Interview with Solace, World’s Coolest BAD Boy!


Exclusive Catster Interview With Solace, 2007’s Coolest Daredevil Cat Winner

Hi, evrybuddy, Skeezix heer. Today I’m interviewing my frend, Solace, hoo’s the reigning Naughty Boy in Catster’s World’s Coolest Cat Show. Solace blew away the competition last year with a memorable shot inside a rat cage to win the “Naughtiest” category. The ferst time I saw that foto, I blew milk out my nose, and it cracks me up evry time I see it! Solace shared his thoughts about last year’s contest, and even gave me sum pointers on being naughty.

Skeezix: What was your first reaction when you found out you won the Naughtiest category in the 2007 Worlds Coolest Cat Contest?
Solace: I was surprized, but my human wasn’t too shocked as she says to me all the time that I am very naughty! Finally many others see that as well!

Skeezix: How did it change your life?
Solace: My human will now take pictures of me and THEN yell at me! I won tons of zealies for my dog to give out! I got lots of rewards on my catster page! I am a popular cat!

Skeezix: Of all the prizes you won, which was your favorite?
Solace: I loved the toys… didn’t understand the scratch pad at first since I thought that is what my human’s office chair was for. My geriatric feline sib loves the 9 Lives cat bed!

Skeezix: How much time did you practice being naughty for your winning Naughtiest photo?
Solace: I was just being natural… I am a carnivore and that rat was meat! They do make fun toys though too!

Skeezix: Whut was that rat like? Did he taste like chikkin?
Solace: My human didn’t let me get a good taste… all I tasted was dirty rat! And those tails are prickly!
Skeezix: In this years contest, you’re seen doing the smackdown on a dog. Could yoo come to our house and show those yappy dogs next door who’s boss?
Solace: Dogs are just large toys! Usually if you show the dog you are in charge and you aren’t afraid to shed a claw, they back off… Rosie is my favorite toy! I love to chomp on her back leg… hang off her lip… and she never bites back, just kind of sticks her mouth around me without using her teeth! I tell her that is really stupid — imagine not using your teeth when playing!

Skeezix: Any tips for other cats on how to be really naughty?
Solace: You need to get in touch with the wild cat within! You need to seek out every thought, every instinct you have that suggests you are domesticated… and toss them right out the window. With that garbage out of the way, it’s easy to channel the core wild cat within you! Then just do what comes naturally!

Skeezix: Wise werds, Solace! I’m so happy to have gotten this chance to talk with you! How about going back to yer place, and tee-peeing the dog?
Solace: Works for me! Then I’ll show you the new rat cage!

You can vote for Solace’s 2008 entries in the World’s Coolest Cat Show here. Don’t forget! You only have 9 days left to enter and vote!

NOTE: No rats or dogs were harmed during this interview. And we don’t officially endorse being naughty.

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