Let’s Talk: Do You Have Snuggle Buddies?


All my life, I’ve seen cats curled up together in bundles of warmth and love, and all my life, I wished my own cats could enjoy that depth of sweet, fuzzy camaraderie. But alas, once they grew out of kittenhood, my own feline companions decided to eschew any kind of affection that included physical contact.

Don’t get me wrong: Every cat I’ve ever loved has been more than willing to snuggle with me! But with one another? Not so much. Until 2006, that is.

About six months after I adopted Dahlia from my local shelter, I woke up one morning to find her sitting next to her big brother, Thomas, basking in a sun puddle and watching birds through my large picture window.

I thought that was cute, but it was nothing compared to the heart-melting sweetness to come.

Shortly after I moved into a new apartment, I came home from work to find this:

I can’t even tell you the amount of self-control it took me to resist the urge to squeal out loud.

But that was only the beginning.

As the years passed, Dahlia and Thomas only got closer and adored each other more and more with the passing of each year. At least once a week, I’d find them together in blissful tangles of paws, heads, and tails, sleeping contentedly or licking one another in all those places a kitty just can’t quite reach, each purring with delight.

I even made a video of them engaging in one of their mutual grooming sessions.

(In a reader? Watch the video — and feel your heart melt — here.)

Just last weekend, Thomas and Dahlia spent almost an entire day snuggling together. Every time I looked at them, they were in a cuter pose. I bravely resisted the urge to take photos and destroy this endless series of precious moments, telling myself that at least once I should leave the lovebirds alone and let them enjoy their special time.

My Top Cat, Siouxsie, however, has always resisted the urge to cuddle with other cats. But Dahlia is even winning Miss Tough-Nut-to-Crack over with her charms. I’ve caught the two of them in acts of what I call deniable snuggling: that is, being in physical contact but making it appear as though it only happened by accident.

Dahlia: "Oh, I just fell asleep with my head on Siouxsie's flank."<br /> Siouxsie: "Oh, I woke up to find Dahlia with her head on my flank. <em>*sigh*</em> Well, I suppose "” class=”size-full wp-image-4122 ” title=”deniable snuggling” src=”http://blogs.catster.com/kitty-news-network/files/2012/01/deniable-snuggling.jpg” alt=”Siouxsie and Dahlia engage in deniable snuggling” width=”604″ height=”319″ /></p><p>Do you have the fortune of living with feline snuggle buddies? Dish, and share links to pictures or videos of the feline lovefests taking place in your home.</p></div></div><div class=

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