ season this yeer!

Me too, Skeezy. Hope to see you around the Super Strollers Group!

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