Meet Sprinkles, a Rescue Cat Who Weighs 33 Pounds

She was abandoned in a foreclosed home, unable to walk, but she's on her way to a healthy future.


This week, deputies in the Cape May County Sheriff’s Office in New Jersey found a four-year-old cat in a foreclosed home, left there like an old couch that was too much trouble to move.

Make that a giant couch. You see, Sprinkles weighs 33 pounds.

Thankfully, Sprinkles did not suffer unduly from her abandonment, though she was in terrible shape due to her size, with a swollen rear covered in urine burns and a flea infestation, according to Philly Mag. She’s currently with S.O.S. Sea Isle City Cats Inc., responding well to treatment and soaking in all the attention her size is getting.

Mary Devery of S.O.S. said Sprinkles should weigh between nine and 10 pounds. “She has the paws of a nine-pound cat and the body of a 33-pound cat,” she told the Daily News.

Stacy Jones Olandt, a volunteer at S.O.S., said that if Sprinkles were a human, she would weigh somewhere around 700 pounds.

Nobody knows how she got that way. They do know that she cannot remain that way, however, and Sprinkles is now on a diet plan to slowly shed pounds.

She also has serious grooming and mobility issues, which we hope will be addressed once she loses weight.

“She can barely stand and she can hardly walk,” Olandt told Philly Mag. “We were able to get her to raise her paw by waving a feather over it. But she can’t walk. She can waddle a little. And she can’t actually step into her litter pan, so we made a mini-ramp out of a folded quilt.”

What does a diet plan look like for a 33-pound cat? Four small tins of Fancy Feast a day. The plan is to lose a pound a month.

“She’s so sweet. The lovingest, most precious cat. She’s happy now. And she has a beautiful face,” said Olandt.

If you’re interested in adopting Sprinkles, check out S.O.S. Sea Isle City Cats website (also its Facebook page) and fill out the contact form. Thanks to Cat Channel for bringing this to our attention.

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