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We Check In With Lazarus, the Vampire Therapy Cat

The cat with a cleft palate has done great work, visiting schools to teach kids about disabilities.

Liz Acosta  |  Jun 30th 2014

We first met Lazarus a little more than a year ago, when he was just 10 weeks old and badly in need of a savior. The kitten with a face unlike any other had been found by students wandering the streets. Certain that the kitten needed help but unsure what exactly to do for him, the students brought him to their professor, Cindy Chambers, who specializes in helping people with disabilities.

Her compassion for folks for whom the world does not cater to extends to animals as well, and when Chambers met Lazarus, she already had a menagerie at home, and had helped other animals find their forever families. However, she just couldn’t refuse the kitten with the missing nose. The kitten was in poor condition, but with the love and care of Chambers, he regained his health, and Chambers had hopes Lazarus — risen from the almost dead — could become a therapy cat.

More than a year later, Lazarus and Chambers are a dynamic duo who visit schools, helping kids learn about disabilities and how to treat all people — and animals — with respect. At first, it may be difficult to look past Lazarus’ particular countenance, but with his friendly demeanor, he helps people see the unique and valuable spirit he is inside.

Lazarus shares his home with a recent rescue named Emma, who also has a cleft palate.

I’m so glad Cindy Chambers took a chance on Lazarus. A year later, it’s obvious he was worth the investment, especially when you consider what the little vampire kitty gives back to his community. Let’s take this heartwarming story and pay it forward.

All photos via Lazarus’ Facebook page — go check him out there, and tell him Catster continues to send our love.

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