Oy Vey! Israeli Man Divorces Wife Because She Has 550 Cats


Last week, a couple near the Israeli city of Beersheeba called it splitsville. The reason? Cats. Five hundred and fifty of them.

Most well-staffed animal shelters don’t even have 550 cats in their care at any given time.

In most cases, I wouldn’t think much of a guy who ditched his partner because he couldn’t deal with her cats — but in this case, I think the dude is right. When you can’t even sleep in the bed you’re supposed to share with your wife, let alone use the bathroom or even prepare meals without being swarmed by hordes of cats, the situation is way beyond out of control.

And, my God, I can only imagine the stench!

But despite the fact that the cats stole his food when he tried to eat and he probably couldn’t even turn around without stepping on several of them, he did try to keep the marriage together. At the behest of the Rabbinical Court, the man tried to reconcile with his wife and come to some kind of agreement about what would be a reasonable number of cats. But apparently she was unwilling to see that she had a problem and therefore wouldn’t give up any of her pets, so he finally threw up his hands and requested an official divorce.

In Israel, the Rabbinical Court controls matters of marriage and divorce, and the divorce has to be a matter of mutual consent — the cat-hoarding wife also had to agree in order for the divorce to become official.

This story seems kind of wacky at first blush, but just as with the case of cat hoarder Lucienne Touboul, it’s really a tragedy. A person with a disorder that’s gotten completely out of hand has caused suffering not only for herself and her husband, but for the hundreds of cats that are destroying their physical home as well as the place that should have been their spiritual home as well.

Source: Times of Israel

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