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Let’s Talk About Cats and Ads; Specifically How More Commercials Could Seriously Use Cats

Cats have taken over the Internet, and now they're making their move on television. Is their plan for world domination through TV commercial appearances working?

JaneA Kelley  |  Mar 28th 2012

Everybody knows that the Internet is made of cats. And judging from a recent spate of TV advertising, marketing firms have realized it’s time to capitalize on the feline craze.

Cats that started life as humble memes are now becoming world-famous commercial commodities. Just look: Here’s Keyboard Cat cracking pistachios as he plays.

We can’t forget Fresh Step Cat Litter’s Fresh and Light commercials featuring a feline masseuse and a cat giving CPR to his four-legged friend who has died from the odor of her litter. I can’t believe cat litter commercials actually made me laugh! My God! Have I become a mindless drone, lobotomized by cable TV into thinking animated kitties are funny?

And who hasn’t seen the latest department store fashion collection inspired by a cat?

I’m not a big commercial watcher, mind you, but Madison Avenue’s foul manipulations get even this die-hard ad hater to tune in when I see an animal hawking the latest consumer must-have. Naturally, the ad critic in me started thinking about ads that would be better with cats.

I’m so sick of the Cockney-talking lizard who has served as an insurance company mascot since 1999 that I wish something like this would happen:

Then there’s the pet store that launched its canine CEO campaign this year. I think we’d all have to agree that cats are much more suited to dish out the type of disdain Buster heaps on brown-nosing execs and unctuous salespeople, don’t you think?

Couldn’t they have used real cats in those Jason Wu for Target commercials?

Let’s face it: Commercials are a fact of life. If we watch TV, we pretty much have to watch commercials. And if we have to watch commercials, they should have cats. Can you think of an ad campaign that would work better with a feline spokesperson? Let me know in a comment below. Bonus points if the ad isn’t for a cat-related product!