Meet Piper Serendipity, the World’s Coolest Cat


Hey evrybuddy, Skeezix here. Today, I’d like to interdoose yoo to Piper Serendipity, the rayning World’s Coolest Cat. The World’s Coolest Cat title is awarded to the cat who gits the most popular votes in the finals of Catster’s World’s Coolest Cat Contest, and it’s the most prestigious award a cat can win. I cawt up with Piper at her home in snowy Michigan:

SKEEZIX: Do you go by yer full name, or can I call you Piper?
PIPER: Piper is fine, unless I’m in trouble then my mom calls me by my full name.

SKEEZIX: Ha! Then I’ll be shur to just call yoo Piper. How’d you get yer name? It’s vary pretty!
PIPER:My mom says that the larger black spot on the back of my head looks like a ghost, so she named me after her favorite character on the television show, Charmed: Piper.

As for my middle name Serendipity, that’s another story. My human brothers were doing Science homework when I was a very little and they asked mom if she knew the definition of Serendipity. She didn’t know, so they looked it up. It is the act of finding something valuable or delightful when you are not looking for it. Well, mom said it described me perfectly since I ‘m so pretty with such unique eyes and they really hadn’t planned on getting another pet anytime soon. (until they were offered a FREE KITTEN – first pick … then they saw me.LOL.) That’s where Serendipity comes from.

SKEEZIX: Whut was yer ferst reaction win yoo lerned yoo been voted 2008’s Werld’s Coolest Cat?
PIPER:SHOCKED to say the least, Mom just stood there for a while looking at the computer. When she realized that I had won both “cat”egories she called dad and flew thru the house to get my human brothers. That got my attention and “the dog” going too. I got a lot of hugs and kisses and the right to be finicky about my fave flavors of 9 lives canned cat food, (without mom making a fuss about it.)

SKEEZIX:It’s vary impressive that at the tender age of 6 munths old, yoo’ve wun the most prestigious pet photo contest on the planet! How did yer early formative months prepare you for this achievement?
PIPER:Well, actually mom has been taking pictures of me since I was 3 weeks old and still living with my kitty momma. When she agreed to take ME as her first-pick, her and the boys visited me every week until I was 8 weeks old. Then I went home with them and met my new dad and “the dog”. So I am well-socialized, beautiful and photogenic.

SKEEZIX:How many photos did your mom take to get the winning shot?
PIPER:She took at least 20 pictures that day of us on the bed. That was the best one even though my mom thought it was a bit off center.

SKEEZIX:Whut’s up with the dog? Do you LIKE hangin’ with a dog? Do you have to live with the dog? Aren’t yoo afrade he’ll eet yoo all up?
PIPER:Yeah, I live with the dog. Shes my buddywe play, fight, run through the house and get a little crazy. Mom yells at us for acting the kids!?!? The dog does clobber me once in awhile when I get too rowdy with her. She has always been like a mom to me since I was just a baby. She cleans me, snuggles me and makes me mind. Her name is Brandy and I love her. (Brandy is a 100 lb. Rhodesian Ridgeback mix.)

SKEEZIX:You wun a bunch of grate prizes. Which one are yoo most looking forwerd to getting and why?
PIPER:Its hard to saythere are so many nice things. Id probably have to say the camcorder so mom can make little movies of me!! Im really not looking foreward to the comb cuz I heard mom say I was getting it ! LOL

SKEEZIX:How did winning the contest change your life?
PIPER:I get away with more now than I did before. I can steal moms straw right out of her iced tea and not get yelled at!

SKEEZIX:It’s always good win yoo can git away with stuff becuz yer famous! Enjoy yer prizes, Piper, and we’ll look forwerd to yer entries in the World’s Coolest Cat Contest this Fall!

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