Man Mistakes Maine Coon Cat for a Cougar


This is a cougar.

This is a Maine Coon cat.

I can’t be the only person on the planet who can easily tell the difference between these two fine feline specimens.

Apparently, though, one resident of South Salem, Oregon, had a slightly more difficult time identifying the cat that appeared in his backyard recently. He called his neighbor, who ran over and took a bunch of photos of the behemoth beast, one of which you can see here. They estimated the cat’s size at 45 to 55 pounds.

It’s pretty clear that neither of these dudes is exactly the sharpest claw on the paw.

I could understand mistaking this particular cat for a bobcat or a lynx, but a cougar? Not so much.

The homeowner called the police to inform them of the dangerous wildcat haunting his property. They rushed to the scene; after all, wildcats in populated areas can be dangerous.

I imagine the cops must have seen the photos, too, and I can only hope that they were trying not to laugh as they told the neighbors that they’d send the photos to a state wildlife biologist to identify what kind of cat it was.

A local TV station had a field day with the story and ran the photos on the evening news.

I hope the reporters were chuckling, too, because if the cops and the news staff seriously thought this creature was a cougar, I worry for the future of humanity. In any case, the state wildlife biologist came back with a positive ID and restored peace in the neighborhood.

I know Maine Coons can get pretty big, but I’ve never heard of one that weighed 45 pounds. Not only that, but even by looking at the shrubs and ground around the cat, it’s pretty obvious to even a person whose only knowledge of wildcats is “I saw some cool documentaries on the Discovery Channel” that there’s no way this cat is even close to a cougar in size.

In any case, all’s well that ends well — and we get a good laugh to start our Monday morning off right.

Source: KVAL-TV

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