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Karl Lagerfeld’s Precious Princess Choupette: A Life in Pictures

In this edition of "Lifestyles of the Rich and Feline-Famous," say hello to the top of the 1 purrr-cent.

Liz Acosta  |  Sep 24th 2012

While it’s true that some of us can never imagine life as the 1 purrr-cent, every now and then we can secretly imagine what it would be like to lounge in Chanel bags, have our every need attended to by a pair of personal maids, and act as a muse to fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld. Every now and then, we can secretly imagine that we are precious princess Choupette.

And now, thanks to a piece by Grazia, we can take a glimpse into Choupette’s diaries and see exactly how the fancy feline spends her time. It’s a lavish lifestyle of private plane rides, expensive bags, and “trying to train Karl to chill.”

It might seem a little unnecessary for a cat to have her own iPad, maids, and diary, but this is Karl Lagerfeld’s kitten we’re talking about here. And while it is perhaps somewhat indulgent, we can rest easy knowing that the little kitty is well taken care of.

According to her diary, Daddy Karl schedules vet appointments for Choupette every 10 days, just to make sure she remains in pristine princess condition.

Choupette writes that “You may think I am high maintenance, but I assure you, the attention is worth it. Even my furballs are glossy.”

Images via Grazia